Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Loss of Wisdom

Teeth! ;)

This morning I had my four wisdom teeth extracted. I remember bits and pieces, like choosing gingerale to sip in the recovery room, and that every car we passed looked like two cars.. But for the most part, I was pretty well knocked out. It wasn't that bad. I do remember crying a little, but I don't remember the pain or the drive home, and after 3 or 4 hours of sleep, I felt fine. I've been going nuts all day on a half-gallon of birthday-cake icecream, soooo good. It was weird staying in my own room all day with being used to either sleeping in my dorm, or at Tom's, but it has been a nice day of solitude. Although I was very happy to be visited tonight by Amanda, Zack, and Derek :). They came over and talked Lord of the Rings with me, leafed through my magazine collection, and caught up on what did in the hours since we all hung out the night before :P. Oh yeah, and apparently my bottom two teeth had THREE roots each, when the normal thing is to just have one. My dad had that problem too..thank you genetics! So my bottom ones are more painful, but the hydrocodone makes the pain very minimal. And the icecream makes me happy.

I realize I never finished the part II of my Ecuadorian Adventures. I'm terrible at updating, let's face it :P. Maybe I will revisit it at a later point, but I feel like I said a lot in the first part, and I don't want to overwhelm everyone with old news. Basically it was an awesome trip, I felt like I learned a lot about myself by going, met some awesome people, and felt a sense of peace I will spend the rest of this year trying to achieve in the States.

Happy Summer vacation to everyone! I'm still going to be busy with working at Fossil, my internship,  and starting an online class next week---but I managed to find some time the other day to go out and enjoy the beautiful day with my camera.

 There's something I really like about the ladybug's butt poking out from the petals, I guess because it's so "un-lady-like" ;)
 My slobbery love. (Besides Tom..hahaha) :)

Amanda used her fingernail to make faces on the kitchen flowers, I loved how zen they looked so I had to take a picture.

Speaking of wisdom, I'll be abandoning my teenage status soon, 20th birthday is in a little over three weeks. I'm debating on what to "wish" for. I hate asking for things, and I usually never do, but if I don't give my family ideas for my birthday, I'll end up with (fun) but silly things, like velvet penguin seat covers, and then have to spend my own money on things I actually need, haha. I have actually been thinking about the iphone.. They're expensive, and that makes me feel bad, but I'll never get one if I have to pay for it myself with rent all summer, and then Canada in August(!!!!) But for the past 3 or 4 years my mom has been paying for me to have a wireless internet card for my laptop, because cable does not reach my part of town, out in the country. We have the slowest dial-up ever for her desktop computer, and when I bought my laptop with my own money in high school, she added a wireless card to the verizon plan because it was just as expensive as satellite internet, and it was portable. It's been very helpful for having internet at home, on trips, when the dorm internet gave me trouble, ect. ANYWAYS, the point is that's $60 a month to have, so if she took that off of the plan when I move out and have cable internet at the apartment, maybe that could justify upgrading my phone to the iphone? I've almost convinced myself.. And I have an internship this summer helping with the public relations for a nonprofit organization, and I feel like the iphone would be a good tool to have with me. AND I wouldn't have to feel like I had to bring my big dsl camera everywhere or feel disappointed that I couldn't take decent pictures at a place where my big camera can't really go, like concerts, random outings that I don't plan on taking pictures at, ect. So yeah, I think that's what I want...in white.

Plus my grades were posted today...four A's and one B- for a GPA of 3.74. I'm really good at convincing myself I deserve things..hahaha.

I can't believe I move into the apartment in 10 days.!!! I can't wait. It's going to be weird being away from my hometown so much in the summer, but it's just as far as my school is from home, so making the drive will always be an option. I'm excited to start over with decorating my new room(and coordinating the rest of the house with the girls), and having friends over to my own place, and getting closer with the other two girls--I can already tell from our apartment shopping trips and Chipotle lunches that it's going to be good :). I know rent will be tough and it's going to be a responsibility to keep up with the power and internet bills, but I know (for the most part) what I'm getting myself into, and I'm ready to embrace the challenge. Learning to cook new meals and shopping for all of my own groceries will be pricey but totally rewarding.
Also, I really hope to get a nice bike to explore around on...I want a lot of things I'm realizing :P. But the bike really has to happen, the city my college/apartment is in is a pretty bike-friendly area and it would be good to save on gas/exercise more.. That's another thing about Ecuador, I literally dropped like 8-10lbs in two weeks from being there and eating so healthy and working outside every day. I really want to get back to that this summer. But today I'll have the icecream---it was the doctor's orders. Diet starts next week ;).


