Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, it's June.

It's crunch time right now, the last full week before exams and regents. Everything is stressing me out, especially receiving the topics that we need to know for our Chemistry final :/, I'm afraid I might just fail it, hardcore, along with the regents. Atleast I can take comfort from looking at a calandar and knowing that in approximately 2.5 weeks, this will all be over. I will be on summer vacation :).

It's just human nature.
I have come to the conclusion that we are taught most of the things that we fear. As I was trudging along a highway picking up litter for Honor Society, I wandered onto a grassy patch on a fork in the road, and winded up jumping back nearly three feet, along with a pathetic, girly scream. The cause; a simple grass snake. If you asked me about snakes I would not say I hated them, they were disgusting, or anything of the sort. But when one takes me by surprise I react with sheer terror. I believe the reasoning behind this originated when I was a little girl. I spent most days next door with my Grandmother. In the winter we built snowmen and went sledding, in the fall she brought me trick or treating to her friends houses, and in the spring we would plant flowers and make tunnels for my toy dogs in my big, turtle-shaped sandbox. In the summer we played crochet, swam in my three feet high pool, and kept our eyes wide open for snakes. Whenever she would see one, she would be frightened and want them gone as soon as possible. Therefore, I never cared much for them. Something about the swiftness by which they moved just startled me too much, and I never really got myself accustomed to their presence.
This is pretty unimportant in my situation, but it sparked my train of thought. If I was so easily influenced to fear a harmless grass snake, how simple is it for someone to convince another to fear or hate another human being, or a group of human beings. People, especially as children, are so delicate and simple to persuade. Our traits rub off on eachother, leaving a pleasant or foul scent remaining, depending upon the nature of how we were influenced. Sometimes, people can bring out the absolute best in us. If our parents are supportive in us and the choices we choose to make, that can make a wonderful difference in our lives. Or if we mingle with others who try to crush our morals and pressure us into doing things we normally would never consider, we can make a change on the negative end. Discrimination can also infest itself in this way. When people are raised to think of another race, ethnicity, gender, or orientation to be insuperior, it is very possible that the person will grow up clinging to those unfortunate beliefs because it is what he or she knows. We are taught what to love, what to fear. Along with age and maturity, we have the opportunity to take what we have been told and taught, and apply it to who we want to be. Ultimately, the choice is ours. I think a goal of mine this summer will be to lose my fear of snakes.

life update, i suppose. :)
This weekend was basically a blur to me. I spent Saturday and Sunday working, on my feet all day, but it'll be worth it when I receive my paycheck. I actually really do enjoy my job. I like having a supervisor that appreciates my desire to read when things are going slow, and everything in the store is tidy :). Of course I don't see there nose-in-book when it's obvious tasks could be done.. But it's cool being able to pick up a nice read when I have everything taken care of.
Sunday after work I did the whole roadside cleanup that I talked about. It felt good to do good. People who litter make me slightly mad. I'm sorry, but exactly how difficult is it to keep wrappers or paper cups in your vehicle until you get to your next destination. Wherever you are headed more than likely has a trashcan. Why is it so necessary to throw your stupid, non-biodegradable JUNK out of your car window?! I just don't get how come people are so lazy. I felt pretty cool though, wearing the bright neon yellow vest and hardhat though, hahaha. So badass. After that was done and over with, I drove myself to Julie's to get ready for a concert.
I decided to go because she had an extra ticket since her sister couldn't go, and I also didn't feel like it would be right to let one of my best friends go off to a concert venue with a bar, all by herself. That just isn't what friends do. There was a backyard show at Steve's house featuring local bands, along with his band Zero Climax, which I posted about before. I wanted to see it badly, but I decided to go with Julie. I was glad that I did though, we had a great time. Honestly, all but two of the bands basically sucked, haha. This one, Crashing Funerals, wasn't too bad. They were screamo, but they atleast made things fun by placing remixes and interacting with the crowd. Then Walls of Jericho just surprised the hell out of me when their lead singer, a girl who doesn't appear to be butch-like, screamed with the same tone as the men. It was strangely awesome, haha. Julie and I mainly mocked and laughed at all of the crazies around us. There were some pretty out of control characters there, I'll tell you what. Atleast a group of our guyfriends showed up there, so we had some people to associate with.
The worst band was this group of heavy, hairy men who screamed a whole lot. The only song I remember was introduced as "This goes out to all the freaking EMOS out there.." Then the song started and all I could make out was the singer saying "SISSY PANTS SISSY PANTS BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH" It was ridiculous, but made me laugh out of stupidity. Another one of their songs was called "I F***ed Your Mom. Charming, eh? We winded up leaving the concert early, but we did manage to get alot of good laughs out of the whole thing. We also chose our Yearbook cover after school today, it's pretty cool. I was appointed Editor in Cheif, too :D, woohoo!

