Monday, July 20, 2009

hellooo folks,

So, I was tagged by the lovely Natalie. Good thing, because I had no idea what I wanted to blog about these evening, haha :).

What have you been thinking about lately? What’s been on your mind?
Just a situation I'm in, and what I should do about it. I know what I want to do, but it's not necessarily the choice I should make. If I choose the latter new doors are open, which may lead to wonderful things. But I feel comfortable and happy where I am. Even with the knowledge that the roof just may cave in if I stay.
I wish I didn't think things out so tediously. I want to just do what feels right, and throw caution to the wind, but that isn't exactly smart, is it?

What are you excited about at the moment?
I cannot wait for my Lenovo to arrive (: But I suppose I will have to, eh? Otherwise I'm excited to go check out schools at some point, because I like seeing new places. Then I'm excited to actually attend college and get out on my own.

When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?
I like Hannah & Natalie's answers, about even the smallest of actions affecting people who surround you, like a butterfly effect. But as far as a significant difference goes, I found a job for Julie, I guess :P. So now she can make some money.

Who are you really happy for at the moment?
I'm happy for alot of people, noone specific really comes to mind. Well, actually my Grandmother. She's been writing letters to politicans lately, (I love her, haha), about how awful the price of milk is, because the farmers aren't making any money. Then one man, I'm sure some of you have heard of him, Scott Murphy, contacted her. He was really impressed with what she had to say, and wanted to read a part of her letter when he appeared at a local fair. He had asked her to come and speak, but with her arthritis and all, that wasn't quite plausible. But it was still a great honor, I'm glad her efforts weren't wasted.

When was the last time you felt inspired?
Today while I was reading On the Road, by Jack Kerouac. Reading his adventures and way of thinking just gives me the urge to get out there and see everything. I wish we still lived in those times. Just living life for the sake of living.

If you could be in your dream place at the moment what would you be doing?
A London based Hogwarts sounds utterly fantastic. I'm afraid I'm unable to top Natalie's answer, haha. Nothing I can think of sounds that awesome.

If somebody was describing your personality what would they say?
Happy, haha. That's a bit bland, isn't it? I nearly always have this big smile plastered on my face. If they were going to get a little more in depth, they may say I'm compassionate, empathetic, and good humored. A little nerdy/awkward as well. Loving.I find it difficult to quarrel, I get along well with most everyone.

What are you most proud of?
I don't know, really. I'm happy with life, but I haven't conquered any magnificent feats, haha. I'm just glad to be living, and impacting the world to some tiny degree.

What’s been tempting you lately?
Just doing what I want and not caring about the consequences.

Oh, and cosmic brownies. They're sooo bad, but so delicious, haha.

What’s been the one most consistent thing in your life?
The characters, the setting. I've lived in the same house for all of my life, so I still know almost everyone from kindergarten, and I have done nearly everything fun there is to do around here. The friends I have are meaningful beyond compare, but I could really use a change of scenery. That's why college is so exciting to ponder.

What do you love about people? or
What do you love about (person’s name)?

I'll do both :).
The thing I love about people is their madness, their quirks. Unlike animals, we aren't motivated by the need to survive, we're inspired to do things from the pull of our heartstrings. It's near impossible to predict the path an infant is going to take throughout the course of the years to come.

(Person's name), I love how creative they are. Almost everything they do is original and refreshing. People like them make every day life completely worthwhile. I love the little things they do, to remind me that they care. Surprises make things all the better.
(Person's name), I love the way they listen and understand, always there for me. Out of everyone I feel we're the most alike. I love the time they take out of their day to write to me, and tell me about their life, so we never grew distant. I love that they are so happy, like they have always deserved. One thing I'm afraid to do is disappoint them.
(Person's name), I love them for knowing me so well, and showing me the kind of honesty I believe everyone needs. I love how they rarely judge anyone, they're just chill and accepting. I love them for being who they are, regardless of what anyone says, and for considering me the best friend they have. I also admire that they want to change the world. I hope they somehow do.
(Person's name), The sense of humor this person has is phenomonal. They can make me laugh in the roughest of times, and on a day to day basis. Another thing I really appreciate is the garbage they have taken from me. I have kept things from them, and I have made some idiotic moves, but they put up with my antics nevertheless.

And we were laughing at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground. So pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns.

Life hasn't been too epic or out of the ordinary lately. Although, it hasn't been half bad either. Many of my evenings have been spent at work, which I do not mind. I have alot of time to think, while I fold shirts and tag new items. I have to pay more acute attention when I'm ringing things up on the register :P, but it's all relatively simple. I enjoy it, walking up the gravel path come nightfall, the field illuminated by large lightposts, my hands smelling of copper pennies, silver, and ink printed bills. Then I drive home, rarely meeting a soul on the way.
The other night I was able to see Shayla :), I always mention her, the good friend of mine who's off at college during the school year. Well, she invited us to come along to the drive ins to watch the new Iceage movie and meet her boyfriend, Greg. I approved of him, he was nice/polite, plus seeing him and Shayla together was adorable. Jenna, Amanda, and I sat in the back of her car and Shayla and Greg in his. We managed to converse though, she and I had a real good laugh coming back from the bathroom, hahah. Let's just say the facilities stunk, and she was unfortunate enough to determine the source of it all.. the woman who was in the stall that opened for her turn, hahaha. That lady had a serious perm-a-frown and waddled. I don't mean to be well, mean, haha. But she looked pissed, and poor Shayla had to suffer her wrath after she vacated the premisis. But anyways, the movie was pretty cute. We didn't stay for the second showing, Transformers, we instead stopped by a graduation party for awhile. We sat around the fire,talking mainly. One of the guys I'm friends with deliberately tried to annoy me, because I "always smile", haha, but it didn't quite work. I just continued laughing and smiling at him. In the wee hours of one or two in the morning, we decided to call it good and head back home.

