Monday, May 18, 2009

Junior Prom

Ah yes, the epic night has come and passed.

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I can't explain the relief I felt once this whole shindig actually got underway. I have spent the last few months stressing and worrying about organizing this night, and hoping for it to be a success. Everything paid off though, and the night went off without a hitch :). I woke myself up bright and early Friday morning to get ready for the prom crash demonstration. Despite my shaky nerves, the experience was nice. Myself along with some other girls got all made up gruesomely to depict whatever injuries we were chosen to have. I had the pleasure of a face abrasion ;), plus the bloody scapes along my arms and legs.
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Hah, that's my friend Mary and myself, obviously. So the rundown of the morning included us sitting for 15 minutes in a junked up vehicle that was set up to look like it T-boned another vehicle, which flung out the two girls from that car onto the ground, one dead, one unconscious. I was in the car of survivors, the passenger to the drunk driver. So once the audience of students arrived and started sitting down on the bleachers, we were instructed to begin our speel of yelling, crying, and pleading for help. After a couple screams I realized that I sounded ridiculous, so I stuck to fake crying and clutching Lindsey's hand in the backseat. The rescue squad came and removed us from the car using the jaws of life and stretchers. The "dead girl" was concealed in a bodybag and driven away by the hearse. Our performance wasn't bad I thought, and the girl who organized it even said we were her best, most realistic group so far :). That made me happy. Afterwards was an assembly that was sad to listen to, about a deputy who lost his brother to drunk driving. Then we spent the rest of the day rehearsing the Grand March procedure and decoroating the stage. Just as a random note, fake blood does NOT come off easily, haha. I had red arms for the remainder of the evening, and I spent the rest of the day peeling latex skin from my face :P. I thought it was pretty neat though, I wouldn't mind participating in things that require me to get all made up and cool looking, like thater. But there aren't many opportunities for things like that around here, especially on a non-professional, just-for-fun scale. Then after school I went to Julie's to hang out with her and Amanda :). We watched movies and stuff, and I slept over.

prom time!,.
I headed out to my hair appointment around 9:30ish, the lady was really nice. Then I went to pick up Tom from his house and we proceded to mine to get ourselves ready. Since Tom can't drive, amusingly enough, I stuffed myself and my dress into the driver's seat to go down to the school. It looked absolutely ridiclous, haha. Now I'll just post some photos from before the Grand March.

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hah, we're goofs :).

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amanda looking ravishing as always ;)

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tom and myself again :)

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derek and his awesome mohawk, and girlfriend alyssah :D

And the 2009 Prom Queen is...

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Tom! Hahah, no I'm joking :P, but in reality...

Say whaaaaat?!
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Me! How insane is that? I was happy enough to be called up to be on Court, but during the coronation after they announced Prince, Princess, and King, I was expecting to hear a different girls name, one who was more.. "popular", I guess, is the term I'm looking for :P. I mean I get along well with everyone, but I always hang out with my same group of friends. So I figured I would just be a court member, but hearing them call my name as the Queen nearly knocked me off of my feet. It meant alot to me to get it, just because I didn't go out and try to win people's votes. Like I didn't change the way I acted or anything in hopes of getting the position.

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First dance with my King, haha.

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rachel and myself before queen/princess crowning.

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the whole court :P.

So, once we skedaddled off of the school premises via schoolbus, we went to a resort up on the lake for dinner and dancing. The place had two sizable rooms, one for eating, the soda bar, and two big-screened televisions, and one was hooked up to a wii. As soon as we got there we could not wait to stuff our faces. The Grand March dragged on forever it seemed. I loved the food though, it was a buffet style set-up. I only wish I had been more hungry so I could have tried more things, haha! But I was happy with it. We spent the rest of the evening in and out of the dance room, sometimes going outside for some cool, fresh air. Personally I'm not the dancing type, especially to the music that was played. That was my only complaint about the night. You see, we hired a deejay who we were asked to submit song requests to prior to the Prom. We did that, and much to our surprise, he did not play hardly anything from our list. Sure, by chance some of the more popular, gangsterish songs, were played. But nothing I put down was. I think only three, possibly four slow songs were played throughout the entire FOUR + HOURS. I mean helloooo... It's a Prom, there is supposed to be a selection of cutesey/romanctic tunes to slowdance to every now and then. I was so upset about that. The two songs I really wanted to hear, that were bolded on my request form, were Sieze the Day by Avenged Sevenfold, and Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. If I heard atleast those two songs, I would have been pleased as punch since I don't do the whole booty-dancing gig anyways. But ughhhh >:[. I even went up and personally requested Seize the Day halfway through the night, and he said he had it. Just for caution I asked six or seven other friends to go request it too. But did he ever play it for us...? No. He just put on whatever he felt was suitable, including 50's music that I know wasn't requested. At one point I briefly went over those forms with my advisor, so I have a vague idea of what people wrote down, and this jerk blatently IGNORED that.

Other than that though, I had a wonderful time. I got to talk and hang out with friends, take pictures, and it just felt spectacular after all the stress I went through to get there. I cannot even explain how happy I was with how things worked out. I'm just so glad I got to go with Tom, like I wanted to all along, even if it was just as friends. He put so much effort into going for me, keeping his grades up, getting his ineligibility card signed by teachers, paying for the tux, tickets, and other expenses. I was so glad he did all of that for me. Plus it was great having Amanda there to be with too :). Once the Prom was over, I drove myself and Tom over to Zack's house for a little get together. Roughly 10 of our classmates were there, so we just sat down and relaxed, talking to eachother. I see these people every day, but we never really hang out and talk, you know? Like we all have our separate groups of friends we're meshed into, but it was cool being able to catch up and get back on track with them, and their views on things. We literally sat in their garage(which is more of a living room/bar, haha) and talked from midnight to five in the morning. It was some pretty crazy stuff :P. I loved it though, it was a memorable, funny time.