A bit of bad news is the recent release of two of my cats from the house :/. For nearly two consecutive weeks one of the kitties was leaving messes on our living room chairs, even after we began to cover them in plastic. The occasional mess has never been a real issue, but when it became so frequent, my mom understandably got upset. First she let our youngest, most wild cat go, thinking it may be his doing. He's currently out making friends with the farm cats that hang around on our porch, and we leave food out for them. He seems to be adapting with ease. However, after we let him out, a mess appeared all over again, and when I picked up the only cat in the room at the time, my fat little Toby, his tummy was wet. Yuck :/, I was not amused. But it became obvious that it was him causing all of these problems, so my parents let him go outside while I was at school. Unfortunately, we haven't seen him since :/. I wish I could have seen him before we let him out, because now I don't feel like I'll ever see him again. The whole thing is sad, especially since Toby's been a house cat for so long, but I mean, it's understandable. We can't clean up messes every single day, and there wasn't any other real option besides euthanisia, and that would have been awful, too. I'll keep you guys informed if he returns from his adventures, but I' am kind of doubting that he will.

Okay, let's move on from being so depressing..haha.

Spin out of control.
Has anyone else noticed that people appear to de-evolutionize in the presence of hardcore music? Julie and I were just standing against the bar, watching these people hunch over, throwing punches and spinning around. Suddenly the video image of a nature flick with gorillas interacting in a jungle popped into my mind and I could hear monkey screams in the background. After that moment, the resemblence was too striking for me to get over :P. People in mosh pits just release all of their reservations and go wild, like beasts. I swear most of them have no idea where they headed when they start spinning around. I always jump back a few feet whenever I see someone "in the zone" of moshing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting lost in music and being inspired. I just can't see how people allow themselves to become so animalistic about it, especially to the point where you seriously injure someone and don't care, or even notice. I just think people should be aware of their surroundings while they're letting themselves go. So I'm not against moshing or anything, just against people becoming animals. Like this big, jacked guy punched my friend's little brother in the ear at a previous concert. This kid was like, twelve, compared to this grown man. I was so disgusted by that. And it would also help to not hunch over and make yourself look like a primate, because I am going to laugh at you. :)

OHMYGOD, The Wallflowers are coming in July! I'm excited to see them :D. I love 'One Headlight' and 'Josephine' by them.

It's getting late, and I really don't have much more to say. Sorry for
the lack of pictures, but my computer was going too slow and was
trying my patience way too much. So eh, just boring type this time.
I should be getting up to date with comments on everyone's blog soon,

♥ Olive


They Just Call Her Helen said...

I'm sure the teaching someone to hate something is known as operant conditioning or maybe Classical... we did learn in psychology but I failed the paper TWICE (can you see why) but it showed us how easy it actually was to influence someones fears and stuff... psychologists had WAY too much time on their hands :/

I have a huge thing about litter. Davidd tries to throw things out the car of his window ALL THE TIME and I get radged because there is no need. I'm the kind of person who will carry rubbish until I find a bin or get home. Biggest pet hate... people who spit gum out onto the floor... That stuff doesn't lift people!

And I'm sorry to hear about your cats. I'm sure Toby will turn up soon. When he gets hungry.

