Monday, August 10, 2009


Hmm. What exactly am I doing, aside from looking rather awkward? I'll tell you the lovely story of how I ended up immobile on the shoulder of an Interstate Highway in the rain. Thus leading to the closest facial expression I can make to a frown, and having a picture candidly taken of me by Amanda.
Sunday morning we got ourselves around and I drove 45 minutes to get Amanda, Julie, and myself to the mall and surrounding places to shop. We wanted to check out back to school deals, and we made off quite well. I'll post pictures below. Everything was going well, nobody left empty handed. I found a new belt, and shoes :). Along with other "necessities", haha. We also ventured to Target, Petsmart, and Kohl's. Heading home was the issue. Everything was going fine until after I passed two exits on the highway, I noticed the car felt a little funny. Something was off with the steering wheel, it was pulling towards the left, which is not supposed to happen. I wasn't sure if I was going to fast, or being overly concerned, or what. But then a few moments later the whole car began to get shaky, this was undeniably strange. I said to my friends that this was not right, something was wrong with the car. They said it would be fine, most likely trying to make sure I kept calm and in control. But as I kept going I felt very uncomfortable and decided to switch to the closest lane, and signal over to get on the shoulder. Once at a stop I could see smoke raditating from the road, from my car, and I got out to see a flat front tire with a gaping hole. I got back inside of the vehicle, put on the flashers, and called the parents. Neither of them were too happy, especially since it happened on such a dangerous, busy road. Nevertheless they sent a friend of theirs who was already out in town to give me a hand. So after sitting in the car for 40 minutes or so, he came along and I helped him change my tire. That's when Amanda snapped the shot of me, hahah. So in the end all was well, I got us home safely and we hung out for the rest of the evening. I'm just glad the tire was the only thing that was damaged. I couldn't imagine getting into an accident if I had lost control or something.

I went to the tire shop this morning and discovered that a nail had been the devil's advocate, causing my leaky tire. Then I forked over $50 to cover half of the cost for a replacement one. My funds are quickly diminishing. I need a job, hahah. Golden Goal has been good to me, but there's only one week left of that, and that's after this 10 day gap of no activity at the park. Looking at my paychecks, I've determined there isn't a high likilhood that I will have broken $1000 in earnings this summer. Atleast it's been enjoyable, I like the people there.
Rockin' the leather vests in Target ;). No, we didn't actually buy them.

Some of my scores. Zebra tee - Zumiez, Dark wash super skinny jeans - PacSun, White camisole- Aeropostale, Lumberjack cardigan - Target, Purple + raspberry tees - Kohl's, Funky socks - Finish Line.

New belt, check. Zack has the same one haha. I always have this girly, "cutesy" style, sometimes I just need to add a little edge to it. Studs will do the trick. And yes, another pair of pseudo-converse ;). $17 at Rue21. I might need to jazz them up though.

Another thing, I ventured around with Shayla and Jenna Saturday night. Sadly, no pictures were taken. I don't know what we were thinking :P. But we ate and conversed at Panera's, then walked around the lake village until her uncle was out of his gig. I left Shayla with him and drove Jenna and myself back home. This store, The Silvermine, had really neat afghan blankets. Shayla bought herself and a friend one for her birthday. I'm contemplating going back and getting one for myself, haha.

Well, tomorrow morning I am off to visit colleges with my mom, Amanda, and Julie. We'll be staying at a hotel overnight, and I might get a chance to post. If not, I'll catch everyone all up to date later. I hope my poor car makes it just fine for this journey, haha. We were going to take my mom's car, but coincidentally the air conditioning/defrosting unit quit working, so now mine is the only good option. Wish us luck ;).
Straight from thejar :)


Skippy said...

that sucks
Flat tries are THEE worst.
Luckily the only times I have encountered them are driving slowly in a residential area, and in a drive way. When that one was spotted my mom dropped the f bomb...twice. It was pretty funny.

I'm glad your crew is safe, and all. I mean getting into car trouble is bad enough, add the fact you guys were on a busy highway...well you get it.

At least shopping was sucessful, the shoes are AWESOME. Although anything purple is. Sweet belt too.

I'm so with you on the job-getting thing. I have been needing a job for the longest time, but everytime I look, it's not luck. I'm sure you'll get a job soon tho.

natalie said...

Ahhrgh, I would have been freaking out in your tire situation! That pesky nail D:< Of course I'm glad that everyone remained relatively unscathed, despite the unfortunate busy-highway-location!

It looks like you had a pretty successful shopping day :D I love the zebra shirt, and the faux-Converse color :) Those are some pretty sweet leather vests too haha, you should have bought them ;D

Afghans are so unbelievably comfy! I won one at a raffle once... best thing ever for a cold winter day :)

Good luck on your trip! I hope you have a successful day of college visits!

Helennn Louise said...

I was thinking, why is she buying this stuff for school and then I quickly remembered that in America you don't wear a uniform!

Unlucky about the flat tire. I only ever remember it happening to us once but dad always has a spare in the boot so we were okay. They're a bitch though. I'd have proper stressed out in the car if thats what it was doing though. Your expression does make me chuckle though :)

Good luck at the colleges!!

Nicole Linette said...

Pseudo Converse for the win XD! I have a brown pair from Target that I bought in 8th grade before the Converse collaboration even began there. They've held up so well over the years. I dig the studded belt and checked Lumberjack cardigan. Looking like a woodsman from Saskatchewan has never been so cool ;).

Congratulations on a successful back-to-school shopping trip, despite the flat tire. Ugh, that sounds TERRIBLE. You obviously handled it very well, pulling over with your blinkers.. bad timing though, who the heck wants to be stuck in the rain :\.

Well, you're probably there and back from the U of R and other colleges by now, but I hope it was amazing! Can't wait to see a post on it.


Helennn Louise said...

Thanks for the sweet comments xx