Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabulous :)

Look what should be appearing on my doorstep within the next couple of weeks, or sooner!...

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I did some thorough investigating on my top picks, comparing feautures and pricetags, going through and pretending to buy each one, to get an idea of what they offered, and what the ending total would be. The Lenovo Ideapad Y450 was the winner. It's easily portable, has 3GB of memory, 250GB at 5400 RPM harddrive, gold energy star, and a good processor. Plus I like some of the feautures included like "veriface" recognition, which uses your face while you sit in front of the computer, as your secure password. And it has this "one key rescue" button, that automatically restores the system if it crashes/a virus attacks. So everything included, 1yr warrenty and tax, it cost me $700. Not terrible, I was pretty pleased. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and helped me out with my decision :), I hope once it comes I'll be blogging like crazy! It'll be a nice switch having highspeed internet too, even though it'll come out of my pocket. Maybe I'll start creating and posting videos on here for your viewing pleasure, we'll see.

Hmm.. What have I been up to lately.. I have actually gotten quite a few hours in at work, which is cool because I need as much money lately as I can reasonably get, haha. I really do like my job. My supervisor's wicked cool, I know how to do all of the tasks I need to there, and there's a cute boy to see from time to time ;). Not a half bad deal I must say.
Also my friends and I have been working on our next movie project. I wasn't involved in the first one, but I enjoyed watching it. This time they want to tackle a more serious film, a horror movie we decided to call BURLAP. It's pretty interesting to work on. The script is finished thanks to the late nights of typing spent by brothers John and Greg. Their sister, one of my best friends I frequently mention, Julie, along with Dan, Jenna, and myself have been working on setting up the main scene. It's going to be shot in the woods, so we just needed to make a little "camp" area for the killer to reside. Julie and John each constructed a burlap sack mask for the killer, and I'm not sure if we've decided which one to use. I think Julie's version. But I'll let you guys tell me your preference if you'd like to. The look we're going for is creepy :P, obviously.
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So I might have pictures to post once we start filming, and if not I'll atleast try to post snippets of the finished movie, or maybe the whole thing, for anyone who's interested in seeing it.

moose on the loose!
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Hahah, we had a friendly visitor in town the other day. As I was driving home from Julie's, a crowd of cars was camped out on a random strip of my road. When I stopped to see what was going on, my neighbor explained that they were watching a female moose walk around in the field. So, obviously I grabbed my camera and captured a few shots. A few of my friends stopped by to see it too. We all laughed at ourselves for making such a big deal about a moose, but oh well.

Lately I've been contemplating some things. One of the decisions I need to make is whether or not to continue Varsity soccer this fall. I was planning on skipping out on it, and finding other things to do instead, but now I'm not sure. One of the major reasons for me being hesitant is that my best friend Amanda isn't playing anymore, and we always did it together, and she was my partner for everything. Soccer was alot more fun when Julie and Shayla played as well, but they're both graduated. Part of me wants to do it, so I finish what I started, and I've done it since eighth grade. Even though Amanda's not playing, I still get along with girls on the team, especially Jen and Sam. I could see myself having fun with those too, and others. But I'm hesitant. I don't want to decide to do it, and then not end up enjoying it. But I also don't want to regret not doing it. I signed up to work on yearbook this year as Editor in Cheif, so I know I'll be busy, but the meetings are all before school, specifically to accomodate student athletes. It'd still be slightly hectic to do both, but I know other people, especially you guys, are capable of juggling alot of different responsibilities. Another reason is that I don't want to miss out on stuff with my friends. But Amanda spends alot of afterschool time with her boyfriend Jeff, so I'm not sure if it'll be a factor or not. Soccer does take up alot of time on game nights.
My mom was disappointed when I told her I didn't plan on doing it the next year, she always did a good job of showing up to all of my games, and keeping track of the scores in the paper. I feel kind of bad for taking that away from her if I don't play. I know she wouldn't be mad at me, but still. Soccer's the only sport I've been consistently active in. I'm not sure what I want to/should do. Any thoughts?

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I received the Honest Blog Award from Nicole, so thank you to her :), and if you don't already keep up with her posts, I reccomend that you do. So here are my ten truths.

I really dislike it when people are two-faced. If you dislike someone, fine. But It's really annoying when you see someone be sweet and nice to someone's face, and then go and say horrible things about them when they're beyond earshot. I also don't like it when people judge someone and refuse to get to know them because of their appearance, race, or financial status. Sometimes people disgust me.

I have stagefright. And I really wish I didn't. Theater seems so cool, and like so much fun, but the thought of the lights beating down on me, while hundreds of blank faces are watching me just sends me into my little turtle shell.

I've liked the same person for four or five years. We only officially dated for nine months of that duration. I desperately need to get over it, but it never seems to happen. I'm at the point where I could change things up, meet someone new. But that never happens, so I kind of remain at a standstill, left with memories that are hard to erase.

I'm addicted to cheese. Seriously :P. Like all of my favorite foods consist of this crucial element, such as Macaroni and Cheese, Au Gratin Potatos, Panera's Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup, ect. Plus I like to eat it alone, like string cheese. Someone should buy me a cheesehat.

I epically fail at video games. Growing up I never had the Nintendo 64 or anything, and I was never really interested. I did have a gameboy, but I always played the same 101 Dalmations game, never beating it. So whenever my friends get together and play MarioKart or anything, I either opt out of playing, or I loose terribly :P. I have no skills.

