Sunday, June 28, 2009

I sound like a broken record.
Sorry for the infrequent posting, it's pathetic, and I hate it :P.
It's just, whenever I have the free time to blog, I usually cannot. Either my mother is using the computer, or I have some place to be within a short stretch of time. Like, now. I was invited to Julie's tonight, and was planning to drive over within the hour. But I couldn't put off posting any longer, so oh well :).

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This is what the three of us looked like upon reaching our destination of the icecream parlor, after roughly 15 tedious miles of biking. The journey was a bit difficult for me, since I'm not at all accustomed to riding for long distances, usually only a few miles at a time. So I was discouraged at first, trailing forever behind my two comrades, whose bike's were too quick to allow them to go at my beginning pace, haha. Thankfully, Julie noticed that I wasn't using my gears properly, I didn't know that I could use one of the sides, which drastically improved my speed. So after that, I was able to keep up for the most part. It was a nice experience though, getting the exercise, scoping out the scenery, chatting with friends, even if it was with hoarse, exasperated voices. Once we got there, I realized I had never deserved icecream as much as I did right then. We couldn't even wait for our teachers to meet us there before we pigged out. Chocolate vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles. I think more made it onto my cheeks and chin that in my stomach ;P. We had a nice time once the cool teachers, whom we now consider friends, arrived.

The past couple of days have been busy, busy, busy. Graduation, parties, you name it. I would like to drone on and on in elaboration, but I'm cutting it close time-wise, and I figure that may be boring to read, anyways. But the main point is, I'm really going to miss the class of 2009. It was bittersweet to watch Julie and Jenna walk across the stage to retrieve their diplomas, because I'm wicked excited for them to usher out into the "real world", and drag us younger friends on into it :P, and for them to start making their futures. But it's difficult imagining the next school year without them. Who's going to sit at our lunch table? Who am I going to walk with in the hallways? So many things are going to change, and I'll just have to make adjustments. I'm glad to still have Amanda :), the two of us together should be able to manage. It'll just be a little harder without our buddies. Then Julie's graduation party was pretty fun. The teachers came and hung out, haha. It was cool. I ate far more than I thought I was capable of consuming. But hey, once in awhile you're entitled to just let yourself go. Of course my stomach is cursing me for it now, but that's okay. I went to two more today, and I have a few more left, but luckily I think they're more spaced out. Some things I have been up to, but failed to really mention included walking my lovely dog through the park with Amanda, eating lots of Subway, and taking pictures in the library.
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Hahah, Ermm.. ;P I wasn't actually reading it, but Amanda thought it'd be a funny pose.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I passed my chemistry regents.. Just by the skin of my teeth, though. 65 isn't a good mark to me, but I'm atleast happy to have passed. I'm uncertain as to whether I can re-try it, or if I even want to. Do regents scores particularly matter, so long as the course average was high? The major I want to persue isn't science related.. so I'm thinking maybe I don't really need a high chemistry mark? I don't know, if any of you are more informed about this, let me know. The rest of my grades were satisfactory. I scored 99's on both the U.S. History and English regents, and my cumulative average for my Junior year was 93.57 I believe.
I hope you're all having a wonderful summer time.
♥ Olive


Skippy said...

Happy belated birthday!

I love the picture of you in the library, it's wicked. Who took it? or did you do the timer on the camera?

Rainbow sprinkles are great, I bet it made the endless bike ride worth it. Yeah bike riding looks cool, I never learned tho. It's cool that you bike ride. It's something you and your friends can all do.

katie said...

I remember the last time I attempted to ride my bike for longer than ten minutes. It was the most fruitlessly exhausting thing I've ever done. Fruitless because there is just nowhere to go around where I live. Nowhere to ride my bike to. I prefer windsurfing. But well done for the fifteen miles! I could do with some ice-cream right about now...

I know nothing of the American grading system but I'm assuming 93.57 is a percentage, in which case that's very good and I congratulate you :)


natalie said...

15 miles does sound like a pretty daunting task! You definitely deserved that ice cream :) I don't even have any ideas to work the gears and whatnot on my bike haha. Gah, now I'm really in the mood for some soft serve!

That must be bittersweet that Julie and your other friends are going out into the real world! Hopefully you guys will be able to get through the next school alright. I'll bet you had a good time at the graduation party though, and I love the library pictures! Hahaha at your choice of literature ;D

You might not have gotten the grade that you wanted for chemistry, but good job on passing! And I think your other grades definitely make up for it! Is 93.57 an A on your school's grading scale? That's awesome :D

Have a wonderful week :)

Helennn__Louise said...

YAY on passing :)

And nice pictures in the library. Interesting book choice mind :L

Me and bikes never get on. You sound like you had fun though (Y) I'm sure you did deserve ice cream for biking that far :)

Annie said...

You passed! Huzzah! & Happy Belated Birthday!

15 miles of biking does sound pretty intense. ...Oh shoot I forgot what else I was going to say. Oh well :P


Hannah said...

First off, YAY!! I'm so glad to hear that you got it!!
I love leather journals. There really isn't anything better than the musty smell :D

I would DIE of exhaustion if I had to bike that long! I can't even ride a bike! I can do those things at the gym, but that's it.
I give you props, girl.
You deserved that godforsaken ice cream :P

It will be different for you next year going in without as many friends. Yet, just know that there is always a whole realm of possibilities awaiting you. Adapting is what we have to do, eh?

It sounds like you did quite well on your exams as a whole :D
Pft, who cares about Chemistry?
I mean, hey, you DID end up with a 93.57%, which (if your school is like mine??) rounds up to a 94%.


Helennn Louise said...

The drinking thing is weird. I read your blogs where alcohol is NEVER mentioned and I feel like a total boozer. LOL.

Eugh, it's just sad when grown men find themselves having nothing better to do than abuse teenage girls. Really drives me mad. I'm sure you'd have got mad and had a go or that might be the way we've been brought up :L

Enjoy your week x

Nicole Linette said...

Olive!!! How are you?

I am, so to say, back. Hopefully this laptop won't fail me =:X So much to say, but first I'll begin with,
Happy summer & belated 17th!
You must have some incredible friends, with some serious creative talent because those cards rock :) Hahaha, my friend recieved a few dwarf hamsters.. one ate the other and then ate itself =:\ I'm hoping your experience will be a bit better, haha.

15 miles is ambitious!! Congratulations though, anything for ice cream. And now you know you can do it! That's really great.

Yeah, graduation was crazy because the idea that these kids are no longer going to be walking the halls blows my mind... we made it Olive, we're finally on top =) It's bittersweet though, I'll miss them too.
As for grad parties, I've been invited to a few and I was wondering, is it necessary to give a gift or cash if I attend? I definitely would make a card and not to sound cheap, but I'm not quite sure if I can afford $20 for four different kids.. whom are acquaintances, not in my close group of friends. I still want to go to their parties, but I just don't know. You know what I'm saying? I wanted to consult for your opinion, haha.

Nice book in those photos :D

Finally... a ninety-nine in English and US History?!?!?! ==:DD
Holy crap, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I only got a 93% on English, which was the highest score because those essays kicked my but (I think only one was a six and the rest were fives), and in History, I did the best with a 98%.. and I was in AP!!!! NICE JOBBB!! Hahaha and if I were you.. don't worry about chemistry. You really could retake it in August if the score bothers you, but if the college is one that isn't going to depend highly on standardized test scores... I would just leave it. It's one of the those traumatic experiences that we should only have to go through once. Talk to your school counselor though, he/she would know what's best.

Nice work Olive, you totally deserve summer :) Enjoy the week, and talk to you soon!