Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the New Semester Begins

Vacation is officially over, I'm sitting on my twin sized dorm bed, 4ft above the floor--which doubles as my workspace/desk on most evenings. I rode here with my dad during the noreastern storm yesterday, going about 30mph the entire way, it took over twice the time that it usually does to get there. I did a lot of reading :P.
It was nice to be re-united with Paige and Madiha though, I missed those girls. Today I had my first classes, Info Strategies and Growing Up in America. The first is a journalism class, the professor was wicked nice, I think I like her already. I liked my last journalism teacher, but I don't know.. he was kind of a hard ass, and I felt like I didn't meet up to his expectations--plus back then I was completely oblivious to current events. Like I failed multiple quizzes. It was an ongoing embarassment. I hope I've made atleast some improvement since then. But this woman seemed like she's really understanding and if I do start to have trouble, I think I'll be less intimidated to come to her than I was to ask him anything. Then the other class is an english class, that was acutally pretty interesting. We're going to be doing a lot of group activities. In the past I have found these to be annoying, but maybe it'll be better if I'm collaborating with college students, rather than the average Joe slacker in highschool.

First meal back at school, now I have to re-adjust to not having the luxury to just whip up whatever I want. Not that I could cook well anyways. The dining hall does have the best raspberry lemonade though, that's what's in my glass :).
I have a lot that I need to get done. I need to see the financial aid office and talk about my last bill, and discuss the loans I accepted from FAFSA or whatever--I'm so ignorant with financial stuff.. but since my parents are too, and they're too busy to learn, it's kind of on me to step up and get to know all that I can. I have to buy the rest of my books from this bookstore downtown. I need notebooks, groceries, and a brita from Walmart. I need to resume exercising..

I'm thinking about applying for a job. Here's how my schedule goes: Mondays and Wednesdays I'm done wth classes by 4:05. Tuesdays I'm done at 1:05, Thursdays aren't an option( 3 classes all spread out) and Fridays I'm done at 11:20. I feel like that leaves enough time for a job, like 3 days out of the week.. My parents think it's just proposterous that I'd want to take one on in addition to going to school.. but honestly, I could use having the extra cash flow, and I don't really start my homework until later in the evening anyways--that's just when I work best. Maybe I'm too confident in myself, maybe it's too much for me to handle.. but I feel like if it is, I could always just tell them that and quit. It's a perfectly fine excuse.. but if I could manage my time with it, I feel like it could be a good decision. If anything I'd just work a job in a store at the mall, which is just a 10 minute bus ride from the school. I don't want to work all of the time, I just don't want to feel like I'm always spending money without making any. I was at the mall today and asked the guy at EXPRESS if they were hiring, and he said that they were and gave me an application--so that's an option on the table. I was also thinking about Borders, I'd LOVE that.. but the girl didn't know if they were looking to hire anyone, and told me to apply online.. meh. We'll see, we'll see.
Why am I such a night owl? It's past the midnight mark now, and I'm still here, not really feelings that tired. Paige is so good about going to bed, she's over there asleep, and I feel bad for having a lamp on, and for continuing to clunk around on my keyboard. She swears that she'll sleep whether that stuff is on or not, but I can't help but feel bad. I need a booklight, I feel like that'd be better than keeping the lamp on my side on. Tomorrow is a new bunch of classes, I hope they're as good as the first two have been. I feel bad right about now though, I can't help but be paranoid that I'm keeping her up--and I've run out of things to update you all with, yeah, seems like a good spot to end it.

Yours truly,


Ali said...

GOOD LUCK on getting a job!!!! I've applied at about 40 different places, or more, and no one has called me back. So good luck to you, Olive!

I have to admit, that meal looks a little strange. BUT that lemonade looks yummy! :)

Your English class sounds good. That's the one with the lady teacher right? Sorry, I sort of forgot. But! She sounds nice and understanding. That's why I prefer lady teachers to men teachers most of the time.

Oh and I believe wholeheartedly that you can handle a job and school. However, if it DOES become too much, don't keep on doing it. I don't want you to be stressed and stuff!

Love ya Olive! <3 :D

Helennn Louise said...

Good luck with the new semester :)

And your teacher sounds great! I wish you luck and I know if I had to sit pop quizzes about what was going on around me I'd totally fail hands down so good luck on getting to know more.

You need to look for a small part time job and nothing too vigorous. My friend last year was cutting classes to work and lets just say, she'd didn't get the grades to return so please be careful!

Natalie said...

Mmm, raspberry lemonade sounds rather good right now. :) It sounds like your next semester is off to a good start to me! That's great that your teacher is more understanding and everything. I totally wish we had a journalism class at my school... But yeah, good luck with all of the financial stuff and everything!

Good luck with finding a job and everything! I think you could probably handle it, depending how much stress you're willing to handle, haha. ;P But that's right, you can always quit if it gets too much! And the extra money would always be helpful!