Friday, May 22, 2009

Ramblin', where to begin

I tasted summer on your peppery skin.
Been saved, the warm of the waves. I felt a slip into
the watery grave. My girl, linen & curls.
Lips parting like a flag all unfurled. She's grand, the
bend of her hand, digging deep into the sweep of the sand.
[Summersong - The Decemberists]

Extended weekends are the best :).
I think it was because of an extra snowday, but for Memorial Weekend, we received Friday, and we will also have Monday and Tuesday off. Five day weekend sounds good to me. Thursday was Senior Skip Day, and Julie wanted Amanda and me to ask to hang out with her instead of going to school, but my mom would not lift her iron foot on the matter. Even though my grades and attendence have been fairly outstanding :P. She wasn't buying into the "C'mon mom, I deserve a break" speal. Oh well. Fortunately the day was easy to handle, and after school Amanda, Julie, and I went to art club, then out for icecream with our favorite teachers, haha. Seriously, how cool are we? Hahah. Atleast they aren't men, or creepy. The art teacher is really young, and alot like us so it's fun being with her. Then the music teacher is like a mom, and we hung out with her daughter, who's the same age as us, too. Then the band teacher is an absolute sweetheart. The music teacher brought her son and his girlfriend too, so we all just crowded together at this little outdoor table, trying to lick up our icecream before it melted all over our hands. It was a fun time :).

We then went back to Julie's and watched the Rugrats movie until those two passed out. Then I hung around for a bit, paid Tom and his friends a visit down back where they were having a bonfire, then got some much needed zZzz's. Today was relatively uneventful. I left Julie's and took Amanda to her boyfriend's early in the afternoon, then spent the day lazing around, doing some reading, and watching Dead Like Me. Also-- something more exciting. My mom is considering the idea of a LAPTOP for my birthday, which is coming up the thirteenth of June :D! I have wanted one for so long. The thing is though, our budget, like many other's lately, is tight. So we are going to investigate local used computers at this place here that has a reliable reputation. But if they don't have anything I like by next week, I can get something new, as long as it's reasonably priced. This means like less than $600.00. Probably more in the ballpark of $400-500, at most. I might get her to give me some lee-way if there's one that is just flawless, but we'll see.
What brand/models do you guys suggest? I know most of you already have laptops, so I want to know what's good :). Don't say macbook though, that'll just tease me, haha. I plan on buying one of those beasts when I'm older and have a job that can afford it.
Currently I'm hung up on this HP G60, it's $499.00, so it might work with our budget.
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Another thing I've been contemplating is changing my hair. I mean, I like it okay the way it is, but it's getting awfully boring. I think my hairstyle has been the same for more than a year D:! Time for a change, perhaps? Plus as it's getting hotter out, more hair is going to equal more nuisance. So I might cut it. Not just a trim, a cut :P. I'm thinking slightly above my shoulders. It will be a significant change from how it is now though, so I'm a little nervous. I don't want it to turn out awful, especially since this fall is when I have to take my senior yearbook picture. If I do it, I plan on keeping layers in it, and maintaining my bangs. So should I do it...? :P.

In the last post I said I was reading TheVictoria Vanishes, but I actually changed my mind and began Prescription for a Superior Existence first. Both works are from the library, and are due back the 31st :[, but I hope to finish them. This one I'm nearly halfway through and it's superb. Like, it has me hooked :). Maybe I'll review it once I'm done.

Have an excellent weekend :),
♥ Olive


n a t a l i e said...

Are you serious. I just wrote an entire huge comment and then my internet had a freak attack and the comment died.

SIGH! I'll start over :P

The Decemberists! Love them.

A five day weekend?! Lucky duck! I'm jealous :P We didn't even use all of the snow days at my school either, but our school doesn't love us enough to give us a five day weekend ): Hanging out with the teachers for ice cream sounds like fun :)

You and my friend Jess have the same birthday :D Yay for June birthdays, mine's the 11th. Hmm... laptop brands... I've seen the HP G40 at Costco, and I can't help to stare at the amazing glossiness of its screen, so I guess I like that one too! I don't really know any other brands besides my crappy hand-me-down Dell and my amazing MacBook that I'm not looking forward to returning to the school for the summer :P I really hope you get an amazing one!

And I say go for cutting your hair! Even if it turns out not-so-good, you'll still have the entire summer for it to grow out for senior pictures. Good luck :)

Enjoy the rest of your five day weekend!

Hannah said...

It must be neat going out to get ice cream with teachers! It seems nice to have actual relationships with teachers outside school. Sometimes just knowing someone as a person who grades you on a certain performance can be so...awful. Hahah

Oooh getting a new laptop can be exciting! Especially if a parent is buying it for you!! I had to buy my own, so my options were a bit more broad. However, you can still have fun with it. Just continue looking around. Go on Best Buy's of Circuit City's website to see what sales they have going :)
You're liable to find something :)

Hmmm...getting your hair cut could be fun! If you really want to, do it! It could be interesting and fresh :D


Kaitlin said...