Kaitlin said...

You're completely right about the fear thing. I mean, some fears, such as the fear of heights, are just stuck in us naturally. However, that mainly results from a fear of pain or death, I suppose. It's kind of interesting. Samurai in medieval Japan were raised from birth being told that they were going to die in battle someday. It was inevitable, and they learned not to fear it -- they just had to accept it. So I guess we maybe DO learn everything.

Haha, the concert sounds fun! People in mosh pits can get pretty wild. I've never been to a concert with a most pit, but at our school dances I always seem to end up in the middle of a bunch of older guys throwing themselves around to "Chop Suey!" Even then, it's rare that someone doesn't get at least a bit hurt. People should be more aware =/

Aww, that's sad about your cats. Hopefully Toby will turn up soon.

Good luck with all of your end-of-school stuff! :)

n a t a l i e said...

Our chemistry final was... okay. It was the damn multiple choice that I hated. I swear we never even learned half the stuff that was on there! What's the kinetic energy of a hydrocarbon blah blah blah? I DON'T KNOW, YOUR MOM?! Blergh. Good luck with yours!

A few of my friends are completely mortified by snakes... I remember I almost stepped on one of the poisonous ones when I was little, but I don't remember the name... I'm sort of used to them after having to untangle them from the netting over the tomato plants every summer, but I admit that if I see one I'll definitely take a step or two back :P

Oh my gosh. People that litter infuriate me too! Just walking in my neighborhood, I picked up an empty package of sunflower seeds, an empty bread bag, and a plethora of gum wrappers. Seriously, how hard is it to use a trash can?! SHEESH!

Your vest and hard hat do sound pretty darn awesome :D It sounds like you had fun at the concert show thingy, even if a lot of the bands weren't really that good haha. The hairy men singing about sissy pants emos sound HILARIOUS bahahaha :D And about the mosh pits, people are just freaks. That's all there is to it, haha. The gorilla scene you were imagining reminds me of the parts of the movie Mean Girls where she imagines everyone attacking each other like wild animals...

Congrats about getting editor in chief of the yearbook! You do everything, don't you hehe? :) And awww, that's so sad about your kitty cat :/ I hope that he makes his way home soon... if the animals in Homeward Bound could do it from a million miles away, he can too!

Enjoy the rest of your book! Wait, why did I just say book... WEEK! :)

Annie said...

I'm so sorry! I've been so busy and have had no time for blogger! So I decided to catch up on you blog now that I'm on summer break.

You were prom queen? That's so awesome!

Good luck with finals!


Jocelyn said...

I can't stand screamo bands! But that's awesome that you are so supportive and didn't let your friend go alone. I love that sissy pants thing haha that's hilarious! oh goodness. I totally know what you mean about the things we fear. I hope that you'll be able to get over your fear of snakes! I have so many things that I am afraid of, but I'm not really sure how to confront the problem...

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Pfft, its interesting but so hard to revise for exams. LOL.

And yay, at least you've spotted him (Y)

She does feel glad (she calls me her little ray of sunshine *beams*) to have me which makes going to university that little touch harder :L

Kaitlin said...

Haha, our JV team is pretty decent, but our Varsity is only good on some days. It kind of alternates. They didn't do that well at playoffs, but at least we have spirit! and cool t-shirts :P

I don't mind the summer work that much, but I guess it just depends on what we're assigned. Sometimes I end up loving the books, but other times they're terrible. I usually just end up reading them on car trips.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've read It's Kind of a Funny Story, but none of the others. :)

Rose Valentine said...

Your blog is lovely.


Aren Becks said...

Ah, good luck on your Chem final! Don't stress it too much! People who litter are definitely a turn off to me too, I find it that they are so selfish. God, I would feel was such a high authority figure wearing a hard hat and neon vest. Haha, the gorilla bit reminded me in Mean Girls where they impersonated the people to be jungle animals. I always end up getting squished in Mosh Pits. XD But local venues are actually a ton of fun!