Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not cool.

I think something's gone terribly wrong with my laptop :(. I can connect to the internet, but nothing, no pages whatsoever, will display. I've tried several things, restoration, connecting to someone else's wi-fi, fooling around with the security options; nothing will work. So I will head out to the Verizon store tomorrow to see if they know anything I can do, but I'm assuming not. I have a hunch that it's a virus, and I will most likely have to send my baby back to the Lenovo store and be sent a new one. Gee am I glad I paid the extra to have the accidental damage warrrenty.

I'll be trying to get myself back up to speed with comments, and everyone's new posts-- but this home computer we have takes forever, and I don't want to steal it from my mom too often. So this might be a semi-dead week for me, but I'll keep you guys updated :). Thanks for reading!


Helennn Louise said...

Oh noes!

I hope your laptop gets fixed soon!!

natalie said...

OH NO! That does not sound good at all... That's definitely great that you have the accidental damage insurance though, that's very smarticle of you. I hope that your laptop gets better soon D:

James said...

1st. Sorry about laptop.
2nd. I am glad you are working on the article paper thingy :)
3rd. Meaning of life after much thought I realized is truly irrelevant. There is no one meaning. You make your own meaning just as we all choose our friends, and you make your own purpose. :)

James said...

Also, thank you for writing that lovely comment. :) It made me get a little teary :)

Kaitlin said...

aww, that sucks about your laptop! everyone is behind.

Jocelyn said...

Oh no! I hope that you get your laptop fixed! That's never fun to have no computer... How's the ralph treatin ya?

meaning of life? hmmm... well that's a hard one, I think a big part of it is to find out what makes you happy, serve others, have fun! and be a parent! It's hard to say! I think that a lot of people base the meaning of life on religion. I am a latter day saint, (mormon, more commonly called, ha) and i think that a lot of religions view life differently, but i think everyone views life as a time for discovering what makes yourself and others happy. And perfecting that comfort and luxury if it is ever messed with! Which it often is.

Anyway, I hope that we all find out what life is about, and if not, at least have fun and make an adventure for yourself :)


Aren Becks said...

I miss you. Post soon!