Sunday, April 12, 2009

update time!

let's get down to business.
to defeat--the Huns. Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?
Hahah, sorry. I couldn't refuse the Mulan reference.

Seriously though, my updating has been horrendous. I don't even know how I let the time escape me. The past week of school was mainly devoted to finalizing my research paper and catching up on things, so I guess there just wasn't anything interesting to blog about. Plus towards the end I felt like I was coming down with something, so I combatted my fatigue with extra hours of sleep and gulps of orange juice. Worked like a charm :).
spring break is finally here!
I know many of you have already undergone this much needed vacation, but mine is just beginning. It's kind of depressing though without Julie and Jenna. It's just me and Amanda. There's nothing wrong with just us, obviously :P, but it's super awesome when the whole crew is here. Oh, I never even mentioned where Julie and Jenna are...DISNEYWORLD. Senior trip. Everyone in my school seems to have flown the coop to Florida, it's crazy. New York is currently too cold for my liking.

Saturday morning Amanda and I left to drive an hour & 1/2 to a ballroom dancing competition Shayla was competing in :). Until this point I had never been a spectator at this sort of thing, but let me tell you--- it's incredible. I was so intrigued by it. The grace and rhythm that has to be struck between the partners must take so much effort and practice. I kind of want to learn how to do these dances though. Maybe I'll sign up for dance lessons somewhere.. :) If I get brave. Seeing Shayla was really nice, I've missed her. She's such a wonderful friend to me, and I'm so impressed by how she's learned to dance and everything. It was cool hanging out with her family too, because they're all so nice and supportive. We must have hugged twenty times before I could tear myself away and head back home :P. It was rediculous.

happy easter!
From your friendly blogging atheist :P. Hahah. Nah, my personal beliefs/mindsets don't really intervene with my ability to celebrate traditions. Today was spent over at Grandma's, decorating easter eggs with Amanda :). Since I'm the only "child" in the family, it was just us and my parents participating in the two-room easter egg hunt my Grandma always puts together. It's cute how she still does things like this. It must be funny though, watching grown men and women scrounge their tiny house for little chocolate eggs. But hey, that's just us. It was good spending time with Amanda though, we hung out for most of the day. Just the two of us, like old times. It was a pleasant deja vu :).

I realize you're all really intelligent people, so this may not sound impressive to you :P, but that's okay. I've been really working hard towards getting good grades, and my report card came.. ninety-seven is my current average :):)!! I have never gotten an overall grade that high. Usually it's in the lower nineties. I'm afraid it won't stay that high though.. Because in History we now have a student teacher, who confuses me a little, and I messed up my last test because the review bingo sheet she gave us to study had little to do with the content of the test. I guess I'll just have to keep working hard.

I'm not sure if I'll make a post before I leave for Syracuse.. So if I don't, I probably won't be blogging for a few days. But I'll try to return with interesting things to talk about :).

♥ Olive


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Ah, I'll have that song in my head forever now, thanks (:

I love watching Ballroom dancers. I sit and stare like a child in a candy store, always feel envious because I have two left feet and will never manage to look as graceful, lol

Well done on your high grade (:

Have fun in Syracuse!

N a t a l i e. said...

Haha, I started singing that song today when I was trying to make my schedule for next year :D Mulan is beast.

I'm glad you beat your sickness before it even happened, thats the way to do it!

Yay for spring break! Mine did just end, hehe. That sucks that your stuck at home, but I hope you can still have some fun [: People from my school took a trip to Disney too!

Ooh, ballroom dancing sounds cool. I've never seen it in person, only on So You Think You Can Dance, but I'm sure that it's not quite the same ;]

I'm not really religious (okay, well pretty much not at all really) but I still enjoy celebrating traditions and stuff too! Why not, I mean... when there's chocolate involved? :D

Congrats on your 97%, that's amazing! Keep it up hehe. And have a wonderful spring break!

Nicole Linette said...

Heyyy Olive! Happy be-lated Easter to you as well :D Hahaha "you're friendly blogging atheist". And Mulan! Oh jeez, make as many references as you want, it's GREAT!

