Sunday, April 5, 2009

Listen up, buttercup :)

This weekend has actually been fairly blogworthy :). Very busy indeed.
It commenced on Friday night, when I had to be involved in "Parent's Night Out". This would be the splendid occasion on which the National Honor Society, [yupp, that's me] volunteers to entertain the elementary for an evening. They break up into age groups and do different activities we organize within the school. I was the kindergarten captain, along with another boy in the club. I swear, events like this are the most effective forms of sex education. I heard SO many people my age say "Oh my god, I'm never having kids." throughout the night. It was pretty funny :P. WORD TO THE WISE; never EVER agree to give one child a piggy-back ride. By doing so, you sign an invisible contract to become the community horse. Suddenly every kid, including the hefty ones, demand a ride.

All in all, my kids weren't so bad though; kindergarteners + first graders are the typical cuties. Most of them were sweet. There was one exception though. She announced that she "likes to bite boys", and proceded to scratch up my partner's arm! Good thing I'm a girl :). Exhausted as I was upon finishing, the night was actually decent to me. Kids can be cute little critters. However, I don't plan on having them unless I'm definitely settled, in love with my husband, and completely ready to take on the responsibility. I'm not one of those girls who "JUST HAS TO HAVE EM". If I don't, I'll be perfectly okay. But we'll just have to see where the future leads me.
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[Just a cutesy couple that I caught a glimpse of in the village. Don't mind the quality, I was behind a window.]

1234, tell me that you love me more.

Saturday was wonderful :). Jenna drove Amanda, Julie, and me to this nice village 45 minutes away to look around and see a show. Our friends, "The Punk Trio", as we refer to them affectionately, have their own band. I believe I mentioned this with the fundraising dance. But anyways, they booked a gig with some other localish bands and we wanted to go. Before the show we bought RICE DREAMS, these delicious lactose intolerant icecreams. We get them from the organic grocery there. Then we walked to a few small shops and stopped in so Amanda and Jenna could get hot beverages at this upscale coffee shop. It was crowded though, so we made our way across the street to Borders to revel in the literary ambience. I bought a bargain book called "501 Must See Destinations". I love reading about intersting places, and the pictures were gorgeous. We couldn't stay long though because the show was about to start :).
What surprised me was the venue. I was expecting more of a club/bar type scene. I assumed there wouldn't be alcohol, but I figured it'd be in that sort of place anyways. But lo and behold, it was in an art center.

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We walked in and people were wandering around, admiring a collection of paintings. Wine was being sipped and cheese & crackers were being munched. I was like "Hm.. where are all the punk kids..?" Finally Cody, one of the bandmates, emerged and showed us how to get to the concert room in the building. I really did enjoy the art though. The paintings above are by the same guy, obviously, and his style caught my eye. Those two works were my favorite. I love artsy things. I cannot CREATE art, but I sure do appreciate it.

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Zero Climax put on a wicked awesome show. If you're into the punk genre, or atleast are open minded, I suggest checking them out :). The guys in the band are just great, you won't find anyone quite like them. Steve's the one with the mohawk, Jeff is Amanda's boyfriend, and the drumer. Then Cody is the shirtless one who plays bass :P. If you feel like checking them out, feel free to add them. They're a friendly group. ZEROCLIMAX. I don't mean to be all advirtisey, haha. I just think they deserve some recognition.
The rest of my bands weren't quite my style, but I stayed anyways. One of them really freaked me out, haha. They looked old, like in their fourties, and they screamed alot. The main thing I could make out was "LUCIFERRRR" D: hahaha. I'm basically an atheist, but it was still a bit strange to watch.. The singer like got on his knees and rolled his eyes back into his head and flipped off god, hahah. Mildly amusing to watch. I guess they have passion. I'm more into the punk and alternative scene. When I listen to heavy stuff, it has to be something unique. Like The Devil Wears Prada. I love the way the incorportate the keyboard into their music, and the instrumentals just are astounding in all of their songs. They scream though. I like them nevertheless, and I'll be attending their concert tomorrow evening with Zack.
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[The shirtless Codester]

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[hah, one of those lame finger stars. but look at our cool concert x's :P]

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[GUN SHOW! Hahah :). I look rather unattractive, but hey. It's a concert. Cut me some slack :P]

So in case you haven't picked up on it yet, my friends and I are utterly insane. We thought it'd be funny to tattoo phrases on biceps, such as "BANG - BANG" or "KA POW" I opted for "GUN - SHOW". Amanda picked "BERNIE - MAC" (RIP), and Julie chose "WHOOPIE - GOLDBERG" So obviously we didn't have tattoo needles and such, so we settled with sharpies :). Let's face it people, intermissions get to be a bore. After the show ended we went to Ben&Jerry's to end the evening. Cake batter icecream is delish. Then I went back to Julie's, played with her dwarf hamster, and watched season one of Lost until I got sleepy.

