Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quickie update :)

I think I've finally regained my skill for immense amounts of reading :)

In the past I was a quick, adament reader, but over time it slipped away. So it would take me weeks upon weeks, even a month or so, to finish an average sized book. It was pathethic :P. This past week & 1/2, or two weeks though, I've been on a roll. I finished Prescription for a Superior Existence, which I'll briefly summarize at a later date, and I cannot set down the London murder mystery, The Victoria Vanishes.

I spent my afternoon working at the soccer/lacrosse tournament park that I have been employed for the past two summers. My wage has been raised to $8.50 an hour, which is wonderful to me :), and hopefully I'll have a decent number of working hours this year. I talked to my parents and we decided that instead of receiving a laptop as a birthday present, I'll work throughout the summer. Then at the end I'll contribute money, and they'll pay a good portion, and I will get a nicer laptop than I would have originally.

So in a week it will be my birthday :O! Actually, since it's 11:00ish, my big day will basically be over I'm assuming, but still. I don't have any plans for it yet, I guess I'm counting on my friends to come up with something fun to do, they should be good at that. But I'm debating if I should come up with something myself to save them the hassle.. I don't know. It doesn't really matter much right now because I cannot think of anything fun to do anyways. I'll just be happy goofing off with my friends :).

I contemplated having a party at my house. Two years ago I had one in my yard/ the hay barn, and it was pretty chill. I illuminated the haymow with strings of decorative lights, played music from the ipod, and a few brave souls, including myself, sat for awhile in my ice-cold little inflatable pool. It was a nice time, but I don't think I could duplicate it, or surpass it, in the limited time frame I have. Unless I made it for a later date, I just don't know. Maybe I'll just leave it at doing something low-key with my closest friends, parties are expensive anyways.

One thing I'm wicked excited for is my new bookcase! Tom is building me one, and then I get to paint it however I want :D! The one I have now is pathetically insufficent. None of my books, aside from the really small ones, can be placed vertically inside of it, they must be stacked horizantally. It was a hand-me-down from my dad, so I'll definitely keep it. I just need more space for my freshly printed friends :)

Well, I signed myself up to work again tomorrow from 10-3:30, so I best be heading off for bed. I know this post wasn't very enlightening, but I was in the mood to write something anyways. Expect a better one soon.

♥ Olive


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Gotta love new bookcases :) My grannie bought me one and Me and Lauren attacked it with deep purple paint. Tis beaut! However I still have more boxes filled with books but the bookcase is still beautiful :)

That's the worst thing about birthday's, you reach this age and struggle to think of ideas of what to do. We normally just go to the movies and for a meal for mine but this year we're towning it because I'll be legal to drink (Y) I hope you think of something exciting to do.

Enjoy work :) x

n a t a l i e said...

I'm usually a fast reader too, but recently I just haven't had the time. I've renewed a library book for a month and still haven't gotten around to it :P That's great that you're finding time in your busy schedule to fit a few good books in though.

The laptop deal sounds like a good one! And happy early birthday haha, I'm sure you'll be able to find something fun to do with your friends. I already can't wait to hear about it ;) I have no idea what to do for my birthday either. For the past few years its been the drive-in and then a sleepover, but this year I'm not sure...

Yay for new bookcases! My books have overflowed out of the dresser cabinet that I had to resort to putting them in, and now they're starting to pile up on my desk :P You must post a picture of the finished painted product!

Have a great rest of the weekend/week :)

Hannah said...

I got a bookcase for Christmas '07 and I'm afraid I'll need one for Christmas '09, too :S
You must be stoked!!!
Your friends will put together something great :)

Yay for uber book reading skills! I need to get mine back :/
Like you did, I'm afraid I've lost them. Hahaha. Maybe I can regain them this summer? I hope!!


Kaitlin said...

Yay that you can read quickly again! I love when I just can't put a book down and finish it in just a couple of days :)

That's cool about the laptop! Your job sounds fun. I've looked around for one a bit but no place wants to hire me until I'm older :P

Sounds like your party a few years ago was fun. Good luck with figuring out what you're doing this year!

It's soo cool that Tom is building you a bookcase! I'm sure it will be quite useful and the fact that it's handmade makes it even better :)

Jocelyn said...

You should visit Utah sometime it's amazing, it has everything but the beach! No joke!

I am so jealous that you have a hay barn! That's crazy, that party sounds like a blast, but yeah parties are a hit to the wallet. My friends had a Jane Austen party where we all dressed up, had live piano music, and learned the dances from Pride and Prejudice. Best party ever! It was so much fun.

I'm sure whatever you do on your birthday will end up being super fun!

I am such a slow reader, I wish I could be faster but it takes me forever to read a book! It's rather frustrating actually....

Hope you had a good weekend!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Now your book case sounds beautiful! I'd watch it or I might fly over there and steal it :D

I don't know how most of America survives. Or why so many american films show teens drinking - i never knew the age limit was so high until I started talking to Americans like you. LOL. x