Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess what


Hahah. I seriously want to apologize for the lack of posting though :(. It's been pretty pathetic. The end of my spring break was just extremely concentrated with things to do, all at once. The beginning felt so chill and lengthy, but once I took off to Syracuse, things just got way too busy. I had plans with friends, people returning from Disney, AMANDA'S BIRTHDAY!!!, and wow. It was just too much :P.

Sooooo.. I swear there will be a decent post soon, with picture from the college visit, and interesting tidbits. I don't have time to do a nice post tonight though, so this is just a filler :). I have been trying to keep myself up to date with everyone's blog, and if I missed yours, I'm sorry. I just want things to fizzle out a little. Being back in school is no fun at all >:[. I did wear a dress today though, I'll post pictures eventually. Now onto English homework!

I hope everyone'is doing well and making the most of their week :)

♥ Olive


Wandering Child said...


Hate to say you missed a lot!

Allison said...

yea coming back after spring break is hard but we all gotta do it. dance is just ick. im right where everyone can see me ah!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Hey, glad you had a good week :)

N a t a l i e. said...

YES! I'm super happy to hear that you are alive and well (:

Syracuse! I don't really even know anything much about the place, but for some reason it just seems like somewhere I want to go to college. New York seems like it would be nice.

Happy belated birthday to Amanda! Coming back after spring break does suck :P And yay for dresses!

Have a good rest of the week/weekend (: