Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yeah, that whole New Visions thing..., not going to happen.
I received my letter in the mail, and as soon as I felt how light it was, I prepared for the worst. Sure enough, I spotted those words "We regret to inform you" in a millisecond. At first it felt like a slap in the face and I stormed off into another room. But Tom followed close behind and comforted me in the bizarre, yet effective ways he does. I'm still unhappy, but I have given myself time to mull it over and make some decent realizations for the better. My "vain brain", as decribed in the nonfiction psychology book I'm reading, is busy sheltering my ego and changing my motives and plans to be more appealing. I'll let it do its job though, because I would prefer to indulge myself in something beneficial, than sit around feeling sorry for myself. I decided to use this setback to focus on what I truly love; writing.

Medicine is going down the drain, but in theory when I think about it, writing a good book would bring me much more joy. I still might test the waters in psychology, but otherwise, creative writing and journalism are my current interests. Being a journalist could be exciting. A big dream of mine that I hope to make into a reality is opening my very own bookstore. I envision doing that when I'm older though, settled in a town I'm in love with, in a beautiful house. After my nomadic tendencies I hope to harbor simmer down :).

So this afternoon I went out for icecream with the girls, John, and the ferret. Soft serve cheesecake = ♥. Mrs.Barosi, the music teacher joined us there. It was a good time, aside from the sun roasting me in my black cardigan sweater. Ms.Hsai showed up to see us too, she's the chinese band teacher :). Tomorrow is the Prom Crash demonstration, which I signed up to partake in. I'm a tidbit nervous, just because I feel awkward in front of a crowd. In case you don't know what I'm rambling about, every year before Prom, the rescue squad puts on a "crash" where they set up junk cars to resemble an accident, and students act out the roles of drunken drives, and injured/dead persons. They undergo the whole process of the ambulance showing up, using the jaws of life, putting people on stetches, zipping the dead inside a bodybag and leaving in the hearse, ect. It's intended to snap people out of the idea of drinking and driving. I truly hope noone here is that ignorant to do so :/. If they are, I hope our performance sways their mind. I supposedly will have to sream and become upset seeing Cassie all dead and such, I hope I can do a decent job and not sound totally fake, haha. We'll see.

♥ Olive


Skippy said...

Man that bombs that you were "regret to inform you". I mean do they really think we buy the line of crap! But when one door closes, two opens in it's place. Those are my words of optimism. And being a reporter could be VERY fun.

I would so want to play a dead person. Jealous. On the surface playing dead might seem simple, but ha...yeah right it's very complex. I think I would bring a certain sense of realism to the role, apart from the rise and falling of my chest you would completely believe I really was dead.

I wish you TONS of luck in your demonstration! And crowds freak everyone out. Some just hide it better than others.

Annie said...

I'm sorry, Olive! :(

Creative Writing, Journalism, and Psychology are all fabulous, though.

Have fun at the mock drunk driving! (that didn't sound weird at all...)


a l i said...

I'm so sorry Olive!!

n a t a l i e said...

Aww, I'm sorry that the New Visions thing didn't work out. Well, dear Mr. New Visions, I regret to inform you that you will not be gifted with the sheer amazingness of Olive, and that's just too bad :)

Don't fully give up, but writing and psychology are really great careers to pursue to! I'm interested in journalism too... and haha, Annie and I once had a dream of opening a bookstore/coffee shop/bakery called Fritzi's in Saugerties, NY :D

The Prom Crash thing sounds like fun! Good luck with your screaming :)

Sriram said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Do keep up the good work.. visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Isn't that crash thing a little over negative!? Wow, how to have a fun prom... lol

And I'm sorry about that but hey, journalism and creative writing does sound fun. However, psychology I'm not so hot on (yeah, i regret taking that last September)... But hey, you must like it to be writing a book on it.

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Isn't that crash thing a little over negative!? Wow, how to have a fun prom... lol

And I'm sorry about that but hey, journalism and creative writing does sound fun. However, psychology I'm not so hot on (yeah, i regret taking that last September)... But hey, you must like it to be writing a book on it.

Nicole Linette said...

Aw Olive, I'm sorry :( That bites, and I'm going to point out how 'rejection is apart of life', but that doesn't mean it's any better!! You'll be successful and you'll find a way to your dream career, with out without New Visions -- I know it.

And when you open that bookshop, be sure to have comfy chaises and maybe a coffee shop, with chai tea served in dainty tea cups! XD Haha, a girl can dream.

My school actually didn't do a crash simulation this year, probably because so many people took limos. Hope that goes well, it should help kids be a bit smarter on the big night.


Hannah said...

Oh, Olive, I'm so, so sorry :(
I know you were really looking forward to this. I know it really sucks to say this, but Tom was there to help you get through it, right? I mean, it would have probably been worse to face it alone.

See, that's what's been going on with me lately. For so long I wanted to go into medicine, but now all I want to do is become a journalist and a language major. I guess that's what happens as we get older, eh? We become who we're supposed to be :)

It'll all work out in the end.


Hannah said...

I hate to admit it, Olive, but...I think I might have already become one....
How did this happen?! :P

Aren Becks said...

I'm sorry

... I just got a phone call yesterday saying I got rejected from working at Borders, which goes into 3 out of 4 jobs I've been rejected from, and I haven't heard from the fourth one. I NEED money to help pay for my trip to Australia. D:

Lets wallow in sadness together.

Pourquoi ce toujours le cas? or something like that.

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Tis better to be safe than sorry as they always say. I do hope none of you do decide to go driving while completely out your faces :/


n a t a l i e said...

That would be awesome if all of us bloggers did bump into each other in the journalism field! Then we could all start our own magazine or something, and it would be made of awesome :) And the rollerskating rink restaurant bookstore sounds pretty awesome, I'd go to it haha :D

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Thanks for that :) sure makes me feel good about my decision

And YAY, means if there is any accidents you guys can handle it - whoop!