Wednesday, May 6, 2009

one hundred!

Wow, post #100 :)!
I'm finally catching up to you guys! Sorta.. :P. There's still bloggers like Hannah who I'm lightyears behind with my posting, haha. But I'm getting there I suppose. I just want to say thanks to everyone. When I made this, I figured it would be just for myself, I never imagined it would actually be social, haha. It's awesome though, I love reading everyone's blogs, and I'm glad you guys take the time to read mine :).

It's in!
So I think my whole dress fiasco is straightened out. I received a voicemail today from the place I bought it, saying it came in and is ready for me to come in and have altered tomorrow. I can't even explain how RELIEVED I am. It's been making me nervous for quite awhile now. Prom in general seems to be coming together last minute. I have had meetings all throughout the past weeks trying to organize things, and make final decisions. So it feels good to see it beginning to pay off. Our tickets went from a whopping $75.00/ticket, $150/couple to a reduced price of $40 or 50/person, depending on if you participated in fundraisers. SO MUCH BETTER. This week I actually got to go to a meeting at the lodge where our Prom is being held, so it was really cool being able to go inside the place and scope it out. I thought the place was neat, we're going to have an enjoyable time there :).

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I dare you.
This past week I upgraded my phone :). I had the same Samsung for two years, and we got this coupon thing, so my mom took me to the Verizon store to get the LG Dare. Ahh, I'm in love with it. Touchy-feely screens are the coolest. It takes some getting used to though, having smaller fingers than I already do would be a bonus. My background is Amanda, Tom, and myself at a Rise Against concert.

Tuesday was my scheduled interview for New Visions. I was the first person they would speak to, so needless to say I was a little nervous. I kept my cool though, practicing giving the answers to their questions on the drive to the place :P. I undoubtably sounded like a madwoman, talking to myself for atleast 20 minutes, hahah. It helped though, because I remained pretty calm and collected when it was the real thing. Sure there was a time or two where my voice became slightly shaky, but I felt like I convered it up decently. They seemed to like me, but I'm not sure if I stood out to them or not. The program is highly selective, so we shall see. It probably didn't help when I forgot to bring my photo-release form, hahah. Oh well, whatever happens, happens. We find out if we are accepted next week, so I'll be sure to let you all know how it works out. It was nice being able to miss a period of school though, especially since it was chemistry, haha. I allowed myself to wind down on my way home by stopping by my favorite coffeeshop and grabbing a delicious butterscotch chai tea latte.
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Interview attire. (What you can't see, is how I had to craftily "shorten" my slacks using safety pins and paperclips. I hope it wasn't noticable, hahah. But otherwise the pants would have been WAY too long.)

Ahh, let's see. What else have I been getting myself into this past week?
Oh, alright. I got one. Tuesday night, long after my interview, was College Night at the nearby community college. I went by myself, but fortunately ran into Amanda and her mother there :). I basically attacked Amanda from behind when I spotted her, hahah. Then we browsed all of the booths, grabbing packets and flyers as we went. Her mom had a party to go to, so Amanda chose to stay with me for awhile longer, and I agreed to drop her off at home later. So as we're walking along, this relatively, okay, PRETTY FREAKING HOTT guy comes up to me. I'm not used to this, by the way. And he's like "Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?" I'm caught of guard and curious, so I of course said sure. Then he's like "You see, my friend over in the grey is kind of looking for a girlfriend, or a girl to hang out with, something like that. So it'd be really cool if you texted him or gave him a call or something, here's his number." And he then hands me a little slip of paper. This is in fact, the first time a stranger has given me their number, hahaha. So as I walk away, I glanced in the direction he pointed to his "friend in grey" and sure enough, I see this hefty dude flashing me a goofy-ass smile, hahaha. Like I hate to be mean, but UGH. I don't know, the look he had on just screamed "Oh yeah, I'm gettin' some", like one of those cocky looks. But the guy wasn't even in my opinion, attractive >:/.Amanda looked at the same time I did, and started laughing hysterically about the whole situation, and I found the humor in it too, haha. Like I don't care what people look like, it's just incredibly lame to try to pick up a girl, a complete STRANGER, at a college night. Especially when you have your wicked hott friend do it, so the girl is more interested in him than she would be in you, hahah. I don't think I'm shallow, I'm just not desperate. I'm not going to hook up with some guy I don't know at ALL, from who the hell knows where, haha. I doubt I was the only girl he approached either. Even if the guy WAS in my mind, attractive, I would be VERY skeptical of getting ahold of some stranger. Especially if they were really good looking, because then there's the high probability they were playing a joke on me, haha. So that's my story of the week I suppose.
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Hahah, that would be my pile of college pamphlets. My bag was so heavy that night.

