Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's keep this going

Hah, just to prove exactly how long I've been detached from Blogger, I just now got the "new" version of posting. Undo and redo buttons, WAY easier way to post photos(before I had to drag photos inch by inch from the top of the page ALL the way down to where I wanted them in my post)...I could get used to this ;).
 After I wrote this little opening I had my dad go outside to look at my car. The past couple of days it's been kind of struggling to start, like I put the key in the ignition, turn it, and it sputterssputterssputters until 3 seconds late it finally kicks on. So he comes outside, lifts up the hood, decides I could use an oil change. He takes it for a drive down the road and back, says it seems to be running fine, gets out, then asks if I smell gas. I smelled gas yesterday too, but I assumed it was just because I was in a parking lot, and then I guess I smelled it again later but didn't think too much of it, but I smelled it when he did too. So under the car he went, and sure enough I have a gas leak. A bad one. Apparently it's right next to the exhaust pipe too, and I don't know much about cars, but gas on or inside of a hot surface like that is never a good ending. So I am out of a vehicle for a few days, but I am glad to have not exploded while driving to work.. Very thankful for that. It makes me nervous to think if there's anything else wrong with my car.. Hopefully it's a quick and easy fix because I'm not really in the position to purchase a new car.

  Not entirely sure what's up with the gray on the sides of the photo, I guess because it's from my crappy camera phone, but I took that of Tom and his dog Shadow when we reached the summit of the mountain on our hike the other day :). It was totally a stalker shot that he didn't know was being taken, but I feel like it captured a nice moment. I regretted not bringing my real camera up there, the view was gorgeous and my phone quite honestly did not do it justice. It was a pretty easy hike though, only took us an hour or two to get up there, then we ate our pb&j sandwiches and sat around for a little while--I'm sure we'll go back up there again and I'll get some better shots of the scenery, but I was satisfied with this photo. With the uselessness of my car, I'm sure I will be posting again pretty soon with being stranded at my house.

 Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Natalie said...

OH MY GOSH THAT IS AMAZING. Yes, we did go through those outlets, and they was such horrible traffic, haha! I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS SO CLOSE TO YOU. AHHHHHHH. So close, yet so far... if I end up going to Hamilton, I will definitely have to hang out with you. :)

But yes, the new photo uploading thingy was definitely one of my favorite things about the new updated version... so much easier.

Oh goodness, the car issues sound really scary. At least, I would probably be freaking out and really paranoid afterward, since I'm just like that, haha. I hope that all gets fixed smoothly!

Rose Valentine said...

You're blog is lovely.
And ahh I don't know much about cars either! Thank God you are safe! lol:) Cars can be a nuisance sometimes.

Allison said...

Hi, my friend! You are so lovely - your comment on my last (and crazy personal) post was so sweet, so thoughtful, and so genuine. I have SO much respect for you, my friend - and honestly just adore you!
Ugh, when things go wrong with cars, it's definitely scary - especially not knowing what's wrong! Hopefully everything will be resolved asap so that you're no longer car-less/in jeopardy of blowing up while driving.
I like your "stalker" picture - it's really cute! Your hike sounds incredible too.
Hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer, my dear friend! xoxo

Helennn Louise said...


I hope things with the car pick up soon because it really doesn't sound good :/

And yes, that photo was extremely nice! The natural, un-posey photos always come out the best!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend x

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Olive!! I'm sorry to hear about your car-- has it been fixed? I wish I had the opportunity to go hiking this summer! I remember waking up at 3 in the morning this past spring to go with some kids at my school, it was amazing. How's the nutrition transition been working out for you? Honestly, I think my own personal bitching is what pressures my mom most-- and I try to go shopping with her whenever possible. I hope you can manage a better, less annoying way to work it out though :P are your parents the types that need facts and figures? Perhaps you could research the basic negatives of additives and processed foods. Or, you could look for recipes then show your mom how simple it is to make ____ , with fresh ingredients. Let me know how things are going!


Nicole Linette said...

OH YEAH, in reference to your comment on my town seeming artsy.. haha yeah, I wish that was my town. I live in Honeoye, which is dinky and full of rednecks. We drove 20 minutes east to Canandaigua, where it's a bit more affluent and summer on Main Street feels hip and alive. It's funny, because that day we were eating lunch outside I mentioned how during the summer our town and there seemed to change, because with all the lake house-owners around there's actually a lot of business going on. It's pretty bleak in the winter.

haha, just wanted to put that in.