Helennn Louise said...

Olive, my dear friend, welcome back! :)

Oh ouch, it's a good think you were as high as a kite because I can imagine that 'surgery' is painful. Why did you need them taking out?? But yay to having the excuse to eat ice cream cake and have your friends come over and chillaxe with you for a while! :)

Those photos are amazing! I really do like the glimpse of the ladybird in the flower as well as the smiling leaves! Beautiful.

Your rationalisation seems fair for the iPhone. I would say erasing the wireless card would most definitely be a good bargaining card! :)

Congratulations on your grades!

Squee! I'm so excited for you moving into your flat and making it your own space. Lauren, Chris and I are going to be spending the next few months to find a place of our own and it's an exciting journey! I'm sure hearing your tales will get me even more excited about doing it :D

Response to your comment to me: Thank you! I was so nervous about going out with my new haircut but everyone said I looked stunning (but also a lot like my dad! Woe is me!). It was the perfect end to that chapter of my life, even though it will never really end, and I'm so excited for the new one! Fingers crossed something comes my way!

I hope you blog again soon! :)


Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhhh I'm scared to get my wisdom teeth taken out :/

BUT, you're right, you definitely deserve that iPhone!

Natalie said...

I'm glad your wisdom teeth experience wasn't too bad! Apparently I'm just weird, because everyone I've talked to said that they immediately came and home and went to sleep afterwards, whereas I couldn't fall asleep until like 3 AM that day... but mmm, birthday cake ice cream. :)

I love the photo of your dog, and those adorable leaves!

I think your rationale for the iPhone sounds very convincing. It is very expensive, but... dare I say it... worth it? Oh well, Apple is totally going to take over the world soon and I don't even mind as long as they continue making cool products.

That's so exciting that you're getting your own apartment. Decorating your own place would be so fun! And your future roommates sound awesome, too. Turning twenty, learning to start being even more independent than before... I'm excited for you. :)

M. said...

Quick Thing 1: Congrats on 20s soon will be 21 and you'll meet Margarita also congrats on the good marks hun you earned all the good things you want
Quick Thing 2: How do you get an Internship (my college isn't the most helpful or resourceful *eye roll*)
Quick Thing 3:Thanks for assuring me my wisdom teeth being removed won't be that bad just an ice cream feast
Quick Thing 4:Whats the flavor of ice cream?

Nicole Linette said...

Sorry for the delay on replying. I hope your mouth/face is doing alright from the wisdom teeth extraction! I haven't had mine done yet. Holy cow I am thrilled for you, you have so much going on this summer!!! I've been kicking myself in the butt because again, I didn't pull myself together for an internship. I'm still working (as I always rant about) but it would be nice to have a change of scene.. which you will be doing soon, too!! You're going to have such an amazing time in an apartment, please please start thrifting and post pictures of your decorating scheme :D!
An iPhone is an incredible investment I must say, but I've been itching for another bike too. Craigslist might be a good place to start, then go over what you find with someone who understands bikes well. I love my hybrid for around campus and to go to work, but I would like a tour bike that is capable of longer road rides.
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SEMESTER!!! My grades were equally stellar as well, cheers to us! I am absolutely jealous that you've secured your trip to Osheaga............... I don't know if I'm going to be able to go :\ Financially, it probably wouldn't be my best move, and I also plan on volunteering for Grassroots which will also take me away from work for a long weekend. I guess you will have to blog about that experience, and I shall live vicariously through it. I would offer some French slang, but the Quebecois speak different French than I know :P

I'm still super pleased that you had the opportunity to go to Ecuador-- I knew you would thrive and have such an incredible time. I have to read over your posts more thoroughly, but nice job with all the photos!

Talk to you soon!! xo,

Anonymous said...

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Nicole Linette said...


(I'm chanting waving my hands furiously in the air)

Hi, Olive!
I really hope you're doing well. Since I deleted my Facebook (it's been about a year and a month, whoop!) I've lost touch with quite a few people, but I just wanted to check in with you anyway. I'm not sure if you have an iPhone or Android, but I'm on the Instagram bandwagon if that's of interest!
I'm back to regularly blogging because I've been on the longest winter break of my life waiting for my next semester abroad, this time in Shanghai, China. I finally will be leaving next week!! I also plan on sharing my adventures, with good timing, on my blog.

Anyway, take care girl and I truly hope to hear from you soon! E-mail me anytime! (nleigb10@stlawu.edu is my school mail I check a lot) :)