My car is probably my favorite possesion. Once my laptop arrives, it may have some competition, but for now it does not. It's a simple 2004 Saturn Ion, but I love it. It feels so freeing and powerful to be able to just drive, go wherever I please. Well, there are some limitations :P. But I take good care of this baby, washing it whenever there's a carwash in town, and I feel like I should do it myself soon. I vaccuum it when needed, wipe it down with lysol, and keep it de-junkified. One of the things that annoys me is when people leave trash in the backseat, hahah. I never call them out on it, because it's easy to forget, and I love my friends. But I grimace every time I need to pick up a popsicle stick or some other random article.

I'm having trouble coming up with more things. Atleast things you guys don't already know about me. Sheesh, why is this so hard. Honestly, I made this one to take up space :).

I think our country's in trouble. I feel like our generation doesn't care enough about wordly issues, alot of people seem absorbed in their own lives, not really caring what happens to us as a whole. I hope our economy doesn't crumble, but it probably will. I don't want us to be in Iraq. I think something needs to be done, and I hope Obama's the guy to do it.

I have a really soft spot for animals, especially kittens. When Tom and I are doing chores, if I see a cute kitten I'll drop what I'm supposed to be doing and head right for it :P. When I get older and have an apartment or house of my own, I plan on having one of those "angry" looking Persian cats. They're awesome.

I wish I read more than I did. I like reading, but it takes me forever to get through a book, it's pathetic. Thick books especially intimidate me. I unfortunately missed out on reading the Harry Potter books when I was younger, and felt like it was too late to start now. But I will, eventually. The pile of books I want to get through keeps getting higher on my bookcase.

Last call for contest enterees!

So, I hope everyone's having a good summer lately, and I'll catch up on your blogs as soon as I can :).
♥ Olive


Kaitlin said...

Hope you have a good time at Harry Potter! Thanks about my costume :)
And yeah, they did. I hung out with him today and it seemed a little different, but not much. I will keep you guys updated, I just have to keep secretly removing him from my blog list to do so ;)

Nice laptop! The veriface thing and rescue key sound useful and awesome.
I like the first mask. Its smile is so creepy! Your movie sounds like it will be really cool.
It's a tough choice when it comes to continuing sports. I slowly ended up quitting all of mine. Try not to let what others think influence your decision. Consider all that you've got going on next year, and try to figure out if you can manage yearbook, soccer, and all of your classes -- or not. Good luck!
It's difficult when you like one person for so long -- it feels as if you will never stop. I liked one person for at least 2 years but I've finally gotten over that now.
Haha, finally somone else who loves cheese as much as I do... It's just so delicious!

Have a good weekend! :)

natalie said...

I love the laptop :D The face recognition thing sounds so cool, and the one key rescue button definitely sounds extremely useful. The price doesn't seem too bad either! Yay, I can't wait for you to get super duper fast internet :D

The Burlap movie sounds like it's going to be awesome! I like the first mask better I think :) Yay for the moose! That's funny how everyone made a huge deal out of it, but I'm sure the same thing would have happened here haha. As for soccer, it seems like you're always super duper busy and that that would just be even more piled on your plate, but on the other hand I know that you would be able to handle it... ack, tough decision! :P

Don't worry, I've liked the same guy on and off from the time we were best friends in kindergarten to now when I haven't spoken to him since last year :P And my friend just read the entire HP series for the first time within the last two weeks, and she's a pretty slow reader, so I bet you could do it in a flash and become a Harry Potter freak just like the rest of us :)

have a great weekend!

Helennn Louise said...

The laptop looks GREAT!!

And wow, your masks remind me a lot of the film "The Strangers". Lol. That film was good in a naff way. Good luck shooting your film!!

And wow, Moose!

Hannah said...

Woot! I bet you will absolutely love your laptop! I bought mine last year and the only problem I've had is with the mouse. It really is amazing how much better they are than desktops at times (IMO;)

I like the second first mask. It's creepier for a creepy movie.

I read for leisure, so sometimes I'll simply take my time and it will take me FOREVER to read a book. I wish I didn't do that.
We all have our own sorts of reading woes, I suppose? :P

Helennn Louise said...

Whoops. Sorry to bust your bubble there :/ I'm sure your film will be MUCH better than the Strangers.

I wish you luck with filming (Y)

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Olive!
That's wicked cool that you bought the laptop! Lenovo's are nice, well.. except for the fact mine crashed :P Hahaha Burlap the movie, that's exciting!! I wish my friends and I were ambitious and creative enough to do something like that. The burlap bag is creepy too, nice work! And the moose? AWESOME. All I wanted to see in Vermont was a moose. All those dang moose X-ing signs, and none came out. I hope it didn't hurt anyone or get hurt and find it's way home safely :]

Ahh, soccer. I feel like I'm abandoning it as well. Since 7th grade I've dreamed of being apart of our school's "Legacy", and being a senior on the team. Ultimately I realized that it's just not my sport, and the coaches on cross country encourage improvement and development much more. It'll be weird without my team though. When it comes down to it, do what you believes feel right. Editor-in-chief sounds like a large responsibility, and especially senior year it might be iffy to put too much on your plate. (<< Haha, just realized Natalie used the same metaphor :P) I hope that helped a bit, and that you're able to decide.

Your answers were great for the award :) CHEESE! Haha how funny. When you go to Europe one day, you will fall in love with their cheese. I didn't even like cheese that much until I came home from France XD. And with reading, same as myself, I wish I read more! My issue is that I lack resources for good books. I've already gone through the town library, and I never spend my money on literature. Gah, I plan on rereading the Harry Potter books though once I see the movie!

Have a nice weekend :)