Monday, December 28, 2009

Cabin Fever

Last night after work I went over to my friend's house to check out his newly finished cabin in the woods behind his house. This is what us country folk do; we hang out in cabins with our acoustic guitars, just talking about random things and allowing a rift to interrupt when the room grows silent. I actually don't own a guitar, so I was a bit out of place with the four guys who all happened to bring theirs, hahah. I don't mind being the listener though. I like watching people's fingers fly all over the place when they play. Once in awhile I'd join in with singing, but that's as far as my musical talent goes. I really want to take up the piano again. Maybe in college I will. Anyways, the cabin was really nice & cozy, especially with the woodstove running. The photo above is of Zack and Bill's guitars I believe, but I could be wrong. I just thought they looked nice so I snapped a shot :). Those guys are all entertaining to hang out with, I couldn't bring myself to leave until 11:30, but that was only because of my midnight curfew ;P. Call me weird, but I absolutely love waking up the next morning after a night around a bonfire, or by a woodstove in this case, and still smelling smokey. It feels homey.

I spent today a little differently. Julie, Amanda, John, and I all went to see the new Avatar movie. It wasn't too bad-- it was good, not necessarily omgomgGREAT!, but I don't regret buying the ticket. The visuals were pretty fantastic. The female's accent kind of annoyed me at first, but I got accustomed to it. The movie reminded me of Fern Gully from my childhood. Jog any memories? I used to love that movie, but it made me despise logsmen, hahah. Avatar gives a good message though, about conserving our environment. I've been reading this article in National Geographic about the deforestation in Borneo.. We need to really fix these issues, people need to care-- myself included. The human race is, for lack of better phrases, turning to shit. A couple of months ago we found WATER on the moon-- a pretty significant discovery, no? But you know what attention that raised? A small portion, possibly an eighth of a page in my local paper. Compare this to the publicity that a unfaithful professional golfer receives.. It's pathetic. You know, I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear he was a cheater-- alot of people are, sadly. Especially celebrities, it doesn't phase me. It's wrong, terribly wrong, but why do so many people care? And why do so many people not care about other issues, ones that could affect history? So yes, this movie might force you to think :P. Afterwards we dined at Panera's and I scarfed down a chicken caesar salad with side of macaroni and cheese. Delicious. Next was a quick stop into FYE so Julie could buy a couple of new horror flicks, those After-dark Horror Fest ones, LionGate's side project thing. I watched one of them, Autopsy, at her house before coming home. Now I would say it's time for bed. I'm scheduled for the early shift at work tomorrow and I could use a few hours of sleep first :).

Happy Holidays!


natalie said...

Spending the evening in a cabin in the woods with friends and acoustic guitars sounds like quite a fun evening to me :) And I love that smokey smell too! Not the cigarette smokey smell, but the bonfire smokey smell. There's definitely a big difference!

Oh my goodness, I used to love that Fern Gully movie! I haven't seen it in forever, but now I want to go try to find it on YouTube or something, haha. It's good to hear another opinion on Avatar though, but I still have yet to see it! But yeah, I can't stand those crappy entertainment tonight kind of shows, where all they do is talk about gossip involving "famous" people's lives. Who on earth cares?! :P

Nicole Linette said...

Olive, I agree! The woodsy smell from a fire makes me want to collapse in euphoria hahaha. Your afternoon with your friends and evening at the cabin sounds really nice! Haha, and I think Fern Gully is an amazing movie. And now that I consider the plot synopsis of Avatar (haven't seen it though), I can see how you made that connection -- sweeeet!
Ohhh and I was ranting about this in school before break.. how all our attention and money goes to celebrities and athletes who don't really benefit society.. eh, I don't know, just something I enjoy being cynical about. All the best, and I'll get around to your e-mail asap :)

~ nicole.

Kaitlin said...

I ended up going over to a friend's house where we just hung out and played Pictionary and other stuff like that for hours; it was a lot of fun. New Years' celebrations don't necessarily have to be big parties to be fun :D
I dunno, I guess I was exaggerating the friend thing a little. I only really have a right to be mad at one of them but the last two days she has been completely different so I'm kind of tempted to just drop it. The rest of them were at the thing last night and everything was as it usually is so maybe I was just overreacting... Oh well. I'll see how things play out in the coming weeks.

The cabin sounds like so much fun! It reminds me of going to my friend's house out in the country and sitting in his lean-to this past summer. Fire smell is the best :)
I was going to see Avatar tonight but it was sold out. You're the first person I've heard who thought it was in between OMGOMG and terrible. I agree that people cared WAY too much about Tiger Woods... It was ridiculous. More important stuff that affects many more people is going on.

Have a great weekend! :)

Hannah said...

I absolutely love cabins! They are definitely cozy and warm and lovely. There's something about them that makes you just want to sit in front of the fireplace and do nothing but stare at the flames and think.

Hahah I have heard so many references to Fern Gully since Avatar came out. It's awesome. I've yet to see Avatar, but just because it's similar to Fern Gully, I'm planning to.
To me the plot (from what I've heard) sounds like a way to get people into the environmental movement or whatever - like a propaganda of sorts? I could be wrong, though :P