Sunday should have been a recovery day, but I opted for having fun instead. Amanda, Julie, John, and I went to Walmart to develop pictures, then to the library, where I checked out a few new reads. I finished A Mind of its Own, I found it to be quite enjoyable. It really opened my eyes to how we go about doing the things we do, and the role our brain plays in protecting our ego and making our decisions. I reccomend it to anyone who's curious. I have put a raincheck on The Little Book, because frankly, it isn't that little. It's complex too, so I'm taking a break and reading some books from the library, starting with Victoria Vanishes. It's a murder mystery, but it seems quirky and fun. I'll let you know how it is, maybe I'll even review it ;).
After leaving Julie's residence, I went to the hospital to visit my Grandma. She had to be admitted this weekend because of complication with her rhematoid arthritus, and possibly fibromilalgia :/. Like basic movements were really painful for her, so they took her to the ER to check it out, and she's been there since. So it was nice being able to see her, although it was really unfortunate that she wasn't able to be home on Prom day, because she wanted so badly for me to come over and have pictures taken. But I tried to make it better for her by bringing pictures with me, and my tiara. It really brightened her up to find out that I miraculously made Queen, even though she swears up and down that she knew it all along :P. I love her. So I sat beside her bed and talked to her for quite awhile, and she seems to be in good health. Lively, happy :). I think once they find a suitable medication for the pain, she'll be home in no time.

School today was torturous, I truly need a recovery day. But alas, I'm a busy, obligated girl. So I went to school, did my work, finished my English test, and did the majority of my homework tonight. Actually I think all that I have remaining is studying for my Chemistry test. I was hoping to go to bed at 10:30 tonight, but looking at the clock I realize it's a quarter til eleven. So 11:15 seems more plausible. Gah, I need a vacation :P.

Thanks for bearing with me on my lack of blogging,

♥ Olive


Skippy said...

That's wicked you were Prom Queen!!! I think you are very deserving of the title. From the pictures, you looked like you had a TOTAL blast. You're dress is very pretty, plus you can never go wrong with purple.

The car crash thing sounded AWEsome. That make-up on the other hand looked like it was kinda gross. I assume that's the point though. I have always heard fake blood is sticky, like cherry sauce. But anyway it's good you had fun with it.

Glad to see you blogging again!!!

n a t a l i e said...

Oh my goodness, congrats on being the Prom Queen! That's so incredibly awesome! :D :D :D You definitely deserve it--you and your hair and dress look absolutely gorgeous, as does Tom with his crown baha ;) Stolen would have been awesome to slow dance to, I love that song! That sucks that the DJ was a butt. They NEVER play the songs that we request at dances either! We were the very people to request a song, and we all went up like 20 times, but they never ever played it. What the heck. It looks like all of your hard work paid off and you had a fantabulous time :D

The car crash thing sounds like a success too! Getting made into a deadish/dying person with the fake blood and all that sounds like a lot of fun, hehe.

I hope your grandmother feels good as new as soon as possible, and get some well-deserved rest :)

Hannah said...

Ah! Miss Prom Queen in the flesh ;D
That is beyond amazing!!!
You looked so fantastic, and your hair and dress and everything looks amazing! You totally deserved the crown :)
Tom looked rather dapper, too :D

Hahah the first picture looks rather grotesque! Yet, I bet it was fun! Was it makeup? Yikes!


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Wow, prom queen! Go you :D Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look beautiful!

Your picture of the crash reminds me terribly of the course I had to do to get my first aid degree but you sound like you had fun while doing yours, lol.

I'm glad everything went well and you had fun :D

Kaitlin said...

awwwww you look SO pretty! congratulations on Prom Queen! :)
it sounds like you had a great time!
have a good week :)

a l i said...

Congrats Olive! You were Prom Queen!!!!! How cool?!?! (:

Kaitlin said...

I've been good, just very busy with the year ending and all. I'm gonna write a new post now though :) How about you?

And aww, I just read your post this one. I'm really sorry about the New Visions thing =/

holly said...

aww thank-you (:
congrats on becoming prom queen thats a pretty big thing!
i got rejected too a few weeks back for a job, ugh i was not happy i didnt want the job at all in the beginning but then grew to want it, oh boy....

Nicole Linette said...

So obbbbviously I haven't touched Blogger for a week, but nine days late, congratulations! =:D Olive that's incredible you were voted Prom Queen and I'm completely happy that you had quite the night, that prom was a success. You looked stunning, as did all your friends :) Are you friends with the guy that was elected King? The Grand March sounded awesome, even though you had to pay so much. Our DJ was lame like that too! >:( We used the same company as last year's junior class, who advised us to request music. Nearly everyone did -- but the playlist ended up being obscure techno and four slow songs. Though I'm with you, that was the only complaint of the night! What was your 'prom song'? We chose "With Me" by Sum 41!
Hahaha, perhaps you are destined to a life in acting?! The latex looks grosss but so realistic! :P

It's ridiculous, all the preparation that goes into Prom ... and then it's over. I'm sure you made some unforgettable memories though. I also hope your grandma gets better!

Have a great Memorial Day, talk to you later. peace&love,