Thursday, April 30, 2009

Candlelit Study

This week has been moderately, okay actually super stressful for me. Junior Prom is May 16. I'm still awaiting the shipment of my dress, which WILL need alterations, we just found out tickets to prom are $75, and now some of my classmates want to ditch the lodge we booked and move prom to school instead. I'm really not thrilled by any of this.

So as a last minute attempt to save us from epic fail, I, along with some other classmates, have been trying to organize a carwash/bakesale for the weekend. You see, our town has an annual garage sale. So we figure since that's this weekend, it'd be opportune for us to try to raise some money to lower the whopping price of tickets. Last year the prom was on a boat, but it cost $35, ONLY $35 for their tickets. Ours isn't going to be nearly as nice, yet it costs double. Yay for having a lazy class who refuse to ever participate :. But, if this whole weekend thing works out, I'll let you know how it goes. I think way too much of our earnings are being stowed away towards after prom, since hardly anyone is attending it. I understand we have to offer one, but if only a fourth or less of our class will be there, what's the point of spending a large sum of money on it? My mind has been on a whirlwind trying to process all of this information, and even more details I won't even venture in to. Let's just say this whole thing is stressful to the max.

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Our power went out Tuesday, so I got kind of thrown off track with blogging. It did give me the opportunity to light some candles and work on my homework :). Like fifteen minutes into that though, my dad turned on the generator so he could finish milking the cows. So I wasn't in the dark for long, but I felt like taking a picture of my little candlelit study anyways. Because let's face it, the power was out, and I was bored :P.

So I overestimated how long it would take me to post, and it's past eleven. I need to take care of some assignments, and head off to sleep :). I really will make a better effort to post more often, I'm nearing my 100th post!


n a t a l i e said...

Our prom is May 15th. We get to not have school that day, so my friends and I are going to Kennywood that day :D

Waittt, what?! You're still waiting for your dress? What the heck! I'm going to give that store a piece of my mind D:< And whoa, prom tickets are expensive! They're like $60 here I think. But wait, only like 1/4 of the people go? Almost everyone here goes... weird!

Good luck with your car wash/bake sale! It sounds like a good idea, I hope you makes lots of money. I'll steal the car and bring it to your car wash so that I can give you some (: Don't get too stressed out!

I hate when the power goes out when I have to watch Lost or something, but other than that I actually like just reading by candlelight sometimes haha.

Ooh, happy almost-100th post :D Mine was a while ago, but I kind of forgot about it and missed it :P

Have a good weekend (:

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Oh your prom is so close! Mine isn't 'til the end of June. I'm debating if $75 is steep in pounds, anyone know?

Ah, now that is a unique way to study, isn't it :)


Hannah said...

Our prom is this weekend, but I have no idea how much the tickets are.
Sheesh, $75??? Holy mackerel. Oooh having it on a boat must have been uber fun! That's really a neat idea :D

I hate it when the power goes out, but I love lighting candles and doing something productive with my time. It seems like you get more done when there's no electricity, eh?


Aren Becks said...

I think our tickets are about sixty this year. That sucks about the arrangements being changed for Prom. Our power went out last winter a lot but luckily we had our generators on hand. I'm nearing my 100th post as well! Three more to go! XD

Nicole Linette said...

Ugh my mother refuses to let me use candles.. mainly because I can't light matches very well and she thinks I'd burn the house down. Cool? Haha they give such a nice ambience.

Jeez, it sounds like you're in a real rut for prom ... we had soo many doubters about having it at school, but once they arrived, it stunned them and all the stress and labor was worth it. $75 IS kind of expensive for a ticket, so good luck with the fundraisers. You guys will pull it off now that people are panicking and realizing, "OMG! This could effect me?" Unfortunately, that's how thigns tend to go.

I hope your dress comes sooon! I'd probably be wiggin' out. But you're going to look stunning :D


n a t a l i e said...

Oh! I'm sorry, I guess forgot that not everyone knows what Kennywood is, haha :P But you are correct, it's an amusement park near here. That should be fun (:

I really hope your dress makes it in time, or else... And oh, okay, I guess I missed the afterprom part, that makes more sense now, haha :P But wow, yay! $241 is awesome :D

I hope the rest of your weekend goes awesomely too!

Hannah said...

I tagged you, dear!