Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, look, a pulse!

Alas, I have risen out of my coma.
Call me busy, lazy, unmotivated, dead, all of those would be correct. I have just been overwhelmed with work and things, making it rather hard for me to find time to do the things I enjoy, such as blogging. I would give you some huge, super epic post, but I have nothing super epic to tell you :P. Sorry, sorry. Alot of my time has been spent at school, practice, and games. And lately, weekends at Ralph. I really do enjoy the job. Honestly, I've never been the most organized person, I keep a decent room, but my bookcase it a clutter, my drawers are a combonation of folded and tossed, and I often neglect dusting. At Ralph Lauren, perfection is expected. So I have had to get myself used to folding, and folding with precision. Noticing when a shelf or rack is not straightened up to par, and paying acute attention to the customers. It's been challenging, but I feel like I'm adjusting. I've made friends with a couple of co-workers, and discovered a great hidden deli across the street, where my employee lanyard earns me a 30% discount.. score :). But I do like my new job, and the enviornment I work in. It's cool being in such a style centered setting. You tend to forget about class, when you in well.. class, haha. You wear your jeans and your tshirts, and forget the elegancy. I like seeing little old ladies come in, who still know how to dress well. It's not just for the older generations either, I see some stylish girls come in, the kind where you wish you could have their look, but you know it wouldn't be the
same on anyone else.

Anyways, enough about that. Things feel as thoug they are calming down (aside from SATs this weekend, but we'll just ignore that..) I am spending more time by myself lately, and whether or not that is a better or worse thing, we'll have to see. We can't afford to pay Tom to work here anymore, so I've lost that time, it's really disappointing. He was always nice to just chill with, and if anything was bothering me that day, you could be sure it was fixed by the time he went home. It's kind of lonely now, but that's life and the curves it throws at you, and I will deal. It's just that I can already feel what it's going to be like to miss people, and it's a rather saddening thought.

Current want; I would really like to go apple picking.
Current jam; Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson


natalie said...

Yay for not being in a coma! :D Don't worry about it, everyone has lives outside of blogging hehe.

It sounds like your job at Ralph Lauren is going well! I'm terrible at folding clothes... I feel bad when I'm at the store and I pick something up to look at it, cause whenever I put it back it always looks terrible :P But I am sure that are very skilled in that department, and with your 30% discount you're good to go! Oh, and I love seeing little old ladies that've still got some style left in them too :D

And that stinks that you can't see Tom as much anymore... being lonely is no fun :/ I hope you have a good week!

Aren Becks said...


Hai thur. (: I've posted an entry, finally, after a long time too (although it's relatively short), so don't worry about it. I finally re-organized my closet last weekend. I bought plastic bins and stored a lot of shit in there. Also, I organized my clothes by putting them into sections (pants, dresses, cardigans, etc.) and then color coded them. (YES. I call that an accomplishment.) You work at Ralph Lauren? (': (Kudos to you) I'm jellin'! Oh, and (refering to the post below) I like the third picture the best.

Jocelyn said...

I hate that when you see someone who's look you admire... it drives me nuts, especially because you're right. It wouldn't be the same on anyone else!

ooohh I want to do a study abroad also! I think I am going to london next spring! I think that'd be so much fun! You should come to utah! It's amazing, I go to the university of Utah and I love it!

I don't think that i'd be able to handle working at ralph because I am SO not organized. That's awesome that you get 30% off that's a deal! Sheeshh... a yummy sandwich sounds delishhh right now.

Have a peachy rest of the week!


Hannah said...

Things always seem to happen that get in the way of blogging, but I think that eventually we'll all get used to it and find a way to function :P

I visited a Ralph Lauren this week. They're so...clean looking. You're so right about the people that usually go there. They're so put together it's insane. It must be nice, though :D
(especially the discount at the deli!)

I hope all is well with you, love! Keep me updated! :)


Helennn Louise said...

Heyyy :)

It's good to see your back.

It's really good that you're enjoying your job. Folding clothes is not my favourite thing in the world but go you doing it to perfection! <3 old ladies so much. They make me smile.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Allison said...

Awwe, I'm glad you're coma free now, sweetie! =)
Ah, I'm so jealous you work at Ralph! I love, love, love those clothes...that is like all that my mom wears and she always looks so pulled together and classy. And I love seeing all those little old ladies who are far more fashionable than I ever hope to be ;) That is one of my favorite things to do in Central Park - I just people watch and point out all the stylish little old ladies to my boyfriend (he looooves that pasttime ;)).
I'm sorry you're lonely though, sweetheart. I hope you get over it all soon though, and that things pick up so you don't have to feel that way. I know how much it sucks.
I would def recommend studying abroad - I never got the chance because of my major, and I feel like I really, really missed out on an incredible experience!

Hannah said...

Busy. Lazy. Unmotivated. Dead. Nah i'm just kidding :)
Your job sounds like something i'd never be able to do, folding to perfection?! Wow. Although i might be able to hold onto it for that 30% discount.. my job is not quite so rewarding paha.

Kaitlin said...

Ah, I think we've all been pretty swamped lately. It's great that you're enjoying your work! Good luck on the SATs. Hope you have a great week! :)