Thursday, March 11, 2010


So this is me, writing with nothing head spinningly interesting to convey. But the days are slipping by and the last thing I want is for another month to pass without me catching up with you all, so here it goes.. please don't expect anything life altering or well written haha :).
These days my backwoods, rural roots are starting to pull me in. Growing up I have sort of opposed them, as most difficult little children do, always wanting to repel from what they've been taught. Now it's all beginning to draw me in. I guess what I'm really into is a simple life, you know? Doing something you love and allowing it to bring you its own rewards. I'm really beginning to value hard work. I cannot really picture myself as a farmer such as my dad, but I could see myself operating something like a nice little maple business, or a small bookstore/cafe combo. The more I question it, the more certain I am that I will end up in the country. I may spend a portion of my early 20's living the city life, going out on the town :), but I think I need to settle where it's a little calmer. I want my space, my open skies. I want to take a walk in the woods and not come out on a highway. I wouldn't mind living near a lake either, but not a major tourist destination. Just a beautiful place I can spend the day exploring around with my dogs and watching people jump. I could picture myself having a beautiful horse too. I plan on having a lot of land :). What I cannot imagine is spending my life in an office all day every day. I could swing it while I'm young, I would gladly work for a magazine. I would just rather have a job in it that allowed me to travel and see what I have been asked to write about as well. That is the kind of journalism I'm drawn to. Something I can experience first hand and get the raw details on. I guess at this point I'm just speculating on what I want from my future.

And how are you? :)


natalie said...

I definitely agree with you! Though I do want to go out in the world and experience all the sights and sounds and hustle and bustle of everything, eventually I want to end up settling down in a nice, quiet, serene, beautiful kind of place like you just described. And 9 to 5 office jobs, ugh, certainly something I never want to have in my life either. I want to be out and about, actually doing something exciting and making the most of life!

And I'm doing well, thank you :) I hope you are too! Spring is nearly here, so woohoo!

Ivyoaks said...

Its always good to remember were you came from..and no matter where you are..use your ingunity. I think the rural life does give you a sense to appreciate more.

Thanks for the note.

The oaks.

Shayla Jade said...

I agree with you, Olive.. I like living in the city because there is always so much to do.. I love going out with a group of crazy college students in the middle of the night, being able to walk to anywhere you want to go; it's very liberating and makes you feel really free.. However, I agree that it should mostly only be an early twenties thing or whatever, like before you settle down. Cities are dirty, and while they're convenient and fun, I prefer the simple life as well.. I like running up rivers and trying to cowtip but having someone (like Tom) push a cow too far and you think they're going to attack you hahaha I love barn parties, and the one time I hucked hay hahaha I love clear skies, and sunny days, and you just can't enjoy them in a smoggy big city.
Also, I think you opening a small business would be an AMAZING idea.. When you go to college you should try to minor in business, just so you have a background for it - business is such a practical and useful thing to know about, and it could really help you a lot. :)
Love and miss you! <33333

Helennn Louise said...

Oh god, you've just described every dream I've ever had. I want to do the city/town life now while I'm young and still in training but the minute I get my degree, I want to settle in a small rural village where everyone knows everyone and it's just got breathtaking scenery. Thankfully Scotland has a lot of that to offer <3 It's just a beautiful idea and makes me smile every time I allow myself to go to dream land. I'm glad you're getting to your roots now that you're getting older :)

I'm not too bad, m'dear. I hope you're okay!

Enjoy your weekend xx

Jocelyn said...

This makes me want to live in the woods :) I love the mountains, the way you feel about the woods and your small place is the way I feel too. Salt lake has space, and the city that is why I love it so much. It's not like new york, or chicago, but it's still busy enough for me. I agree about an office job, but as I am getting further and further into college, still not knowing what I want to do, it is really scary!

I am glad that you know what you want, that sounds lovely, can I come visit and we can sip tea on your back porch?

:) love your posts. Hope life is grand.


Nicole Linette said...

Olive, that's lovely! I think it's awesome how you're realizing where you want to be in the future. I also appreciate the solitude and quietness of rural areas, but I think I need a solid dosage of metropolis before I could decide :P And I remember you sharing your bookstore aspirations for, that would be incredible. You're definitely heading in the right direction :)

And me, I'm doing well. Tomorrow afternoon I leave for France until the 28th, so if you don't hear from me that's why! Haha I hope life is fabulous for you though.. happy almost St. Patrick's Day :D

~ nicole.