Monday, June 8, 2009

Still living, breathing, and unfortunately slacking

It's been nearly a week, sorry!
Because New York has annoying methods of madness, my summer has not yet begun. So I have been busy with homework and reviewing, then allowing myself to escape with friends for the weekend. Once classes and exams are over(my last test is the 18th), I should ideally be blogging full-time :). Of course you can anticipate some failure in with that proposal, but I will certainly try.

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I allowed the sun to roast me Saturday late morning til early afternoon during our Spanish Club warwash. Mary and I received endless honks courtesy of the passing Americaders, it was rather awkward and embaressing. I wound up hiding behind the bright orange sign until it was time for our lunch break. Then we just joined the people doing the washing :). But yes, my shoulders are a tender pink at the moment, and I cannot stand to wear the camisoles I usually opt to relax in. Hurrah for oversized, cotton tees.

Saturday evening Julie invited Amanda and I to accompany her to a family party in a city roughly 1.5 hours away. I love that apartment her sister lives in. There's an outdoor patio, plenty of beautiful plants and an artificial pond with bright, speckled fish. The garage has a little overhead room perfect for chillen', and access to the railed in roof overlooking the little yard. Then the house has an assortment of rooms where Kratia and her three roommates live. Up three sets of stairs is her room on the top floor, which is cozy and spacious simutaneously. We spent most of our time muching on the delicious dumpings and eggrolls Jung, her asian roommate, is notorious for. We also sat on the roof and in the room above the garage, just talking. And as depictable from the photo above, we spent some time just hanging out on the stoop :). Cool kids sit on the stoop! Hahah. Oh, we also went wild upon hearing the music of the dingaling truck, because those don't come to our little rural town, so we dashed across the street and we sure to get ourselves each a delicious treat. Afterwards we were driven back home, and I fell asleep at Julie's.

School has me completely annoyed and on edge. Wednesday is our last class day and guess what-- we are currently finishing up our last chapter in Chemistry. No, not review, new material. I have always liked the teacher of the class, but I have to admit this is quite ridiculous. Also, she doesn't have time available to review with us after school. I have concluded that finals and regents in that course will be an epic fail. But I did well all year long, so my average will be okay. It still leaves me incredibly irked at how unprepared I'm going to be. Especially since her final exam is this THURSDAY. So that leaves me relatively zero time to cram the abundance of information into my mind. I'm less worried about math, we only have a final this year. The teacher has been doing review packets for us the last couple of weeks, and she's more than willing to help us with any questions we have. Another bonus is that our final will look very similar to these key packets :). The other exams should be fine for me, I'm mainly stressing over science. I thankfully do not need the regents credit in Chem to receive my Advanced Diploma, if I did, I would be royally screwed.

Ohoh, Toby showed up :) I saw him on the kitchen porch tonight, I feel much relief. He's fat as ever, too ;P.
In Spanish today, we ate food from a local mexican restaurant. I ordered an enchilada thing, but I didn't realize it came with refried beans, which I loathe. The enchilada itself and the rice were good though, but the beans took up alot of it. However, I also got a "sweet chimichanga" for desert, which is a tortilla with warm bananas, honey, and cinnamon inside. It was delicious. I appreciated Senorita going to get the stuff for us, it was cool :), I just hate baked beans.

So I will make a deep, more thought-provoking post eventually. But this is as good as it's going to get for now. I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful summer weather, be sure to soak up the sun as often as possible, but avoid burning like me.

♥ Olive


n a t a l i e said...

Aww, that stinks about getting sun burned! I absolutely hate that feeling. Luckily I only very rarely get burned if I'm out on the beach for endless hours. Julie's sister's apartment sounds fabulous, especially with the little pond and fish. It sounds like you had a good time just eating dumplings and chilling on the stoop :D

What is with chemistry teachers and stacking on new information at the last minute?! Ours did the same thing! We learned new stuff up until two days before the final...

YAY FOR TOBY :D I'm so glad that he made his way home. And the sweet chimichanga sounds delicious.... I want one!

Have a great week and good luck with exams and whatnot! At least the 18th is right around the corner, yay! :)

Annie said...

Mexican food kicks butt. I was at an authentic Mexican restaurant just last week and got an enchilada with rice and beans too. WEIRD!

I'm so sorry you're still in school; I've been out for almost a week already. I never have to take Chemistry again in my life && that makes me smile (:

Is Toby a person or an animal? hahaha


They Just Call Her Helen said...

Oh, it sucks getting sunburnt but it is a big yay for over sized tee shirts :)

I'm glad Toby is back!!

Your exams finish before mine and they're so close to ending *dances* Only a week and a half left *dances some more* So good luck for them :)

And your spanish lesson sounds cool minus the part you had to eat beans :/ but apart from that (Y)

Rose Valentine said...

Good look with your exams!!

And thanks for the comment!