Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And we'll all float on anyway,

So it's officially spring guys, how exciting is that?! You know what that means--- summer will be here in no time :). Only three months until I graduate and move on from this place to wherever the road ahead leads me. I have been accepted to University at Albany, still waiting on Purchase. It's less than two weeks now until my trip to Disney, I'm pretty excited. I like it when days just sneak up on you, atleast when you have something you're impatiently waiting for.
This nice weather has lured me outside lately, taking walks with Candy and wandering around in the woods. I have decided that I'm going to spend alot of time outside this summer. I envision many days out on the lake and nights around the bonfire. As the days dwindle down though, I can't help but question if I'm making the right choices. The cashier at Hannaford last night was talking to my mom, and my mom of course got on the topic of college hahah. That's what every parent of a senior in highschool has on their mind. Anyways, the lady asked me where I was going and what I was majoring in. I told her journalism, and her response kind of surprised me. "Oh, really? You're into that stuff?" It didn't offend me or anything, but it kind of flipped a switch in me. Am I really into that "stuff"? How do I know this is my niche? Sure, I enjoy writing. I'm that asshole in english that always gets her papers back with a 100 circled at the top. Sure, I love expressing myself through words on Blogger. What I'm questioning though, is if this is enough to mean that I could be a journalist. Our school doesn't offer classes in it, we barely do journal writing
related assignments. How am I supposed to know without the exposure? I guess that's the problem-- you don't. It's all a matter of taking the plunge and ignoring the risks. I guess the biggest issue with me now is I'm discovering new interests. I have actually thought of owning my own small business lately, what with the maple candy success and all. Doing something like that seems rewarding. Being responsible for the success of whatever you're making, putting hard work into it, and personally receiving the benefits. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of a bookstore, a maple sugarhouse, a little cafe, or some crazy combination of the bunch. It'd be pretty cool to sell natural foods and products too. Who knows, these are just ideas that have been brewing in this little head of mine. I guess I'm getting a little nervous that I'm going to head off to college with this big idea that journalism is my "thing", when I really don't know nearly enough about it. Maybe my passion for writing and sharing my opinion with the world will be enough, hahah :). I don't know. Whatever I do though, I don't want to be permanently trapped in an office.. I could see myself working for a magazine like National Geographic and actually going out and experiencing new things, writing about them. I just know I need my space, my fresh air.

Walking around, exploring in the woods is my cup of tea (:

My boys-- Eeyore(right) and Vinnie(left).

Let's see, what have I even been up to lately..
Hmm.. last Friday was a half day, after my eye doctor's appointment I met up with three of my best guy friends to eat lunch at Panera's :). It was a nice, sunny day too, so we all sat outside to eat. I could really go for one of their strawberry smoothies right now.. like really, haha. I spent the rest of that day taking pictures such as the ones posted above, wandering around in my woods. I love having so much land here. I worked all day Saturday until five, then went over to Derek's house to hang out with the guys. Fire outside, jamming inside, good times with good friends. That pretty much sums it up. Sunday and Monday were both boring, I won't even discuss them. Tuesday I took the day off from school :P. Well, until 10th period. I had about six physics lab reports due by the end of the day and I needed the extra time to work on them, so that was my purpose in staying home. It worked out pretty well. I came back in time for photography and study hall, hahaha. After school I drove a few friends out to Ben & Jerry's to take advantage of Free Cone Day :).
Mmmm... cake batter.
After we got our free icecream we decided to walk around the town, checking things out. We found some cool little places; my favorite being Bettie's Cakes :). We stumbled onto this hidden treasure by complete accident. We were in this little mall of shops, looking at the Egyptian and Peruvian stores, and as we wandered further I saw a sign for a cupcakery cafe and simply couldn't resist. It was such a cute place, completely 50's themed. Bettie's Cakes.
That's my cookie dough cupcake, and Tom's pesky little fingers trying to get a piece :P. It was delicious, and very filling. I'm glad we found that place, it's a great little business. I wish there were more places like that around. Apparently they also have a double decker cupcake bus :), how cool is that?! The bottom of it is used to make the cupcakes and take the orders while the top part is an actual cafe. Things like this make me consider having my own business even more so.
I hope everyone is doing well, catch me up to speed :)!
♥ Olive


ali said...

Mmm that cupcake looks delish!! :)

Congrats on being accepted to University at Albany Olive!!!! Thats soooo awesome! :D

Aww, your boys are cute!

Free ice cream FTW!!


Shayla Jade said...

hahaha I, of all people, should know that you can ALWAYS switch your major at any time.. I mean, the longer you wait to do it, the higher the possibility you will graduate a semester or two late, but if you play your cards right you could even avoid that.. Like I said before, major in journalism and minor in business; that way your first semester you can take those two types of classes and decide which seems like more of a long term decision for you. And, who knows, you might even end up taking an elective that interests you and end up completely changing your major alltogether. ;)
Do you know if Albany or Purchase offer associates degrees? Hartwick didn't, which is why I bailed halfway through my second year, but if they did I would have just stayed.. Now getting my associates degree is going to add on at LEAST two more semesters (or a summer semester and fall semester), onto my time. I mean, associates degrees aren't THAT important, Chanda didn't end up getting one even though she went to ACC for two years, but I know that if I transfer without getting one, not all of my credits would transfer and at least this way I will get a degree out of it so I won't be completely wasting my money on credits I'm never going to be able to use, like I did at Hartwick.
So, associates degrees are another things to consider, I guess, though since you're pretty sure your college choice will be permanent you don't have to worry about transfer credits and loosing any of them; if you just change majors the classes you took as requirements before could just become electives and help you out, too.

Anyway, sorry to go on and on hahahaha But I agree owning your own business would be cool, though you just have a knack for writing and have so much to say. I think you'll figure it out when the time comes, but you don't have to go looking for it; your future will find you ;)

Helennn Louise said...

Wow well done on being accepted into Albany! That's really cool :)

I love the boys. They're adorable <3

And it is nice stumbling across little shops like that. There does need to be more of them about!

I'm still uber jealousy of you going to Disney world! I wanna go!!

Haha, enjoy your weekend xx

natalie said...

ARGH. Once again this didn't show up in my updates :/ Stupid stupid blogger!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're graduating in only three months! That's craaazzzyyy. Congrats on getting accepted! And Disney is sure to be completely amazing, so I can't wait to hear all about that. The nice weather definitely drew me outside more as well, and I can't wait for the summer!

I think going into journalism is a good idea, if writing is what you like to do! You're certainly good at it, hehe :) But yeah, it is hard to know what you want to do when you've never really experienced it before. I guess it is a risk! Owning your own business sounds awesome too O: Wow, it sure is tough to decide haha. I'd take Shayla's advice though, with the majoring in journalism and minoring in business, and like she said you can always switch!

It sounds like you've definitely been having lots of fun with friends lately as well! Panera and ice cream and cupcakes galore are insanely delicious indeed :) have a marvelous week!

Skippy said...

Your "boys" are so very dreamy ;) I'm jealous I dont know them, haha. I'm glad you are getting good weather, it will make your spring break even better ^_^

Kaitlin said...

it looks as if you have been just as busy as I have :/
update me on your life!
have you decided on a college yet?!? congrats on U of Albany! I don't know if I'll even have a major decided when I go into college (right now I'm thinking mathematics, but who knows) so if worse came to worse you could always switch. working for National Geographic would be such an awesome job!
it sounds like (at least at the time this post was written, anyway) you've been up to a lot of fun stuff and awfully busy.
have a great week Olive!