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start wearing purple ;)
Aren introduced me to that song, and I love it. Sunday morning was spent at Julie's, but she had somewhere to go with her dad, and I wanted to go shopping. After hanging out with the boys for awhile (Tom and his friends were working on his fort), I drove myself to town. I found a purple shirt, obviously, that I liked. So that's mine now, along with some sharpies and toiletries I needed. I hated spending as money as I felt like I did today, but whatever :P. I bought flip flops at Old Navy, 2 for $5.00, two scoopneck tshirts from DEB, $25 light blue chucks from Tj Maxx, and a new journal from Staples. I definitely needed more shoes. All I ever wear are my boots and the shoes Amanda made me, but I want to make them last as long as possible. And my current journal is nearly full, it was time to get a new one. Today was beautiful outside. It felt nice just driving around with myself, windows down, music up.
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please excuse the awkward/dumb expression :)
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oh wait, was I supposed to be looking at the road..?! :P
Just kidding folks, I was driving slow and attentively on a country backroad.

In regards to my last post, the dress dilemma has been solved! I called the place and spoke to a woman who knew what she was talking about. It should be in the week of the twentieth :), horray. And I'm glad you all like my blog as it is! However, I'll continue to try to add pictures and fun little tidbits as often as possible. I know text upon text can get tiring.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend :)
♥ Olive


James said...

Very long post. Wow. I just wow. Ahem, um, i... *blushes* never mind. Anyway, my favorite book is, too many. Lol. But my favorite childhood memory, was when I had a girlfriend and we kissed. I had friends, and I learned. It was a perfect time in my life.

N a t a l i e. said...

Hahaha, that's very true about crazy little kids serving as sex-ed. Although there are a few adorably innocent ones too, those are just the greatest [; And hahaha about the "hefty" ones! :D

Ooooh, the punk band music venue whatever thingy haha sounds like it was a lot of fun! Zero Climax sounds like a good name for a band. I don't know, I don't really enjoy all that screamo kind of stuff. It just sounds like, well... screaming haha. I guess I just like to be able to sing along hehe [; I love your tattoos too :D

LOST! Yaaay I love it. It's always nice to get new stuff shopping... I remember when you posted a picture of those amazing shoes too! They're pretty darn awesome. And yaay about the dress dilemma being solved, hip hip hooray! I'm glad everything worked out with it [:

Have a great week!

Hannah said...

Hahaha my brothers are sex-ed for me. I'm holding off as long as possible :P

Oooh a show at an art center?? How neat! I bet it was really interesting the art they had displayed anddd hearing good music (besides the creepy ones, of course :P)

Ooooh Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello?? I dig it :D It makes me happy, even if it does have a strange feel to it. Hahah


Jocelyn said...

I love crashing that artsy scene it always makes me feel more... cultured! Don't you think?

I am so glad that you mentioned getting ice-cream because that reminded me that I still have my strawberry shortcake ice cream bar in the freezer that I bought, but never ate! That just made my day a little better, so thanks!

I love the fake tatoo's I had a redneck night with my sorority and we all had fake tatoos, good times, I hope that she sharpie came off!

I love dwarf hampsters! They are so soft but I really want a sugar glider, that's one of my dream pets!

I hate spending money, I always feel like guilty. That's why I only buy things when I can't escape them. Like new underwear, or shoes, or things like that.

Anyway, I am glad that you had a good weekend! And I am glad that you're dress situation worked out!

Hope you're doing well Olivia!

Wandering Child said...

The second/or third picture looks like a bunch of adam savages.

Like I said to Helen, I'm friends with most of his friends. And I have told him that I don't appreciate being called all that stuff (thing is I'm afraid of sounding really whiny so I just let him do it, which is part of the problem). I guess if it's meant to be it'll all turn out on its own.

Annie said...

cute post! I like the color of your shoes, haha.

Ugh, I haven't posted in forever. I suck at blogging!


Christina Celeste. said...

Haha! Olive, you make me laugh with your stories. Honestly. If only I had a life as good as yours, socially...

enough sulking! I'm not much of a concert person, but volunteering at that event is my type of thing! I love kids, really, I even plan to be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up, as well as a few other ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. You look adorable in purple!


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Helloooo. I really like your blog and couldn't help but smile at the excitement that has been described in this post :)

Sounds like a good day and I bet it was hell to wipe that ink off your arms because it's designed to stay!

Roxy Motion said...

pahaha. "gun show" i'm going to have to do that sometime.

i agree about the kids... to a point, since there are some people who just love kids no matter what. i do not happen to be one of those people. lol.

Kaitlin said...

Haha, they always make us older kids go do arts and crafts with the little kids at our school -- everyone hates it, including the little ones.

The concert sounds really cool -- I like your tattoo :P

Converse are the greatest shoes ever. Glad your dress situation got worked out!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Ah, only a few more washes and the sharpie wll be gone :)

And you live in New York which makes me completely envious! Definitly a place on my hitlist when I start my dreams of traveling :)


James said...

Damn dial up! It is evil! Now, how have you been doing? Talk talk!

Nicole Linette said...

That concert with your friends sounds amazingg. Art, ice cream, tats and all :). GAH, my parents suck so of course I wouldn't be able to go anywhere to an alternative art gallery and scream to punk music with punk kids. I'm shaking my head right now.

I love your purple shirt! And all your pictures are great. Haha, I think my friend has the same camera as you!

That's cool that you already know you want kids :) Hahaha, stuff like that, I really try to be patient ... though it just reaffirms how little I actually have XP. I don't know, I always say I won't be having kids. Who knows!