Sunday, December 6, 2009

These moments are alive.

I believe I am officially back in the blogging realm. :)
Because I have been such a busy little woman lately, I think I'll skip out on alot of the details and give a brief overview, maybe elaborate on things I don't think will put you to sleep, although they might. Friday I hosted a little get together in my barn, I wouldn't quite call it a party. These days "parties" generally consist of over fifteen people, and there is usually alcohol. I had a little over ten, and no illegal substances. So depending on who you are, I either did or did not have a party :P. Anywayssss, it was a chill time. Beforehand I went to Chinatown Express with Amanda,Julie, and John for lunch to celebrate our friendship. Recently we decided to go somewhere new at the first of every month, and John always tags along. I have to admit that I've had better dumplings before, but overall it was a nice place. After I brought everyone home so they could get ready for my "party", I brought Tom with me back to my house to set up. Derek showed up like fifteen minutes later and helped too, then the guests began arriving. The jist of it was this; We set up decorative lights on the beams, climbed up a ladder to the hay loft, arranged square bales for seats, and sat around talking with eachother. We played music too, and occasionally people would get the urge to rock out a bit, which was entertaining to watch :). Surprisingly, it was never boring. We were pretty good at keeping a conversation going, people did and said some funny things, and it was good. Diversity is key I think. Above are the girls and myself :). I would post more pictures, but I lost my camera in the hay! I'm so frustrated, we searched a bit that night to no avail. But I'm going in tomorrow and tearing the place apart. The one downside to parties, atleast for me, is the tendency for teen cuddling. I probably only have a problem with this because I am not an active participant. I shouldn't whine :P.

We had our first real snow yesterday. It's exciting for now, but I know I'll be sick of it a week from now. I'm especially annoyed without my camera to photograph it. Work has been going smoothly for me. I'm finally getting the hang of using the register, and I don't break into a nervous sweat every time I have to ring someone out, hahah. That's a plus. It's kind of nice to have a working enviornment where you learn as you go, rather than just repeat the same steps over and over again. Sure, some things are a process, but atleast things seem to get switched up often. I enjoy gaining the style insight too :). I visited another Polo store, one over in Vermont because our outlet didn't have any more of the bedding I wanted. My mom decided to buy me a gorgeous new comforter for Christmas, one I could take to college, but if she didn't get it now, chances are it would be gone by the holidays, and now it's on sale and my mom can use her friends&family discount. It's a full/queen so it should be practical and last me past college. I'll take pictures of it once I actually "unwrap" it, haha.
I've also kept myself busy with all of the clubs and committees I belong to. The Yearbook first section deadline is about to slap me right in the face, we still have portion left to finish.. I have spent the last two weekends at either Key Club or Honor Society functions. Papers are due, so are lab reports. I need to hold a student council meeting, since I'm now President and such. Our last Answers Please match is Wednesday (tear), I just joined a Mock Trial team, and I really really need to finish college applications. If I had to say right now, my top picks are SUNY Purchase, Cornell, Cazenovia, Syracuse, SUNY Geneseo, and maybe SUNY Stony Brook? I'm applying to SUNY Albany too. I still need to research a few better. Unless the colleges offer me an amazing financial deal, I don't think I'll go to a non-SUNY school for my first two years. Just because it's too much to spend fifty grand on taking core subjects. Purchase is kind of my focus right now because it doesn't cost an insane amount, it has both majors I want, it's literally right outside of the city, and it just seems nice. I think we're going to take a visit on the train soon :).
So yes, this is kind of my life for now. Worrying about my future, then curbing those worries with a little chill time with my friends.
I actually spend alot of time with "the guys" lately. Mainly because I'm the only girl they can hang out with and have it be like it's just them-- I don't really change the "dude" atmosphere I guess :P. We sit around and drink Voltage, play music/watch funny videos, or just talk. Another one of our favorite past times is going to Walmart randomly when we get bored. It's an adventure I suppose? Derek always takes us out driving to wherever, I love it :D. The only thing that really brings me down is thinking of how much I'm going to miss them, and my other friends, especially Amanda and Julie, when I go away. Another recent highlight was being able to see Shayla again when she came up :):). I miss her so much when she's gone away to college, so it was great being able to see a movie with the girls, then to have dinner at Panera's with just her and myself, then go back to my house and sit in my room talking and laughing until the yawns began. I wish she was still here. This growing up thing is hard.
OH JEEZ, that reminds me!
Since Julie turned eighteen this past month, she took advantage of her newly awarded right to ink up her body. Yes, she got a tattoo :D. It's so cool. We just decided one night to go out, and she wanted to check if the place was open, and sure enough it was. I'm not sure if you're all familiar with "fruit stripes" gum, but it looks like this, and Julie absolutely loves it-- even if it only keeps its flavor for less than a minute. In each pack of gum little zebra stick on tattoos are included. So what did she do--? She went out and got 'Zipes' the fruit stripe zebra mascot rollerblading across her wrist, identical to the packages stick on. Strange? Yes. Badass? DEFINITELY ;). I give her alot of credit for going through with it, especially since it was her own, original idea. That's what a tattoo should be about, something meaning something to you, not necessarily anyone else.