Ughh, the weather is awfully decieving. I'm getting tan in 35 degrees and slicing wind. That's really cool you get to hang out with Amanda and watch Shayla compete (ballroom dancing sounds amazing), but I'm jealous of your friends on senior trip too!

Ahh, I'll be around the Syracuse area too tomorrow! I'm visiting Hamilton College. Have a nice time =)


Nicole Linette said...

I forgot..

Congratualtions on your stellar report card!! XD Oh my gosh, that is sooo good! haha and it's okay to slip a little. History can be lameee.

♥, nicole.

Nicole Linette said...

What the heck.

* congratulations.

Gahh, that would have bothered me if I hadn't fixed it XP

They Just Call Her Helen said...

The legal age is eighteen but there are silly side rules like you can drink in the house at 14, drink in a restaurant with an adult at 15 and from then on with a meal you can drink alone. Pretty weird.

If me and Davidd had been caught with the alcohol in the park we'd have both been in trouble because I'm a miner and he was "supplying". My parents would have been fined and he given community service or something.

Thankfully we've never been caught and its not long 'til my eighteenth, lol.

Hannah said...

Hahahah Happy Easter to you too, dear :P
Even if it's just a day full of chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and plastic grass, it's still a blast to celebrate :)

Yay for Spring Break! Mine sucked, but it sounds like yours isn't too bad :D Just make the most of it and have as much fun as possible before going back to school ;)

I LOVE MULAN! I remember dancing around my living room singing at the top of my lungs "WHOOOO IS THE GIIIIRL I SEEEE..." ;P
I wish I had that one on tape.


Allison said...

Yes sadly spring break has come and gone and it has been really hard getting up at 6 in the morning again. I personally didn't do anything for Easter so what you did was a thousand times better. You live in New York? i've always wanted to go there..

Kaitlin said...

Congrats on your report card!

Ah, I love spring break. It's been warm here this week though. Speaking of which, I live in Syracuse! So I guess you're pretty close to me right now. :) Enjoy your visit. What are you doing around here?

Aren Becks said...

Mulan is by far the best Disney movie, with the Lion King and Aladdin rounding it off. Florida is where I went for Spring Break. xD Michigan was far too cold and I had to break out into some shorts or I would combust! For Easter I helped plant eggs at my local park for the Easter egg hunt. Have fun in Syracruse! Take care!

James said...

Darn evil history teacher doing that! Ur average is still in the 90s and thats pretty good! And curse that darn dial up u need to see it!
Im doing ok, and Science and such is really hard to decide on. But on ur blog post, U will get to go to that class hopefully! Eventually! And ur an athiest, and that makes me like you even more! :D and I think thats all! :D

Kaitlin said...

I like living here. I mean, in comparison to other places I imagine it seems boring, but I guess I'm pretty easily entertained. There are cool stores and restaurants, a good mall, and we even get decent concerts sometimes. :P I actually live really close to the university, so I hang out around there sometimes.

and thanks! hope you have a good week :)

Allison said...

really? this might sound a bit rude but don't take it that way! so do you have like chickens and cows and stuff on your farm or do you guys just do crops or do you just live on a farm?

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Exactly! Girr, its annoying when people say things like that. It's good I know how to just grin and bear it, lol

Thanks for commenting x

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Olive!

Haha, glad you appreciate my Paint skillz ;D I made my friends laugh a lot when I showed them my iPod with those pictures.

Syracuse is a great place to start! I went there on a field trip back in January... that experience for me was horrendous because of 3 feet of snow and the zero degree temperature, but the campus was gorgeous nonetheless. They have a strong reputation with strong foreign language programs to match, yet it's a bit large for me ... I'm thinkin' eight thousand is the largest number of undergrads I could handle. It's really annoying too, because I want diversity and to gain a new perspective/experience in college, but I can't force myself too far out of the comfort zone ... I've come to appreciate that "community" atmosphere.

I feel like you've mentioned this before, but did you say you're wanting to venture into the medical field? So sorry if I'm off :P Oh, and where else are you looking to visit? I went to Hamilton, SUNY Binghamton, then St. Lawrence (which I lovvvved).

And your answer to the 'thought-provoking' question was perfect!! That would be the life, certainly one lived without regrets. I absolutely agree with you.

Alright, I'll shut up now o.O
nicole =)