Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hellooo, summer :)

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It's finally here, and it feels incredible.
Seriously, it has felt like eons just waiting for testing to be done, especially while most of you ended way before me, hahah. Well, I'll be the one laughing when you start class in August ;P, and I get to wait for September. But I will not mention the start of school again, I'll just push that grim thought aside for a couple of months.

The free spirit of the weekend has been good to me :). Waking up Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to take a drive to Barnes&Nobles, Forever 21, and the nice downtown area in that region. Of course I contacted Amanda and Julie to join me on this expedition. So we drove for 45 minutes(yes, getting to cool places takes THAT long for me), and stopped at the mall. I bought a hippie-esque peacock design shirt pictured below. Groovy, no? Hahah. Sometimes I think I'm stuck in the wrong time period :P, take me back to the 60's/70's! After that it was B&N, where I purchased On the Road,Jack Kerouac, GOD- the failed hypothesis, by Victor J. Spenger,because it was a bargain, and seemed interesting. Lastly I got a volume of Sherlock Holmes stories, I think they're interesting. That was also on sale :). I wanted to buy My Sister's Keeper, or the first couple of Christopher Fowler books from the Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery series. However, they were all PAPERBACK, and I cannot stand those :(. I do have paperback books, but as time has progressed I've discovered I'm much fonder of good, reliable hardcover books. It annoys me endlessly when the cover of the book curves upward and away from the rest of the book :. Atleast the On the Road cover was durable, it was paperback, but it was thick enough for me to tell that it would remain in tact, and I wouldn't have the urge to allow a steamroller to plow over it to fix the cover. Major pet peeve, I guess :P.
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Downtown was wicked cool. Where I live, "town" consists of a post office, small bank, gas station, the school, and a tiny library that is open for two hours, two days a week. Lame? Yes. So it's nice to be able to go to a more city-like area, where there's boutiques, restaurants, a park, and just a whole lot to do. One funny thing we noticed were all of these Andre the Giant stickers, on like EVERY streetsign/crossing walk pole. I forgot what they said, I think it might've been "Andre has a possee". Julie and Amanda peeled a couple off. I should've taken pictures of them, but alas, I failed :P. So then we walked around checking things out and talking. Next time we go, I'll try to photograph and document the whole thing better. After getting ricedreams from the organic store, we wandered back to my car and drove back home. On the way Julie had the idea to stop at this bar&grill place she usually goes with her friend Ben, to play pool. So we just went in and bought a couple of games, which I lost terribly. Figures, since it was my loose change that paid for it, hahah. Oh well, it was fun :). Afterwards we got the idea to set up my pool table in the basement so we could "practice". But something's wrong with one of the legs or whatever, supporting it. I need to have my dad fix it, or something. We had fun at my house anyways, sneaking across the road and up the hill to spy on the heifers. For those who aren't agricultural experts, heifers are cows who have not calved yet, and therefore don't produce milk. Anyways, we snuck up behind the herd, and eventually noticed us, and stared for awhile, until a few of them decided to come towards us, resulting in the whole group coming, so we ran like crazy, thinking we would be stampeded :P. However, they did not come far, so we regrouped and went in for round two, with a little more confidence. After a little tough-talk, they moved in on us again, and we made a dash for the barbed wire fence. We escaped with plenty of time to spare, cows really aren't that quick, and they lose interest easily. Still, it was fun :D. We spent the rest of the evening talking in my hay mow about life.
Sunday morning I slept until 45 minutes of when I was scheduled to work. Nottt good, haha. I grabbed a quick shower, skipped breakfast, and rushed out of here. The park was super packed, but the store wasn't busy at all. I think it was because since it was a big lacrosse tournament, and there were plenty of vendors to buy merchandise from. I enjoyed work though. JoAnne, my second grade teacher, works with me, and we talk quite a bit. I told her that I've never been to New York City, because my parents are unfamiliar and terrified of urban areas, haha. Anyways, she said it might be possible to come along with her and another teacher she's friends with, sometime :D. I guess they take a visit down there every once in awhile, and they just might go down this summer. That would be incredible. I want to see the city so bad.
Once I was home from work I had the urge to soak up the nice weather and get some exercise. This time I decided to leave Candy at home, and go armed with plastic bags and my ipod. Every time I walk on my road, I notice how disgustingly littered it is, and I can't stand it. On a stretch of 1 or 1.5 miles one way, 2 or 3 total trip, I accumulated FOUR target bags full of trash >:/. How can people be so inconsiderate of the enviornment? This is our planet, every piece of garbage is like a drop of poison.
It felt good to alieviate some of that, though. I know it wasn't much, but atleast it was something. I didn't get every piece I'm sure, and a piece or two I left until later maybe, because they were down in the ditch farther than I wanted to venture, and soaked. I'm still not over my fear of snakes, and I'm pretty sure one was moving near me when I was snatching a styrofoam coffee cup D:. That wasn't enough to stop me though, I trudged onward, hahah. Maybe I'll make a routine of doing this every Sunday, or every other one. Afterwards I just threw the bags in our waste receptacle, and washed my hands reaaaall good, haha. Honestly I just wish I could erect a billboard on my road saying something along the lines of; "HEY, SCUMBAGS. THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL TRASHCAN." Of course, that's a little mean, haha. But I highly discourage littering. Why not wait until you get home..? I just think it's infuriating :P. I mean, accidents happen. I've had my windows down, and tiny things have blown out before, and I felt bad. But seriously, I don't see why people feel like they have the right to huck their McDonalds bag of junk out into the ditch, or their baby's filthy diaper. Luckily I didn't find any of those today.. haha.

