Monday, May 11, 2009

Glueing tinsel to your crown, he's got you talking pretty loud.

Called to see if your back
Is still aligned, and your sheets
were growing grass all on the corners of your bed.
And you've got too much to wear on your sleeves.
It's got too much to do with me.
And secretly I want to bury in the yard,
the grey remains of a friendship scarred.
[Kissing the Lipless- The Shins]
It's been stuck in my head, doesn't necessarily have meaning :P.

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weekend update.
Last week was hopefully the end of my stressful frenzy :). It's the week before Prom now, but I'm realizing that everything is set in stone now, and there's no sense in worrying. Now I just get to watch the magic or chaos unfold, and make do with whatever happens. The tickets are bought, the dress is being picked up tomorrow, and I'm ready for it. I spent most of this weekend with Amanda and Julie. Friday night I slept over at Julie's after venturing around town running errands/destroying boredom. We wound up laying in her bed for the rest of the night playing with her cute little ferret :), and watching Dexter on dvd. I'm starting to get hooked on that show, by the way. The next day was even better. We dug our old rollerblades out of the closet, I had to borrow a pair from Amanda, and we took to the streets. Since the sidewalks here are awful, I drove us to a more roller-friendly town nearby. I was embaressingly clumsy, since the last time I went "rollerblading" was at some indoor skate rink ages ago. Amanda and Julie were quick to help though, pulling me behind them for the beginning of it. Once Julie went down a small hill with me, without me crashing, I gained some confidence at it :P. I was still slow at it, but progress was made. Oh, we also ran into this little gang of 8ish year old bikers. They were hitting jumps at this sandpit place we were passing through. I felt slightly intimidated... haha. It was lame. One of them, assumably their leader, was like "Hey ladies, how about you show us a 360." So Julie and I awkwarded stepped a circle, since you obviously can't glide with ease on sand, haha. Then we gave the kids a thumbs up and continued on our way. Unfortunately we ran into the little troublemakers a few more times on our journey, but we avoided conversation :P. All the skating around became tiresome, so we stopped for icecream at Stewarts. I got my favorite flavor, birthday cake. Once we were refreshed we headed back to where I parked, next to the local park. It was there that we played like born-again elementary kids, with pictures to prove it.

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I actually had the worst fear of the firepoles when I was younger. :P

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Julie made a new friend. Too bad she's two feet tall :P.

After that was all over and done with, I went back to hang out at Julie's for the rest of the night. Sunday morning I went home to celebrate Mothers' Day. I picked up an icecream cake which we ate over at my Grandma's house, and stayed there for awhile. Then I gave my mom a card and her favorite chocolate, Turtles. I wanted to get her something Star-Trekky, but I ran out of time. Since my computer was on a little hiatus, the internet wasn't functioning, I tried to be productive. I cleaned my room, did some much needed organizing, and read in the latest English assignment, Animal Farm. I actually enjoyed reading it.
Basically more than half of the juniors, probably 75% of them, went on a Business field trip today. I escaped the dreaded Financial Literacy course this year, I'll most likely be plagued by it the next . But this meant all of my classes were extraordinarily small, ergo studyhalls ;). It was nice being able to do..nothing all day. Actually I finished my English throughout them, but it was still cool. So tonight I was homework-free. I got my research paper back, graded a 98. I'm satisfied.

[H]ouse fans; What did you think of tonight's episode? I got sort of confused at the end of it, because Tom was leaving and I was trying to pay attention simutaneously. I can't believe he ended up where he did though D: Thoughts?

Well, I think I have run out of interesting things to ramble on about :P.

♥ Olive


Skippy said...

House is confusing!
I still love it though.
Strangely when I catch old episodes on USA, I get excited.

I hope you have sooooooo much fun at prom!

I see boredom struck you, and nothing would make more sense then running around and playing at playgrounds. Should there even be an excuse for going to playgrounds?

Ha...that's cool your friend made a friend...I mean age is just a number. And so what if her new friend still watches Dora the explorer. That's cool.

n a t a l i e said...

Awww, Julie has a ferret? Lucky! They're so gosh darn adorable :D And I haven't been rollerblading in forever! I think the last time was my friend's little brother's 8th birthday party or something, and that was so long ago. Hahaha about the 8-year-old biker gang, I'd be intimidated too :D

Hip hip hooray for playgrounds! That's what my friends and I always end up doing, playing on playgrounds, cause there's basically nothing else to do around here. And hehe I used to be afraid of those fire pole things too...

Thats so cute about Julie's new friend :) Last time we were there, this really outspoken 2nd grader that weighed less than my dog and could do gymnastics a million times better than I could ever hope for befriended us. Little kids are really something, aren't they? Hahaha.

Oh yes, I saw House! What I got out of it was that when House was carrying around what he thought was Cuddy's lipstick was actually a bottle of vicodin (sp?), so he hadn't actually quit taking it. Then his hallucinations came back, and yeah... he ended up there. I'm really excited to find out what the heck is going to happen now! Love that show.

They Just Call Her Helen said...

I love House but probably didn't see the episode because we have a different telly schedule. I always really wanted to watch Dexter too but it was on at the same time as the last series of Desperate Housewives so I had to stick to my loyalties, lol.

And I'm glad your stress frenzy is (hopefully) over. x

Kaitlin said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I haven't been roller blading in ages.
Cake flavored ice cream is awesome! I always get it wherever I can :)
Playgrounds are great. There's one at my school for the younger kids, but we always check to see if it's free :P Congrats on your research paper!

Aren Becks said...

I'm glad you got prom set up and everything. My brother was on the Prom Committee and they were having trouble getting a live musical act to preform. They eventually decided on getting a DJ.

Haha, I remember watching Dexter Saterday mornings on Cartoon Network. I'm entirely clumsy too. XD

The last time I went roller blading my ass was busted and bruised black and blue.

I used to have the worst fear of tire swings when I was little. Near my house we have this HUGE wooden park near my house, and the last time I went down a long slide and skinned my entire back legs. I love making little friends. XD

I did not get to see the House finally because I haven't felt good the few past days, which also answers the question at why I'm writing this 8.30 o'clock in the morning. But I have it on TiVo, I'll probably catch up on it today.

Sorry for the long comment, and have a great week!

x, A

Aren Becks said...

* Finale