Sunday we finally got ourselves to the theater to see Harry Potter, and the half blood prince. I cannot even say how ashamed I am for waiting so long. The movie of course seemed fantastic to me, I'm never displeased with them. I also haven't read the books, so I'm not effected by the things they leave out. Maybe the ending should have been a little more complete, but overall I thought it was great. I'm going to make it a mission to begin the books as soon as possible. I already have a pile to read, but once those are out of the way, it's Potter-time.

I loathe canker sores. I have one in my upper lip, like directly beneath my left nostril, but inside of my mouth. I keep accidentally bumping it, and it's incredibly annoying. Sorry if that's gross or something, but I can't stand it. Anyways. I'm just about ready to catch some sleep. I have the next two days off from work, so I imagine I'll squeeze some time in there for blogging :). Alot of things are on my mind lately, so maybe I'll come up with something thought provoking. Maybe not. Let's leave it up to chance.

Yours truly ;)


natalie said...

That's awesome about your grandmother! Even if she couldn't exactly go to speak, it just goes to show you that even one person can make a difference. And haha, yay for the London based Hogwarts of my dreams :D

Hahaha about the bathroom lady! It's always awkward if you're washing your hands in the bathroom and you hear someone farting so loudly that you can't just ignore it, and then they come out of the stall to wash their hands and you just have to stand there. Awkwardly. Haha.

Yay for Harry Potter! You should definitely read the books, although they do make you be extra critical of the movie and pick out everything that's wrong with it, haha :P

I don't believe I've ever had a canker sore, but they definitely do not sound pleasant :P I hope yours gets better soon! Have a great week :)

Kaitlin said...

Haha, my grandma has gotten really into politics lately, too - it's awesome that someone listened!
Ahh, I love cosmic brownies. And the song you quoted by Modest Mouse!
Yay for reading Harry Potter!
Cankersores suck. Hopefully it will go away soon =/ Have a good week! :)

Hannah said...

That is absolutely marvelous about your grandmother!! I definitely give her props for doing such a thing that requires much determination and, quite honestly, courage in today's world.

I love how the written word can make us long for such times and simplicity. I added On The Road to my ever lengthening list a while back, for it definitely seems like an awesome read.

People's quirks, peculiarity, and well, madness is what makes each of us so unique and able to claim the title of "Individual".
Not only is it because of each strand of DNA within us, but the mere characteristics that people take on are wondrously breathtaking.

Oh, and with the Pay-It-Forward: do as many as possible :D
That's the mere purpose of the tag, to continue to pass it on.
It doesn't necessarily have to be three people (that was the original number), but two would be marvelous!
Just state in the rules to whomever you pass it on to next that if more than 3 enter they should merely pick 3.
I hope that answered your question?
I passed it on to you, Dapper Kid, and Christina from How Strange; :)


Helennn Louise said...

Eugh, the whole world is going to see Harry Potter and I'm still struggling to do it *hits head on desk* damn my... empty life but lack of free friends. lol.

I love the sound of the books you read. I think I might have to hunt them down and have a read to escape my world for a bit. You can only take so much crime.

Um... what are canker sores??

Enjoy your week


Helennn Louise said...

Owch. They sound painful :/ I hope it goes away soon!!

And lists are much more easier to accomplish when you have them all set out to follow.

Enjoy the rest of your week


Kaitlin said...

Yeah, it's the same grandma. She's great. I'm hoping that I've inherited her great memory and everything :P
Haha thanks :) I'm worried about my grades going down once I start taking APs and stuff but hopefully I'll be alright.
And thanks, it's all worn off now but I suppose I can draw it again if I ever feel the need.
Have a good rest of your week! :)

Nicole Linette said...

Cosmic brownies can be iffy, hahaha, though food like that has been tempting me lately as well :P Congrats to Julie for being hired! That's a marvelous gesture for you to help her out. Aw, I love your answer about what you love about people in general... so true! And good for your grandmother :D. A politician that listens, that's my kind of guy haha.
I saw Harry Potter last night and I loved it! But yes, the ending could have wrapped up a bit better... though that's how it kinda goes in the books. Gosh you have to read themmm! You're missing so much by just watching the movies. They are completely worth the eye strain ;).
Canker sores piss me off, I really hope your's goes away :\

For the time being, have an awesome weekend!

Nicole Linette said...

Ohh, I just read your comment, and I hope your senior pictures come in STAT! You definitely have to post yours as well :) What a great price. I had a series of photographs taken, and it was a great time.. once I have my seven proofs chosen that I want to be printed, the photographer is uploading them onto a CD for me! :D
Haha, I'll talk to you later.

Bernadette Leigh said...
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Bernadette Leigh said...

Ello. Tis Bernadette Jenna Leigh. ^-^

Btw, what's a cosmic brownie?