Friday, December 18, 2009

Or you could sleep through the static.

We say anytime, anywhere, just show your teeth and strike the fear
Of god wears camouflage, cries at night and drives a dodge-Pick up
the beat and stop hogging the feast, That's no way to treat an enemy
Well mighty mighty appetite, We just eat 'em up and keep on driving
Freedom can be freezing take a picture from the pretty side,
Mind your manners wave your banners, What a wonderful world that this angle can see.
[Sleep through the static - Jack Johnson]

I feel boring. I do the same things day in and day out. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. Eat, work, sleep. I could train a chimpanzee to take my place. This is why I have been such a bad blogger lately, I lack exciting events to tell you all :P. Lately it's all about preparing for the future(college), and making money. I could use an enlightening vacation. Don't get me wrong, things aren't going badly. I have plenty of good laughs at school, I still enjoy working at Polo, I just have a craving to go out on an adventure.

The bitter cold is getting to me. I lotion my hands like a million times a day, or else they're white and dry. This weather takes some getting used to. On a good note, we've been having Tom come and work again lately. I can't rightfuly explain why, but I actually like to do farm chores when it's me and him. I don't usually like it enough to help every day all week :P, but for the most part I'm out there. I guess it's just nice to hang out and talk with him. The prospect of drifting from people next year is really beginning to freak me out, so I want to spend as much quality time with my friends that I can, now. I don't see Julie as much as I'd like to, and I haven't hung out with Jenna in months. I think I have some friendships to tend to.

It's going to be different this year. Usually my grandma makes a big deal over Christmas, and as an only grandchild, I definitely prosper, hahah. But this year things are hard. My grandma is nearly bedridden, confined to sleeping on the pull out sofa in the living room, unable to go outside, or even cook for herself. On good days, she's able to navaigate the one level of their house. But those are far and few between. I need to make seeing her, and my grandpa who has his own set of ailments, a priority. They could really use me, and I could learn alot from them while they're still here to tell their stories. I just need to slow down and think about these things, rather than letting everything pass me by. It's so hard to lasso in time and slow it down. It requires more focus than almost anything.
So anyways, that also translates into less of a big deal at Christmas time, which is perfectly fine with me. I don't need all of these materialistic items to be content. I still plan on buying gifts for people, I have ideas for almost everyone :). I think as you get older, more mature perhaps, the basis of Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Sure, I hope to get a couple things. Maybe a giftcard to a bookstore from my parents, or a homemade or inexpensive thing or two from my friends. But it doesn't matter that much to me, honestly. I'll be happy with anything I get. I can't lie, I miss the excitement that came with waiting for Santa. The holiday just lacks a certain magic without it.

Weekend to do.
* Search like mad for my missing digital camera in the hay mow.
* Write up physics lab reports so I can be passing again D:, complete take-home test.
* Work on my college applications.
* Spend time with the grandparents.
* Get some Christmas shopping done.
* Buy warm essentials for doing farm chores. My boots currently have holes in them, not helpful when trudging through the snow. I also need a better jacket.
* Use the treadmill.


Kaitlin said...

Haha, thanks. :) College prep school does this stuff to you.

I should probably check out that Jack Johnson album sometime. I never got around to it :P
The cold does take some getting used to. Chapstick and lotion are my best friends right now… And yeah, I hate drifting friendships :/ As long as you and your friends put in effort everything will turn out fine.
I always feel as if I should be spending more time with my grandma than I am. She lives so close by but I barely spend any time with her :/ Good luck on finding time!
It's so nice to see people's reactions after you buy them something that they really like.
Good luck with your to-do list! Have a great weekend! :)

Hannah said...

I feel the same way. I have school, I have homework, I have sleep. It's all just so mundane, and it's driving me insane :P We all need a good adventure that lasts longer than a few hours, it's all a matter of finding a way to find it.

I think my holidays will be different, too. My mom is tight on money from renovating and moving, and everything is really hectic. However, like you, I would be fine with a few things, and then gifts for others. I hate money, it always gets in the way of what this time of year is really about.

Your weekend sounds a bit like mine :P
Make sure to have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, the winter season has left me with cracked hands, chapped lips, and ashy elbows, and made me endure the worst of illnesses.

I know what you mean, my grandparent's bodies are beginning to slow down and they can barely do daily tasks. My grandmother is suffering from memory loss and so my grandfather has to prioritize his whole life around her, not having any time for anything else.

Good luck on finding your camera, finding a needle in a haystack, eh? And good luck finishing up your college apps and passing physics, they can be a real stressors.

Happy holidays!


natalie said...
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natalie said...

*Argh, typo... :P

Yeah, I feel really boring when getting into such a routine with everything, but I guess that's just the inevitable doldrums of winter, perhaps? :P And I definitely need to work on my friendships as well... right now my best friend is pretty much replacing me with someone else... so that's not too good :/

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma D: Unfortunately mine is pretty much the same way, and I feel so guilty when I can't go visit her because I have so much other crap to do.

Yeah, Christmas pretty much has lost all of the magic it once had for me too, which sucks, but at least it still feels great to watch someone's face light up when they open the present you gave them :)

Hope your weekend is going well!

Kaitlin said...

Although sometimes I am annoyed with how much work they throw on us and all, overall I am glad that I have it. College counselors will make the whole process so much easier.
When does your break start?

Allison said...

hey long time no talk eh?! How is life!? i feel like that alot. that i do the same thing over and over again

Helennn Louise said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma :( I hope everything is okay soon!

Um... Good luck searching for your camera and the rest of your to do list!!

Merry Christmas xx

shelbyisms. said...

I say we all run AWAY from the treadmills, goodness.

Kaitlin said...

Merry Christmas!!!!! :)