Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Organization Station

Alright, it's time I buckle down.
Things have been continually hectic for me from the first day of school, and I feel like I need to pull myself together. This year cannot be a meaningless blur of homework and obligations. Sure, I'll keep doing what needs to be done, but I can still have my fun :), and keep my blogging alive while I'm at it too.

So here's what's going to happen;
* I will post something every Wednesday and Sunday.
I hope to post more frequently than that-- but I'm promising both of these days.

* I will finally finish that article I began for the newspaper. It will be submitted no later than Friday evening.

* Physics labs will all be written up for class Monday morning.

So yes, expect to hear from me atleast both of those days, and hopefully more. I would sit here and write forever tonight, but it's already past midnight, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I will catch up with everyone eventually, I promise :).


natalie said...

I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing from you more often :) But if things end up getting in the way, don't worry! I'll still be here waiting for your return :D Good luck with managing everything and whatnot!

Kaitlin said...

I unfortunately haven't been able to attend any of the meetings so far, thanks to a combination of other commitments and the leader's disorganization. :/
I actually had a phobia-of-the-day calendar a couple years ago so I ended up learning a lot of them :P and daww thanks :)
Yay for more posts! Good luck getting everything done. Have a great Friday and weekend!

Kaitlin said...

also, I was actually JUST now introduced to them - that was the first time I'd ever listened :P

Kaitlin said...

Well, we lost our first Doubledown match (Doubledown is a trivia game show thing that is broadcasted on PBS in our area for high school Masterminds teams), and that's single elimination so we're out already, despite making it all
the way to the finals last year :/ On the bright side, we determined following this that we need to spend our practices actually studying rather than just goofing up and doing practice questions so we will probably improve quite a bit for the normal season. I'm on "varsity" this year, which is rather exciting.

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