You might want to check out Neutral Milk Hotel if you like the Decemberists.

Ahh, you're lucky with the long weekend. My school has no set amount of snowdays so we never get that.
I love the kind of teachers you can hang out with outside of school. My chorus teacher and her husband (the physics teacher :P) live near me so I see them around the neighborhood all the time.

Oooh, a laptop! Lucky you! I don't have one, so I can't really advise on what kind to get. That HP looks really cool though!

I used to have really long hair, then last year I cut ten inches off so it was at my chin. I was really nervous to do it, but I ended up loving it; I guess you'll never know until you try it! :)

Have a great weekend!

Hannah said...

Just email me your address at:
I've yet you get the gifts, but I'm planning on having them by next Sunday :D
Therefore, they should be shipped by the beginning of June :)


katie said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

I chickened out of getting my hair cut a couple of months ago, and decided to let it grow for once. It' been hard, but it's slowly happening. I had it chopped from way below my shoulders to just below my ears a couple of years ago, though, and it was great :) I think you should go for it!

And, le gasp! You like Dead Like Me?! I finally found someone else! :D

Kaitlin said...

good luck with your haircut! can't wait to see/hear how it comes out :)

James said...

A five day weekend! Lucky for you. I'm sorry u didn't get in but at least it could be worse. I'm sick, so this is all the energy I have to type. I'l talk to you later.

Nicole Linette said...

OH, my god. We only had one snow day this year, but our superintendent wouldn't add Tuesday to the weekend DX!! Ha, well I appreicate today at least.

That's really cool you have a relationship with your teachers like that. I have some teachers I'm pretty close with, although I don't think any of us would ever go out with them in public. Ice cream on a day like this sounds nice 8-)
Ugh, I tried pulling the laptop gift for my birthday, but to no avail. HP's are really nice, and laptop prices keep going down.. so I'm sure with enough investigation you'll find a great one.
I'd like to change my hair up a bit, I seriously cut (even trim) my hair once every 1 1/2 - 2 years -- horrible, I know! I'm also worried about Senior pictures though. My advice is not to do it unless you find a hairstyle that seems utterly perfect. Or if you have a stylist you trust with all your being :D


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Sounds like a fun day. The only time we ever associate with our teachers is if we see them in a nightclub and we're all drunk :/

Ooh, that's a really cute laptop! I love it and I do believe that if you are granted a laptop that should be the winner :)

Aren Becks said...

Damn it, I had a HUGE comment typed up, then Blogger ate up my comment. :(

So okay,

I love the Decemberists. XD Five day weekend?! Wha?! No fair. D: I remeber the Rugrats movie. Is it the one where they are on a deserted island? I like Dead Like Me too.

Laptop? Trippy. Oh and if you were ever looking into a iBook G4, don't get it, it has less memory than the average iPod. Tablet: If you want to venture into HP, get a HP Tablet! Model: Tx2-1025dx. Don't get the Model: HP Tc4200. Get one of the newer models. But make sure it has a built in CD player. But really get a Tablet from either HP or PC, and you're good to go. If you didn't know, Tablets have a swivel and write-on screens. Oh! How could I forget? IBM ThinkPads are great, my brother got one for his senior year, and to bring to college. They are ugly, but definitely the best laptops out there for quality.

Brands:Dell: Probably the worst popular computer brand. HP: HP has a lot of problems but if you compare Dell and HP, HP is way better. Mac/Apple: I have a Macbook, the hype is totally overrated. I've had it for a year, and it's on its last legs. I have 1 GB of memory left, and I barely have much on this computer, the mouse freezes every few minutes. I have replaced the battery seven times (costing me around $50 each time to do so), it crashes on a regular basis. After the first year of bliss it sucks. Also, sims. Not compatible whatsoever. Macs don't have the memory or hard drives to handle games well. But if you are not using games and shit, it might work like a champ pretty much. But, one upside is that it has great internet connection. PC: Excellent. Computers from this brand last you a long time, are really reliable, and store a lot of memory too.

Oh, and when you get a laptop, be sure to put virus software on it as soon as possible, or you'll most likely get attacked. Mosly a no-brainer, but a lot of people ignore it.

Haircut? Are you thinking about just axing it off then? Isn't you're hair naturally curly? I don't think you should cut it too short though. But otherwise, go for it! Have you ever seen the French film, Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain)? I'm going to have my haircut like Audrey Tautou from the movie! XD Or grow my hair out like Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Roman Holiday.

Sorry for the long comment. XD

Have a nice week!

Aren :D