Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little scrambled.

Well, I promised Wednesday posts, so here it is.
It'll be short and sweet, because it's past midnight, and I'm ready to hit the pillow.
I was way too overloaded tonight. I had one study hall to actually do my work, and I was only able to get a bit done because I couldn't focus. Then I spent my last studyhall in the physics room preparing for tomorrow's test, but we didn't get through everything. Then I had soccer practice until 4:15 or so, I rushed to pick up John and bring him back to the school to leave for our Answers Please match. During the first round I usually do my homework, since we play the second one. But this time we wandered into a classroom to wait, and a team invited us to play "just for fun", which took up all of my homework time, and they crushed us anyways. As you can guess I didn't get anything done the next round, which was ours, and I actually got home around 9:15. I completed my essay for English and my review sheet for math, but I never really was able to study for the physics or math tests tomorrow. And I have an english vocab sheet. Ughhhh :/ , overwhelmed.
I'm currently #2 in my class though, so that's exciting. I just hope it lasts for more than a couple of weeks. I think things will be better once I have more time after the soccer season's over. Our last league game is tomorrow, then come the sectionals. So I possibly only have two games left. It's weird to think of it being the last time I'll ever play soccer on this team. Or ever, most likely, unless it's just goofing off.
I'll catch up with blogs and such later, I'm exhausted. Sorry this has been more of a short rant than a real post, but I'm trying.

So let's end it with some current events! :P
Have you guys heard about the whole recreation of Edgar Allan Poe's funeral? Interesting stuff. I can't believe only 10 people attended his original funeral.. Oh, even better, how about the flock of sheep that spontaneously combusted in Jordan?

Apparently, there was an underground gas leak under a field, which the flock just so happened to wander over. Locals were setting fire to dry gas, and the sparks travelled to that area, igniting the methane, blowing up the sheep. I can't even imagine how paralyzed and confused the shepard must've felt, standing there watching as his entire herd of sheep set fire before his eyes. That definitely has to be one of those unforgettable "Huh." moments.

ps. I'm still thinking about the whole purpose to life thing, so if any of you want to share yours, or what you feel you're meant to do, go for it :).
I think mine can be summed up with to love, to learn, and to write. If I continue to do those three things throughout my life, and the little subcategories that go with them(such as travelling, experiencing new things), I will be happy. Those things go hand in hand to me.


Helennn Louise said...

Yay at being #2. I'm sure that feels good :)

The sheep thing immediatly made me think of the X Files. That shows how simple my mind is. LOVE IT :)

Um... I'll need to think of my meaning of life and get back to you XD

Enjoy the rest of your week xx

natalie said...

Argh, it sounds like your schedule and workload is very hectic and stressful! But that's so amazing that you're number two in your class, congrats and keep it up :D

And haha awww, I feel so bad for the sheep! I can picture them flying through the air going "BAAAAH!" until they disappear into the sky, like when Team Rocket would blast off in Pokemon, haha.

Allison said...

Congrats on being second in your class - that is such a huge accomplishment (even if it is tres stressful). Ugh, physics. Girl, that class is killing me right now in college and I took AP physics in high school (why, I just couldn't tell you). Don't let senioritis get to you though - even though it is SO tempting! It'll all be worth it in the end!
My meaning of life....hmmm. I'd like to think it would involve loving others, helping the poor, and being the best teacher, wife, and mom I can be. I've always liked to think that my life will impact someone, somehow, even in a small way =) I think your meaning of life is just lovely... you really have a good head on your shoulders - when I was your age (I say that like I'm 45), I had no idea what I wanted to do, and hadn't even given thought to the meaning of my life. You're just a doll, really.

Kaitlin said...

ahh, your life sounds quit hectic. your matches go on for a long time! ours start at 3:30 are usually over by 5 or 5:30. congrats on number 2! spontaneously combustible sheep?!! crazy. have a good weekend!