Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Sunday

Right now via webcam :P

Good Evening folks,

So I am actually holding true to my word and posting on a Sunday, woohoo! As you can see I have my Cumberland Farms hot beverage in hand, supplying the necessary caffine for me to complete hopefully half of the things I need to accomplish before I turn out the lights. It's a kooky mixture. A fourth of chai, maybe a sixth of french vanilla, a little white chocolate caramel, and a splash of pumpkin spice. That's what I love about mixing your own, it tastes a little different each time.
This weekend was enjoyable. I spent a majority of it working, but that's okay, I like paychecks. Plus work is nice, as I've mentioned before, the atmosphere at Ralph is wonderful. It's clean and crisp, and I certainly don't mind having an excuse to dress up. Trousers and chinos are comfy :). And I bought two new oxfords, a white one and the yellow one in the picture above, love 'em. Aside from working, I did have a little fun as well. I spent all of last night immersed in conversation with Julie, Tom, and Jared. Just sitting around the kitchen table, pondering about life. We have some deep conversations, let me tell you. I mean, we seriously get into it, haha. It's amusing I'm sure. So, inspired from our talk, I'll ask you guys what is the purpose of life?

Back in the day, I'm speaking neandrathal times, the objective of our lives was to survive. Catch our food, create weapons to defend ourselves, construct a simple shelter, live. Now we don't have to "survive" most of the time. If we aren't able to take care of ourselves, someone will most likely step in to our rescue. So now that we've made it past the survival barrier, what is our mission? Is it to find a job, a career, to make tons of money? Is it to find love, get married, raise a family? Or maybe, some of us just want to make an impact on the way other people think. Personally, I think it varies for the indivudual. The sad part is that some of us never discover our purpose, living life day by day, a blur of repetition. They work at shitty jobs they have no passion for, climb into bed each night with someone whose soul they don't understand, the only connection bonding them being their children. They feel flustered, they boil. But hey, isn't that the way everyone else is living? I think these people, the ones who ignore what they truly want inside for money, or social status, or just because it's all that they know-- need to re-think what they are doing. Life is far too short to spend miserably. We cannot be happy all of the time, there are periods when we need to do something to help us reach what will make us happy, such as a part time job to pay for college. Or an awkward conversation to salvage a friendship. It's only when we give up on happiness that we have a problem. When we decide to work that job we despise for the rest of our lives, when we hang on to someone we don't love just because it's easier. It's when we shut off our impulses and live by the clock.

Ahem, alright, I'm done being all philosophical and such. Thanks to those who critiqued my article. After reading through it, I realize it's not my best. I was a little nervous writing it, since the person who will be reading it and deciding if it makes it in the paper, is a Pulitzer Prize winner, and I have quite a bit of respect for his opinion. Another thing about writing to me, is that once you publish something, your name is attached to it forever. If I write something for the newspaper, I want it to be a near perfect representation of my thoughts, I don't want to bullshit my way through it, or say what I think the public wants to hear. I am not going to write something a certain way to ensure it's published. I don't know, it's just the way I am :P, I want my words to be as true as I can make them. So because of that, I'm going to revise what I wrote before, maybe even change the whole thesis, make it stronger. I might write it on self image, which is kind of like the original, but a little smoother, a little more put together. Whatever I write, I want to focus on society's behavior, because that's what I feel our downfall is, as a species, we are undeniably self absorbed. Myself included. I fill up my tank with gas, I drive all over the place, polluting the air that other species breath. But hey, I want a car, so too bad. That's humanity, and it's a true, but sad thing. Sometimes I wish we were still primitive, atleast to an extent. I wish we could take a magic eraser and wipe out everything that harms anything else. We could keep the good stuff, warm knitted sweaters, instruments, and books. We could find entertainment in the company of eachother, trade for the things we needed, and live as a little clan of woodlyn creatures. Basically, I wish we were elves, haha. I know things are only going to become more advanced, and more convenient for people, but I just hope, for the sake of our future, that we can use what we create to do good, rather than slip into complete self absorbtion, complete greed. I don't believe in communism, I am not some anti government rebel. I realize it is far too late to undo all that we have done, I just question what is going to happen to us, and where we will go from here. The first step is recognization. If we all, as a whole, realize that we're headed downhill, then we all, as a whole, can work together to pull ourselves out of this mess. Oh, I just remembered I started this paragraph off by saying I was done being philosophical. Well, I unintentionally lied, whoops :P.

I apologize if this made little sense, I just type what I think, and it jumbles out.


natalie said...

I'm glad that you've found a job that you enjoy! It makes me want to go apply for a job at Ralph Lauren right now haha, except that I don't think we even have one at our mall here :P

The purpose of life. That, my dear, is a very deep question indeed, haha! According to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the answer is 42, but I have no idea, really, just more questions.... What is the point of it all, and how did we really even get here in the first place? I guess each person should just seek out happiness in their life, but like you said you can't be happy 24/7, because without sadness there IS no happiness!

Good luck with your article revisions and everything! I still thought it was very good though :) But you're right, when it's actually going to be published under your name for all time (whoa, that sounds serious!) then you'd better make sure it's exactly how you want it.

I wish we were all just elves... that would make life SO much easier :D Have a great week, Olive!

Helennn Louise said...

Hello you :)
I'm glad you're enjoying your time at Ralph Lauren. I still can't help but read it and think of Rachel from FRIENDS though, hahaa. Simple minds!
Oh god, I hate it when I'm asked that question by my friends when we're having a deep question. It certainly seems as if you and your friends had a hearty discussion all the same!
I wish you luck with re-writing your article and hope you finally write something to be proud to attach your name too.
P.S I love your new Olive to sign posts <3

Anonymous said...

Purpose of life, I really don't know. I don't think there is a clearcut defining line of what life is. I think there are a series of factors that can be defined as the purpose of life.

Anonymous said...

P.S. If you ever get a chance to talk to the big man, let me know, will ya?

Jess said...

This is why I don't like philosophy! Surely, as long as you're happy and will continue to be happy, and other people are happy with you, it doesn't matter what the meaning of life is? So perhaps that means the meaning of life is a generally happy existence.
(Sorry to pop up out of nowhere. I was at another blog and saw life inside the olive jar in the sidebar. And was curious. I love your layout by the way, and I'd also like to be some sort of writer when I'm older!)