Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I can't help but to wonder about my whereabouts in the future, what my home will be like once I'm all "settled", if that even happens. No, the house pictured is not mine, I just thought it looked interesting :). I envision my life in spurts. I see senior year, rushing madly to fill out applications for college, pouring over yearbook ideas and designs, possibly holding down a job, whilst trying to enjoy my time with my friends. Then comes college. I see myself out in western New York, at some place like Rochester, Syracuse, or Geneseo. Of course this is subject to change, but that's my current game plan.
But here you see, is where the vision gets foggy. I cannot predict what college will be like, I hope I still see my friends alot, even if it means enduring many miles to reach their door. The less distance, the better. However, none of my closest friends have real solid ideas of where they want to go, what they want to be. I don't blame them, these are the toughest decisions we have to face so far, I just want them to go wherever's best for them. Amanda and Julie both want to go somewhere new, so there's a decent chance we'll be close, maybe. Amanda seems interested in the same colleges I am, but there's also an issue of where her boyfriend winds up. Julie's drawn to the south, but I don't know if she'll persue that. Jenna wants to go to a college in southern NY I believe.. Shayla's in that general area as well. And Tom, well he plans on staying around here. I respect that though, he has good reasons for it. Their house is fantastic, very old and big, but nicely renovated by their father. There's so much land around it, and the memories, plenty of them exist within those walls. If he keeps that house, that'd be wonderful, it'd fit him well.

Allowing my imagination to wander, forgetting the limitations of bank accounts, I'll give you a tour of my future home. First you must unlatch the iron gate which keeps my dogs inside. One's an English Mastiff, absolutely ginormous, while the other is a fluffy, stout Chow Chow, which I will take the liberty to color panda-esque as the person below has. The driveway is onyx, the blackest black, stretching a ways up from the road. Far enough to keep passing cars from disturbing my rest.

Approaching the house you'll notice it's teal with white shutters, pink trees are blossoming in the yard. Coming up the few short steps you'll turn the handle and find yourself inside my living room.The details within aren't quite figured out yet, but I'll tell you what I do know. The couches are plush, it's equipped with a bookcase and coffee table. Instead of a television, a large projector screen pulls down. The kitchen is large and contemporary. Glass paned cupboards line the walls above the marble countertop. The stainless steel fridge always holds fresh foods, and is covered in magnetized photos of people I love. There's a window in front of the sink overlooking the back yard. To give dinner a more personal feel, I'll skip out on the dining table and opt for a comfy booth against the side wall.

I imagine the colors different, maybe a solid royal purple, keeping the white drawers and cupboards, but adding a black and white checked tile floor. That's more my style. Somewhere down the hall will be the bathroom and laundry rooms. Heading back to the living room, to find my bedroom you'll venture up the spiral staircase to my loft right above. A carpeted hallway spread between my bedroom wall and the iron railing. Black and white photographs I've take over the years are scattered on the teal wall. On each end of the hallway is a window to keep things illuminated. My french bedroom doors will lay in the middle. Inside, plenty of windows will shine light in. I'll have a sizable armoire or closet, full of clothes I've acquired over the years. A small bathroom will be added on. I'll have a big, soft bed. Complete with all of the pillows and blankets I desire :). Also, I bet my little Persian cat will be curled up in here somewhere, looking angry as always, haha. I cannot get over how miserable they look, like grumpy old men. But I still think they're cute.

Another set of doors will lead to the terrace outside, located over the kitchen. I'll keep plants and my hottub out there. Back in my room will be another spiral staircase leading to the final room. This is my circular office. Inside will be a nice big desk, the perfect chair, and as many bookshelves and cases as I see fit. This is where I'll do most of my writing, undisturbed. Lined with windows, it'll be a pretty sight when lit in the evenings. It'll be small and quaint, but just the right enviornment.
So in all actuality, this probably won't be my house. It's just what comes to mind, but so many variables play a role in where you end up. I can only imagine myself having this sort of money if my writing is a success, and if I also go through with my ambition to open my own bookstore. Which could be in the town where this house of my mind exists. I feel like I would need something like that, my own business, to cause me to settle down permanently in an area I don't already know well. Dormitories and apartments are different, they're meant to be more temporary. But houses are somewhat of a commitment, or atleast it's a pain to switch to a new one. I think it'll be a long time before I settle down like this though, I want to travel. But the planning process is beginning in my head regardless. I guess that's just me.

I don't have too much to talk about. I felt like doing things differently blog-wise today, switch it up a little. The movie I was making with my friends is finished :). I couldn't upload clips because Dan deleted them whenever he put them on his computer, so I couldn't upload them to mine. That's not his fault though, he had to save memory and I never asked. We went out for icecream with the teachers again today, minus Sophia. It was pretty fun though, but there were so many of us, that it was kinda hard to keep up with conversation. Too many people speaking at once is no good for me, hahah.
I hope everyone's having a wonderful week,

♥ Olive :)


Helennn Louise said...

Now that sounds like a perfect home. It's nice to let your imagination wander at times. The house in the picture is so quirky, I love it!

Awh man, I really wanted to watch your film too. I'm glad you succeeded in making it :)


natalie said...

I really want to go somewhere in New York for college. I'm just drawn to New York for some reason, I don't know why! Hopefully you and all of your friends will be able to keep in close contact over the years :) I don't know about me and my friends though, which scares me... they want to go to California and South Carolina and all of these places that'd be far away ):

But oh wow, that's a dog?! I thought that actually was a panda when I first looked at it, that's awesome :D The house in the picture actually looks like something in my town o: And it sounds pretty much fantastic! A booth in the kitchen, spiral staircase, and amazing library/office place are definitely must-haves in my dream house too :)

Hurrah for the movie being finished, that's awesome! And I'll bet that going out for ice cream with everyone again was quite a treat! Have a marvelous rest of the week too :D

Nicole Linette said...

Senior year is still dawning upon us, and I'm envisioning similar situations :\ It's terrible, though I'm actually trying to get a head start on applications now (heh, great times).. and the college search! I don't blame you for wanting to look in Western NY, there are undoubtedly some excellent schools here. You would probably do amazing at Syracuse U, or SUNY Geneseo. I myself am looking to get out, though. My parents keep talking about wanting to move south once I'm in college, but if they stick around where we are now in the Finger Lakes, I would like to be at least four hours away hahaha. A lot of my friends know what they want to study too, and it's something we almost would rather ignore because it means going to schools pretty far away from each other.

Your dream house imagery was outstanding :D Hahaha and the Chow Chow/Panda Dog!! Interestingly enough, I've looked up that same picture. I have a spiral staircase in my house, it's a point of interest for many. Having a house is on a totally different scale than an apartment or loft. Though since you and I have big aspirations for travel, I imagine those will be our lodgings for a while before we want to settle in :)

Can't wait to see the movieee! And there is nothing better than creamy ice cream with good company. Have a great rest of the week.