Friday, February 26, 2010

Oversized flannel and the smell of ocean water.

I impatiently await the springtime. Cold, windy weather is bothersome. I want a soft breeze and to leave my house without a jacket. I'm sick of brown, ugly grass.


I kind of want this bathing suit from dEliA's. I need to go and actually try it on, but it looks like my style. In case I haven't informed you all already, our class is going to Disneyworld for our senior trip, so swim attire is a must.
Let's see, school has been relatively uneventful--- surprise, surprise :P.
The most intersting thing to me lately, is what we talk about in Government. This is because a lot of the things that we debate and discuss are questions that I mull over in my own head. Such as, "Do you think our country is more free today, or was it more free back in the late 1700's after our Founding Father's set the stage?" What do you think?

Snowboarding Tuesday was nice. It was my third time boarding, and my first time while it was actually snowing. It was cool, eerily beautiful riding the chairlift throw the snow, hearing nothing but the squeak of each empty chair going past, rocking with the wind on the other side. And of course the occasional conversation with Tom. I'm surprised he wanted to go with me, I figured I would "slow him down", since it's my first year and all. I did accomplish that, hahah, but not as badly as I was imagining. I'm definitely improving.. I have decided it's something I want to stay with, and invest some money into proper equipment for next year, as well as a Season Pass to whatever mountain I happen to be close to in college. It leaves you so sore though, I'm still feeling the effects today. It's good for me, I need something to keep me "feeling the burn", hahah. Especially with my diet lately of chicken quesadillas or pasta for dinner every night. I make my own food, so it's up to me to find the motivation to cook and experiment.. after a long day at school and afters chores, that doesn't come easy. I will try to work on this..
Lately all I've wanted to to is get my hands dirty. I want to go over to the garage and work on something. Nevermind that I don't know how, I want to teach myself and learn. I'm disgusted with how I just sit on Facebook for what feels like minutes, and is really HOURS. It's like, "Oh hey, there went my life.." Blogging is different to me, it holds greater substance. But regardless, I need to get myself out of the house. I do feel accomplished when I do things physically, too. Farm chores will definitely take a toll on you, but it's a healthy toll. Maple Sugaring should prove interesting and tedious. Right now I'm in the stage of washing buckets.. I'll let you know how it progresses.
I went shopping tonight :). After cashing 3 checks I've allowed to accumulate, I didn't feel too guilty treating myself to a couple new things.

Short sleeved Sweater, yellow overcoat, owl necklace, all Forever 21.
boys flannel shirt, PacSun. Perfect for when I go boarding or tapping trees.


natalie said...

I don't know why the last posts didn't show up on my thingymabobsy blog roll thing D: Rawrness!

Anyways. Yes, I can't wait until spring + summer finally arrive!

I love that bathing suit, and all of the other clothes you bought as well :D That's awesome that you're going to Disney, and snowboarding sounds like loads of fun! I've only been skiing, not snowboarding, but I've always wanted to. And yeah, physical activity definitely makes me feel accomplished too! Even if it ends up making me too sore too move, I'd rather it be that than just me sitting on the compute for hours doing nothing haha.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Helennn Louise said...

Hello stranger!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I too hope to be back at blogging eventually. It's been that long I actually had to change my password because I couldn't remember it!

Oh that swimsuit really is cute! I love it! I'm also slightly jealous of the disneyworld trip <3

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

P.S. I'm really glad that you are back :D

ali Bella said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK THE GODS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I've missed you Olive! Soo much!

Nicole Linette said...

hahahahahahaha WOWWWW.
Just sent you an email... and all of my questions/comments were answered here XP. NICE.

Yeah, I've been harking spring, but no response yet :\.
I LOVE all the clothes you bought! Forever 21 has the best necklaces and accessories.. I was so going to buy an owl necklace (not quite the same one) that day the stupid gift card registry wasn't working! Haha but I love the colors you've chosen, same with the flannel. Men's flannels are amazing X). I vote YES to the bathing suit too!

I went to Rochester with my friends to watch the indoor track state qualifiers (my best friend had won sectionals for shot put.. but she didn't qualify tonight) and during the hour-long ride, we conversed about college and travel and weather and mountains. I regret never taking advantage of the mountain ten minutes away, but I swear that if I end up North/Northeast, I'm picking up a board!! Riding the chairlifts through a flurry sounds lovely :) Physical activity in the winter IS gratifying, isn't it?! Hahaha that's why I volunteered cheerfully to shovel Friday -- boy, was THAT a mistake. Those deceivingly small snow flakes packed together like a bitch! I had to attack this severely heavy powder in layers that strain my arms and chest :P

Yeah, who needs free weights? We live in New York, there's two tons of snow in the driveway..

:D nicole.

Nicole Linette said...

thanks for the faaantastic comment on my post :)
Yes, I'd be more than willing to join you in burning all tourist propaganda that is I ♥ NY :P
A transparent plane, would just be... INDESCRIBABLE amounts of unbelieveably amazing. Whoa we need something like that.
And thank you for your words about the interview, it was with a Dartmouth alumni, so it was sort of a big deal for me. It seemed all cordial and I really tried answering to the best of my ability. Who knowss, like I said.. if they don't want me, so be it :)

talk to you soon!