Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greetings from College

It's a new chapter, the next phase in this crazy thing called life.
You will be surprised by how much change a person can filter if they only allow the winds of change to blow freely and stir everything up.
-Little something I came up with.

Yes, I live up in that gigantic building haha, but only on the fourth floor. And that is basically what my side of the room looks like, except you can't see the closet/dresser area and we also have a common room and a bathroom, neither of which really were "photo worthy" in my opinion :P. Our common room is basically a narrow rectangle with six desks. I wish there was room for like a futon or something, but oh well. It's so strange how used to this all I am. Coming from the country, having my own room, no brothers or sisters. Now I'm in the middle of a city setting, sharing space with five other girls, one of them being my roommate. It's proving to be a good experience for me though, I love the independence. I love talking to new people and getting a feel for so many different ways people see the world.
Sometimes I think about how interesting it would be to just throw myself into new situations, just to see what it's like. Imagine going through prison for a week or so, I don't know, that example is a little extreme, but there are a lot of shoes out there and I think it's a good thing if we try on several pairs throughout our lifetime. If we continue to wear the same ones every day, they're bound to wear out fast. I guess all I'm trying to say is that I think it's a good idea to see as much as you can in this life, and from as many angles humanly possible.
As much as I love college it has its drawbacks-- my friends and family from home aren't here. I think we're all doing a pretty decent job of keeping the friendships alive though :). I've had quite a few visits since I've moved in down here and it really makes my day that my friends care enough to come see me, and even bring me back home in a couple of cases. I've got some great people in my corner :) ♥. Just this past weekend I had friends come down to see me.
It makes me really happy to see that this new situation and the distance doesn't make much difference. Sure I'm missing out on things back home, life goes on with or without me. But I am also making my own experiences and carving out a new part of my life down here at college. It's not that it's a whole new story down here, it's only a chapter, and the characters from before haven't vanished, the setting is the only thing that has changed, and of course the addition of new characters.
I also feel like I'm learning a lot, which is probably good since that is in fact what I'm paying to come here and do.. :P. Philosophy and Sociology are both really interesting to me, I actually like the content I'm learning.. Nutrition is okay, it's a little annoying with such a large class(500 students in a lecture hall..) Math is terrible, but I need to get it over and done with, it's the last math class I'll ever need ;). Journalism is a bitch, but it's something I want to master. I'm so bad at keeping up with current events, I've failed every quiz thus far. I hope I read this again some day and laugh at myself. I hope that someday I'm on top of my journalism game. But for now, I am pitiful and inexperienced. I have a lot of room for improvement. I love the class in general though, it's the most intriguing to me. I just need to work on my research habits.
I think I've mentioned this place before, but Bettie's Cakes--- absolutely amazing! There's a local cupcakery a ways from my house, but I actually found their double decker bus, their bakery on wheels, near my college!! It was amazing :). Shayla and I found it and got cotton candy cupcakes, delish.
When there is cupcakes, life is good. Hah, but really life has been good. It has been moving rather quickly though, I can't believe it's really been a month since I've blogged, AGAIN. It makes me want to kick myself in the teeth. I honestly have four drafts just chillen' in my posts.. four attempts at blogging, but I just didn't like them, or didn't finish them. Something lame or pathetic. But now I'm here again, trying this once more. Wish me luck.
I'll be attempting to catch up with everyone within the next couple of days, expect some comments from this stranger :). Miss you all, bunches.

♥ Olive


natalie said...


You are at college. Whoa. It sounds like you are having an awesome time so far, meeting new people and having new experiences and all of those wonderful things! But that's also incredibly fantastic that you're still keeping those friendships from home close too of course. How does that rhyme go? Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. :)

And OH MY GOSH. Those. Cupcakes. Look. So. Freaking. Good. Thank goodness I don't live anywhere near a cupcakery like that, or else I'd probably eat there for every meal of the day and gain like fifty pounds, hahaha. ;D

But ahh, I'm just so glad to hear that everything is going well and you're enjoying this next chapter in your life! Good luck getting back into the swing of blogging things, and I hope to read from you again sooon. :)

Mary said...


You are such the bomb. I am so glad I know you. What a great blog, full of all the right questions and with the best name ever!

love ya,

Mary (of the Hamilton-Homer variety)

Helennn Louise said...

OH MY DAYS! I want to share my room with someone! I think it'd make it easier. I hate being alone and check out the size of the building! NICE!

Have fun at college, sweetie! I can't to wait for your blogs where you tell us about your crazy times :)

Mmm cupcakes <3

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, it sure made me feel better and wear a huge grin xD

I am now going to write you a blog giving you the latest going ons xD