Enough rambling! Are you still glad that I'm back? ;P hahah.


ali. said...


I'm sooo glad you're back! I've missed you Olive! (:

natalie said...

Your party definitely still counts as a party in my book :D You do NOT need to have illegal substances present in order to have a good time in my opinion! That sucks that you lost your camera in the hay though D: Talk about a needle in a haystack, in the most literal sense! I hope that you find it soooon O:

We had our first real snow this past weekend too! And now it's snowing now... like you said, I like it now but I'll be sick of it in a week :P

As for college... it sounds like you have lots of good options! As indecisive as I am, I would probably never be able to choose haha.

But AHHH, Julie's tattoo is pretty much an epic win! I love the whole story behind it :D My parents would kill me if I came home with that though, hahah :)

Helennn Louise said...

Hell yeah it's a party. You don't need millions of people or illegal substances to have a party and yours sounds fun :p

I'm now in a mood that you're all getting snow while I've just moved to the country of rain storms and bitter winds. Snow would be LOVELY :D

YAY at making college options. You did that quicker than I did!

I love the tattoo. Outta interest did it hurt her? We're all going to get one off after xmas... I'm worried about the pain :L

It's good to see you're back in the swing of blogging :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, that sounds fun. =D I always find small get-togethers more enjoyable than a massive number of people. I haven't been to a party in awhile because though amusing at first, I don't enjoy seeing everyone get shitfaced on a regular basis. You're really lucky! I haven't gotten a new set of bedding for about 5 years and I'm tired of my checkered pink and lime green bedspread. Yeah, whenever you work in a professional atmosphere it's really rewarding, and it sounds like you are getting a lot of good work experience out of it. That is quite BA! I remember collecting the gum wrappers as a kid and putting the tattoos all at once on my wrist. Great update.

Kaitlin said...

YAY!!! You're back :)

That sounds a lot like the parties my friends and I have. Small groups are better anyway!

Daww, your Answers Please season goes by quickly! So far we came in 6th out of 12 at the Cornell quizbowl, and 1st out of 4 at our local meet :D We have another one on Tuesday. How was your season?

Sometimes I forget how you live relatively close to me! All of those schools except Purchase and Stony Brook are right near me :P

Haha, I love Fruit Stripes gum!

Have a great weekend :)

aLi BeLLa said...

OLIVE!!!!!!!!! Your absolutely epic and sweet comment made my day! Thanks friend! (:

Kaitlin said...

Aww, it's unfortunate that you don't have any more competitions. At least you still have meetings, though -- they're most of the fun for my team, anyway.

Thanks about the haircut :)

And yeah, we walked around Cornell quite a bit and the campus is absolutely beautiful! Insomnia Cookies is a place that makes the most delicious cookies EVER and they will deliver them to you up until 3 AM or something like that. They're usually on college campuses -- there is one near SU that I go to. There's one by Cornell, too, so look out for it when you go visit! :P

I've been doing pretty well, just busy -- only 4 more days until break, though! :D

Have a good week :)