Happy Father's Day, people. I hope you enjoyed it :). I worked most of today, and then my dad was busy. But I went out and bought a small cake, and a card which I promised inside to take him out to dinner whenever he has the time to get away. I also went over to visit the Grandparents, and give my Grandpa his card :)

Tomorrow I must go back to the school[ eww :P], and let them take my senior picture. I wanted myself or Amanda to do it, but my mom insists that I atleast have to taken "professionally", for backup. I guess that isn't a bad idea :P. So I'll go in around 1:45, 2:00ish for that. Otherwise, tomorrow's up in the air. I'll find something to do, I hope. Tuesday Amanda, Julie, and I plan to go for a bicycle ride. A 20 mile or so one, to be exact. What in the world are we getting ourselves into?! I'm not even sure if my tires have air in them, I'll have to check. We shall see :).

Amanda gave me a giftcard for Forever21 for my birthday last weekend. I'm contemplating spending it on these...
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Well, as always, have a superfantastic week :)
♥ Olive


n a t a l i e said...

Pshhh :P Wel.. maybe I wanted to go back to school earlier than you! Yeah... totally :P Haha but yes, no more speaking of the dreaded start of school!

Man... I wish I could drive, then I wouldn't be stuck at home all freaking day. But yeah, getting anywhere good takes like 45 minutes for me too :P I love the peacock shirt! And you should definitely read My Sister's Keeper, although I agree that paperbacks can be annoying and flimsy.

Our "town" seems kind of like yours, except it has a bunch of small stores and little cafe things which I have no idea how they manage to stay open with about one paying customer every two weeks. But it sounds like you guys had a great time :D Almost being stampeded by the heiffers and whatnot hahaha. And that would be absolutely awesome if you could go to NYC!

Yay for you for cleaning up the environment! FOUR whole bags? That's ridiculous! I don't see how people can be so lazy as to not be able to throw their trash in a trash can rather than the road. I remember my neighbor's trash can blew over in a storm and all of the after-Christmas contents flew into our yard and all over the neighhborhood, but they didn't even bother to pick any of it up. So I had to do it :P SOME PEOPLE!

My dad was busy for Father's Day too.... good luck taking a b-e-a-utiful senior picture, I'm sure it will turn out fabulous! And the 20 mile bike ride sounds rather daunting, but fun :D And ooh, I love that dress!

Have a great week too :)

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Well that dress is simply gorgeous. I love it! And do believe you should spend your money on it.

Have fun at the senior picture thing. Pose and then it's all over.

Have a good week x

Kaitlin said...

Yay for summer! :)
I really like the shirt you got, and that dress you might buy!
Paperback books annoy me as well, but I've learned to suck it up because they're so much less expensive.
Sounds like you had a good time with your friends and the cows and all! :P
I hate how people litter so carelessly. It really isn't that difficult to find a trash can...
Have fun on your bike ride, and have a good week! :)

Hannah said...

Oh, wow, I bet it feels incredible (that's what she said) that summer's here for you!!
And, yes, starting at the beginning of August is going to suck majorly for us, and beginning in September will be epic for you all!

One main thing I can't wait for with my license is being able to drive to B&N whenever I want :P That's probably the major thing I'll use it for. We all know it's true ;D
My bookcase has a blend of both hardcover and paperback books. It irks me a bit, but I just get whatever I can take. Paperbacks are the most convenient because of their price, but hardcovers are more lovely to look at and last longer. I'm not sure which I prefer.

Sadly, I've been known to litter from time to time. Not a lot, and not large things (like a lolly wrapper or such). Yet, like you said, it's still not the right thing to do. I think it's great that you do care so much for the environment :)
More people need to be involved.


katie said...

On The Road is one of my favourite books. Strange how I prefer paperbacks... Easier to transport. I like to stuff three or four paperbacks in a rucksack, swing it over my shoulder and ride my bike to a big field. And read, all day. I don't like the flimsy little paper covers on hardbacks either. I always seem to lose them!


Helennn__Louise said...

She is a weird cookie that sister of mine, lol. And no moment goes uncaptured when I have my camera :L

BTW, that dog in the photo is extremely cute. I might dognap it :)