Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Collaboration Nation

Thanks to a friend, I came across HitRECord for the first time. If you love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this will knock your socks off. I guess the project has been around for a while, since 2010, as an open online collaboration between artists, writers, musicians, videographers, and other talented individuals. The project is gaining a lot of attention right now because they've just begun a television variety show, piecing together collaborations around a different theme for each episode. The first one is available on YouTube, titled #1. So if you're just discovering this as I was, it'll be easy to catch yourself up! I'm not usually one for gushing recommendations about shows or movies or anything really--but I just watched this tonight, and I felt like it would be selfish not to share. Even though I'm not really artistic, at least not in the visual sense, it still amped up my creative energy just by watching. It made me want to write, and here I am.

A quote Gordon-Levitt gave to the Salt Lake Tribune really stood out to me.

"Before it was a television show or a production company or even a website, it was just a little turn of phrase that I used to encourage myself," said Gordon-Levitt, who came up with the idea when he was having trouble getting work in his early 20s. Discouraged, he realized, "I have to take responsibility for my own creativity. I can’t wait around for someone to hire me and tell me that I’m allowed to make things. I love it too much. I can’t wait."

That resonates pretty well with me. Probably in a slightly different sense, I'm not really looking to make videos or to spearhead my own television production at the moment. But I am reaching a point where I should be putting myself out there. And I should be creating, if not for an audience, then at least for myself. I've been away from personal/creative writing for far too long. Academic writing can be draining at times, and I've been a college student for four years now. Saying that "out loud" just sounds ridiculous. Four YEARS..???!! Life moves fast. In another four years, I'll be 25, then another, 29. The concept of aging doesn't bother me, not yet anyways. But my main concern is that it only flies if I'm having fun and enjoying it. Yes. Days go quickly when you pack them full of things to do, to-do lists and errands, conference calls and business trips. Some of those may very well be a part of my life, but I don't want to look back on the last four years and remember nothing aside from working my ass off. College flew, but I have fond memories of crazy concerts, a winter vacation spent volunteering on the Ecuadorian coast, movie nights with roommates, and coming home from a night out and ordering the same Pad Thai from "Asian Place," yes, that's their real name. Tons of inside jokes that will probably follow me or my friends forever, depending on who's the subject. I've managed to get a lot done in college, while still making a little time to enjoy myself here and there. But it gets harder with time, and with added responsibilities. So I guess my main point here, is that I want to remind myself not to get too caught up, to remember to make time for self-expression, good times, and great people. 

And to be creative, and find ways to make my work meaningful. That's the ideal.

I had a good meeting through work yesterday, where I was able to meet with several community and social service agencies in the region and collaborate about how we can help people best with our resources and services. Everyone was so energized to help, it was awesome. We talked about doing back-to-school giveaways for backpacks and school supplies for the community, doing a gardening themed event and giving away seeds and information on how to grow food, among others. It feels really good to be a part of something so positive. I feel that way a lot at work, and the days where I get a little overwhelmed or discouraged, I try to bring myself back to that feeling of purpose and it usually restores me. 

For giggles, and since it's Thursday, I've included some throwbacks to my earlier college days. Enjoy! ;)

 Really starting to miss my bangs right about now.. Hmm..

I got a little off-topic I suppose, but what gets you guys feeling creative? Or nostalgic, because I'm feeling a bit of both. Mostly nostalgic, but at least I found the motivation to post :). Second time this month! I'm making some serious progress, hahah. 

Hope everyone's having a great week, heading into a fabulous weekend!



Allison said...

I've never heard of HitRECord before, so you've enlightened me! I do love JGL though, so I'm shocked that I've never studied this more - he's just so dreamy.

It's hard to be creative - as much of a cop out as this will sound, I feel like we're so often programmed to do what we're told in the quickest way possible, not necessarily the way that's the most creative. By going through that and becoming immune to using our creativity, it's hard to get it back! It's good that you notice is though - that is the first step :)
I love your throwbacks - you make me miss college so tremendously. And you're inspiring me to somehow find a way to unleash some creativity! Have a beautiful weekend, love! xox

Nicole Linette said...

The blogging bandwagon is rolling again! So wonderful to have you back. Nostalgia also gets me going, and procrastination... like why should I continue on my honors thesis during break when I can start painting again! And writing! And blogging!

And, I actually followed Jason on Tumblr, so I've heard of HitRECORD! Awesome find :)