Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help me decide :)

Which one screams to you "Hey, I'm Olive's senior picture!"?
Just select one if you will :). I have to choose one soon, and I seem to be having a little last minute uncertainty. I won't disclose which ones I was considering the most, I don't want to affect anyone's judgement on them, haha. If you do it, thanks a bunch. If not it's fine, I understand it's a bit of pressure :P. I am just looking for a few more opinions.
It's nearly ten thirty, so I don't have the time I was hoping for to post-- but I will make up for it. Last night we played an epic game of soccer. We beat the team that hasn't lost since it's entrance to the league three years ago. The team that creams just about everyone. Last season we were tickled pink just to tie with them, that stirred up a little dust in itself. But this time, this season, we held our own, and actually won 2-1. It was a great feeling.
I feel a sickness coming on. However, I'm taking Jocelyn's advice, and a method that has worked in the past-- major orange juice comsumption! Plus a little nyquil. I should be able to evade it :).
Does anyone have good tips for studying for the SAT? Mine is October 10th, and I keep lacking the time and motivation to really sit down and absorb the books. I'm kind of getting worried. I might just need to crack down on myself and plow through the reading-- it's just so hard with everything else that's going on.
That reminds me.. Guess who has an orientation at Ralph Lauren? ;D. So basically, I have a job? Horray! Well, I hope that everything is good with everyone.
♥ Olive


Helennn Louise said...

I like one and three. Three the most.
And yay, a job. They always come in handy!
I hope you feel better soon


natalie said...

They're all gorgeously gorgeous, but I think I like the third one the best :)

The soccer game sounds like pretty much the most epic battle of soccer-ness every to grace this country, hahah. That's amazing that you guys won :D

I hope you can beat your sickness! Yes, lots of orange juice and vitamins and whatnot! And lots of sleep too, hehe.

Good luck with SATs... :/ I'm glad I don't have to worry about those just yet, until next year at least. And wow, that's amazing about your job! :D Congratulations on being an employed individual, haha.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Christina Celeste. said...

Sorry I haven't been talking/commenting!

DEFINITELY three. You are so gorgeous!


CC said...

Gosh. I love all three pictures. You have the most gorgeous hair. :)


Kaitlin said...

It's tough because they're all gorgeous, but I like the first one best. Yay for winning games and jobs! Have a good week :)

Jocelyn said...

sweet! Ralph Lauren! that's awesome! I need a job... badly, but I honestly don't think I have time to work and go to school.

ORANGEEE JUICE! How is the chugging coming? I promise you it works! My sister had a horrible cold and now has brochitis... and guess who is as healthy as a horse? moi. It's the OJ I promise. haha

I like the 3 and 4!

where are you thinking about going to school?

Allison said...

I like the second picture a lot. You look gorgeous in all of them - I'm so jealous, mine came out horribly!
Ah, congrats on the soccer game! I know how amazing a feeling it is to totally kill a really, really hard team. That is too exciting for words. only advice for the SAT's would be to not study the night before...I know it sounds counter-productive, but it's better to study the week before, and take the night off to kind of unwind and not stress. (That also worked for AP tests too!). Good luck on them - I promise it's not as awful as it all seems, and it's a relief once you get them all over with!
And omgosh, congrats on Ralph Lauren! That's incredible! =)

Helennn Louise said...

Hey you! It has been a long time and I sure smiled when an e-mail popped up with your name :)

I hope you've been having fun among all this hectic time