Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day back.

It's finally time, I'm a senior.
I remember very distinctly sitting in a classroom at twelve years old, gazing out a window thinking; "Wow, I'm half way through school. Another six years here and I'll be graduating." And here I am, entering seniority. I don't really 'feel it' yet. I don't think I look that old, that mature. I don't know if our generation is shrinking.. or if it's just my school, but we're TINY! We don't look grown up at all. I think back to seniors of years before, even in the yearbook, just to prove it's not my memory being fogged, they looked ready for college, most of us[my class] does not.
Unfortunately, being the upperclassmen doesn't reap many benefits here. We can't leave school early/to go out for lunch. There isn't even a restaurant to go to in town anyways. The only "priviledge" I'm really looking forward to is budging in the lunch line, hahaha. Oh, and we get our own senior mailbox cubbies. Dream big, right? Oh well, I'm pretty content anyways I suppose. I love my first two classes so far, English and Economics. Everyone in those classes is great, Amanda's in my english class, along with other good friends of mine. I actually have a class besides gym with Tom, in economics, for the first time since like ninth grade. Physics might be fun, and I enjoy Spanish. I still have some glitches to fix in my schedule, like where to fit Digital Photography and stuff, but overall, I think it'll be a good year.
Some annoying changes have been made in our school, but I won't get into them unless they really affect me later. Basically, I feel like they are starting to treat us like a big, inner city school, when in fact we're this little facility in the middle of nowhere, with six hundred kids. There's a new annoying buzzer system because all doors will be locked promply after 8:07, student drivers need parking passes because they have limited our space.. I don't know, we'll have to see how it all pans out.
I survived day one. Now I only need to get through tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday--then it's the weekend! You forget how significant those two sacred days are during the summer months :P. Soccer has been keeping me busy, I have a game tomorrow night, and I went to a pasta party tonight. We have this tradition in our team where before certain home games, someone, usually a senior, hosts a dinner for the team where we devour some carbs, talk loudly amongst ourselves, and play plenty of games together. It was pretty fun. Mary's grandma makes some awesome ziti.

So, this post was kind of boring. I promise to write a more exciting one soon :).


Jocelyn said...

ooohh! Senior eh? That's awesome. I loved senior year, my first kiss, first boyfriend, and I got really close to my friends, just realizing how immensely different your life will be in one short year is pretty crazy to think about!

I love the picture of the clouds when you were boating, and I am so glad that you joined the soccer team, I wish I had kept with that. I did it when I was little but I admire you for doing it now!

You're taking economics? That's awesome, I wish my brain worked that way and found that type of stuff interesting, it is important stuff to know, and I think I should probably learn it at some point. It's weird to think about all the things in the world that we will never learn about... there is just SO much stuff! With every occupation or specialty there are so many things you need to know. It's crazy to think how much attainable information there is out there.

AND yes, I did drink a live goldfish, I'm mormon and don't drink so there was this huge frat/sorority carnival and there is a fish pong table. It is hilarious, and I got SUCH a big goldfish, it was so nasty. It tries to swim back up your throat, it's pretty nasty haha The worst part is knowing that there is a dead fish sitting in your stomach.

Good luck with school liv!

Hannah said...

Thank you so much for what you said, love. It really means a lot to know that I even have friends here to support everyone. You have no idea.

Aweh, it must be amazing to be THE upperclassmen. I just know this year will be beyond amazing for you!
Good luck, my dear :)


natalie said...

Oh wow, you're a big old scary senior now! :D I know what you mean, though... just looking at everyone in my grade, we don't look like we're about to be able to drive! That sucks that you don't get that many awesome benefits being a senior, but they don't really have any at our school either :/ (We have like 600 kids too!)

It sounds like once you get everything straightened out with your schedule, things should be good to go. You're certainly keeping busy with loads of things, I don't know how you find the time for all of that, haha! I hope the rest of your school goes swell :)

Helennn Louise said...

I wish you luck with your newfound status! I'm glad you're enjoying your lessons but from what I've heard, Economics is really hard so I definitly wish you luck on that one!!


Kaitlin said...

I know what you mean about not feeling how old you are. Looking back to when I first came to my school in 7th grade, the 10th graders seemed huge and mature and awesome... Now I am one of them.
That's good about your classes, but the rule changes do sound annoying.
I love team parties!
Have a great weekend :)