Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

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So here's the rundown;
I listened to the first bloggers that posted in favor of me getting the haircut :). It truthfully doesn't look much different. I mean, it's obvious that it's shorter, but I kept the same style, so it's not a real significant change. But it's drastic enough to satisfy me. What do you guys think..? The pictures are below :), or will be when I get to that point in my post, haha. The first photo, above this, is just Amanda, Julie, and me goofing off with the art teacher's webcam during class ;D. Friday night the three of us went out to the drive ins. We intended to watch Angels & Demons, but I convinced them to go early so we could see Star Trek. Hahah :), my inner geekdom was pleased. I agree with Hannah,it was wonderful, I loved the entire thing. Amanda and Julie laughed at me, but oh well. I'm a self-proclaimed dork, I realize this.
Afterwards we were all too sleepy so we went home after roughly 20 minutes of the film we came to see. There's a nice atmosphere about the drive-ins, I like it. It feels cool to be able to just chill in the back of your truck, snuggled under a blanket, watching a movie in the fresh spring air.
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Memorial Day doesn't really contain much excitement for me. I feel sorry for the soldiers who have died defending us, and I respect them for everything. Plus I'm personally strongly opposed to war. But our family doesn't have any traditions for the holiday, so I took a chill day with myself. I saw the town parade with my friends, Julie even brought her ferret :). I was starting to get annoyed though, because fiftymillion people asked me why I wasn't in it >:. Apparently the King/Queen are supposed to ride on the float with the band, but noone gave me the memo. Thanks, alot. I heard about the tradition, but assumed that since noone approached me that it wasn't being done this year. This would make sense becayse the King is in the marching band anyways. Oh well. Afterwards I bought lunch at Subway and picked up groceries at Walmart. I decided to try out boca burgers, Amanda suggested them to me. I'm a fan :). Also, I got these delicious Edy's strawberry popsicles. I'm in love with them, they actually taste like REAL frozen fruit. Utterly scrumptious. The next day, which is today, I slaved over my homework for most of the day. I successfully wrote up two lab reports, did some Spanish cultural research, and wrote an analytical essay on Edgar Allen's three poems concerning dreams. I was drained afterwards. I did allow myself some breaks in between, especially siezing the chance to spend some time outside in this nice weather :). Lately, I've been really into taking my Border Collie, Candy, for walks down our little country road. I feel horrible that I never give her the attention she deserves, but I'm making an effort to correct that. She's such a sweet, lively thing.
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She does however have a tendency of wandering off of the road :P

Tonight I drove myself and Zack to a restaurant to meet up with the other Answers Please members. In case you guys don't remember, it's that club I belong to where we compete in acedemic competitions, like a quizbowl setup. Well we had our end of the year dinner, and it was quite enjoyable :). It's different though, hanging out with people who I usually only associate with in school. I like these people, they just aren't my regulars, haha. We had fun anyways. After dinner we decided to hit up an icecream place, and Mary and I rode this little musical carousel for $.75, haha. It was well worth it :). Then Zack and I jammed to TDWP's new cd on the drive home, while talking about a bunch of random things. Now I'm sitting here, exhausted and ready for bedtime. As always, I'm sorry for the infrequent updating. I'll catch up with comments and blog posts when I get some free time tomorrow!

Have a wonderful week :)!
♥ Olive


Hannah said...

Oooh I dig the haircut! I like how it's a few inches shorter, yet the style is relatively the same :)

See, I'm not that big of a nerd. I mean, yes, I am. But, you must admit, it was epic in colossal proportions :P

It sounds like you had fun with the people from school, regardless if they were the ones you were used to. I would probably be skeptical, too, but at the same time, you never know what could come from it :D


n a t a l i e said...

Even though I guess the haircut doesn't look that much different, I'm still a fan :)

I love the drive-in! At least when you get there early enough to actually get a good spot. Hmm.... well, if everyone says that Star Trek is really worth seeing, then maybe I'll go and find out for myself :P

Gosh darn it, that sucks that no one thought to tell you that you were supposed to be in the parade! There's a parade here every single year, but I've never ever gone to it... Ooh, I've had those Edy's bars before, they are pretty scrumdiddlyumptious. (did i really just say that? wow...) And awww, Candy looks really cute and sweet :]

75 cents for a carousel ride? I'm in, haha :D It sounds like you had fun, even if you were with people that you don't usually spend time with.

Argh. I'm jealous of hannah's "xo, hk"! I need something to sign everything with :P Ummm... lets just leave it at that haha.

Kaitlin said...

Ooh, I love your hair!

You guys have a drive in?!? I've always wanted to go to one of those! I really liked Star Trek, too. I want to see Angels & Demons still.

I know which popsicles you're talking about, they're delicious :)

Aww, I feel the same way about my dogs. I need to pay more attention to them -- it's good that you're doing so!

Have a great week :)

Aren Becks said...

You have drive-ins where you live? They are none where I live, we have to make our own with a big sheet and my dads old projector if we want one.

Your hair is really pretty, I'm glad you decided to cut it. It really benificial for you because it's summer.

Oh, did you ever end up what kind of Laptop you wanted? Lol, the advice I gave probably didn't help much, but so what. :P

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Love the haircut :)

And I can't wait to go see Star Trek because I've always been a huge fan and Chris Pine is in it (typical female :D)

And it was silly of them not to let you know about the king and queen being in the parade but it's so much more fun watching than taking part!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

It's a hectic lifestyle that never stops. I'm sure your time will come when you hit the drinking age of America... We were completely knackered by the end with very sore feet!! :L