Today was the blood drive. It was my first time, so I was slightly nervous. I followed the instructions and ate/drank plenty to be ready for losing a pint of blood that afternoon :P. It really wasn't bad at all. I tend to look away when needles are going in me, like when they pricked my finger, and when they put the needed in my arm. I need to become less squeamish about that, it's not a big deal or anything. The whole process went well though. It didn't seem to take a long time at all, like I don't think it took more than five minutes for me to fill up the bag. Maybe even less. I just feel like giving blood is a good thing to do because it's basically harmless for the donor, it just takes a little time, and slight discomfort. But you save lives, and that's what matters.
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There's my complimentary tshirt ;), and check out the iodine stain, haha. That's the arm I had the blood drawn from, obviously. Then today after school I went over to Julie's with Amanda to watch the movie Julie, Jenna, and Dan made. They did this horror film based on zombie baby dolls, pretty much. It was awesome :D. I found it to be wicked funny, because Jenna plays a flawless role as a Grandma. She pulls off the old maid dress like nobody's business. Then Julie acted as this bratty, vulgar little girl. I don't know quite how to explain the whole thing, but if I had the capability to put it online for you guys, I would. Plus Dan did alot of cool editing on it. They shot the whole thing in like, five days, haha. But it was very amusing to watch.

Alright, well I think I'll conclude this post now.
Yay for #100 :). Have a good week everyone.

♥ Olive


They Just Call Her Helen said...

It is good to know I've got it all sorted :)

And yay, your dress arrived. That must take some panic off of you, mustn't it?

Oh yeah, giving blood is an uncomfortable good thing to do :/ but yay, you did it :)

n a t a l i e said...

Thank goodness the whole dress ordeal has been straightened out! It sounds like everything from prom is starting to all come together, yay (:

Hip hip hooray for new phones! The Dare is super cool, my friend has it hehe. I need a new phone... the front screen of mine doesn't work and half the time it doesn't ring when someone calls...

I bet you did wonderfully with your New Visions interview! I wish I could see your interview attire, but I'm currently in English class and all pictures are blocked here, so I'll have to wait til I get home. But it sounds great :D

Hahaha, that's hilarious about the guy. I try not to be shallow either, but come on, there's nothing wrong with them being attractive hehe ;) Too bad that the hot guy wasn't the one asking for your number :P

And that's awesome that you gave blood, plus you got a free t-shirt haha.


Wandering Child said...

Happy 100th post!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! :D :D :D :D :D

(I am only ONE POST AWAY!)

They Just Call Her Helen said...

I think everyone meets that kind of person once in their life lol. I'm thinking about texting him and asking him not to come though because I'm an embarrassing drunk... lol... And thanks :)

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Oh yeah, happy hundredth post. How have I not said that yet *facepalm* lol


Annie said...

Happy Hundred Post to Olive (:

I'm glad about your dress. Did you say that your prom was next week? Have fun! Post pictures!!

Hoooooooly Crap that's a lot of pamphlets!

It's good you gave blood--way to help the world!


Kaitlin said...

congrats on 100 posts!
I'm glad everything with your dress got worked out, I'm sure you'll have a great time at prom. :)

The LG Dare is so cool! I have the LG VU, which is the lamer AT&T version of it... Touch screens are so cool, though.

I bet you did great at your interview! Your outfit looks really nice.

Those guys sound pretty weird... I hate it when guys expect girls to be interested in them that easily.

Congrats on giving blood! I want to, but I don't think I'm old enough.

have a great week! :)

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Haha, thanks for everything in that comment :) x

Hannah said...

Yay for post 100!! It's exciting, isn't it? :)

Hahahah my phone just died the other day. I don't even know what happened. I just opened it one morning and the screen was white and I couldn't do anything with it :S
I guess it was about time, for it was almost four years old. Haha

Whew, I bet you're glad the dress ordeal is all straightened out, eh? I bet you'll look FABULOUS at prom!!


PS. I had to draw another name in the Pay-it-Forward contest (Nicole isn't able to be one of the winners), and I drew you! Tell me if there's a problem, love :)

Nicole Linette said...

Whooo I am so glad you guys sorted out your prom tickets and your dress! Fund raiser success is amazing. As you can see, I'm catching up on the last two weeks of posts you have here (D:= my fault), so have you had prom yet? Probably not... I know you would've posted about it :P Love your interview attire!
Your new phone is sooo badass. I'm jealous! My stupid LG is, well, stupid, and my keyboard paint is chipping off!
Hahaha, that college visit story is hilarious! I always freak out when there's hot guys in the vicinity. Too bad the good-looking one didn't give you his number :P. You and Julie should have called the kid just to mess with him!!! XD If you still have the number and are ever bored, prank calling is always fantastic. College searching is tedious but really interesting -- it takes forever to read and sort through those pamphlets! Though I hope you find what you like.
Congratulations for completeing your first blood drive! It's such an amazingly simple thing to do. I wanted to donate and save lives so bad, but I was iron deficient ... and still anemic as it appears >:( haha, my t-shirt was an XL even though NHS kids got first pick, so I wore a vest over it and skinny jeans -- it all worked out.


Nicole Linette said...

Oh, and HAPPY 100 POST!! It's hard hitting those big numbers when a computer isn't always accessible :P

And to add onto Hannah's comment, I realized after Hannah drew me that if my parents found me recieving gifts from people around the country, and having me send the same sort of thing, I'd probably be banned from the computer. For life.
I hope you can participate as a winner though!