Friday, August 14, 2009

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

I may have stumbled upon quickie snacktime heaven, dears.
Toast a slice of bread of your preference, coat it(or slather as I do) in Nutella, and slice a banana, making thin little circles. Cover the toast in a layer of however many you can fit, and eat the rest plain, or however you fancy. But the toast, nutella, and banana slices are delicious, atleast in my mind. And incredibly simple/fast.

(Photo jacked from Google, I ate mine to fast to think to photograph :P)

Lately I've been thinking about the enviornment. So many things can be easily done to make things a little better for our planet. I've never been an expert on this stuff, but I'm trying to improve. I always save bottles for recycling purposes and I turn off appliances when I'm not using them. Another thing I think I'll begin doing is bring your own bag, basically carrying a reusable bag to the store rather than wasting more plastic. I save the bags I do get, and reuse them for garbage and such. But I can only re-use so many of them.
Also I've tried getting accustomed to taking cold(er) showers. It's easier after jogging or unloading multiple wagons of hay. I can't handle full on just cold, but I only turn the hot on alot less, so it's managable. It's pretty cold though :P. But so far the results are nice. My hair feels softer and shinier and I take alot less time in there, hahah. I'm guessing because a chilly shower isn't quite as theraputic as a hot one. I'm not sure if I can make that a regular thing, but I'm going to try, atleast while the weather's so nice.

Do you have any "green" methods you'd like to share? I'm just a n00b at it.

I regretfully do not have much else interesting to share. The past couple of days have been occupied with unloading hay, which I've griped about previously, so you all know the tortures of it :P. Callouses, callouses, callouses. Even if you wear gloves. Tomorrow sounds like the same old song and dance.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

(jamming to: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Cake)


natalie said...

Oh my goodness, not even joking, that's like my favorite snack EVER! :D Except sometimes I like to add another piece of toast with peanut butter on that slice, for extra yummyness :)

Let's see... well my family makes compost, recycles, reuses grocery bags/uses the cloth kind, and all that fun stuff too, so I guess I don't really know much more beyond that, besides the basic stuff :P But yeah, I've started taking colder showers too, and it really does make your feel a lot healthier! Yay for going green(er) :D

I hope your hay unloading isn't too torturous today :/ Have a good weekend tooo!

Helennn Louise said...

Sounds like a good snack but I don't eat toast, chocolate spread or bananas so thats out for me. But me and grannie were going to try peanut butter and banana one day. However that photo you put does make you really want some!

Um... I'm not really green but we do recycle and take our own bags. I really should care more! The cold shower idea sounds good but might not work because my rundown bathroom has no shower :L

enjoy your week


Kaitlin said...

That looks pretty tasty. I love Nutella.
Cold showers can be pretty nice... I take them when I'm in a hurry in the morning to wake myself up.
Callouses suck. Also, I love Cake and the song that is your title.
I am finally going to at least START a post summarizing my travels tonight so it will be coming up today or tomorrow... Have a good week! :)

Helennn Louise said...

Thankuu for your comment :)

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Olive! I apologize profusely for not commenting you in so long, I have been ridiculously busy all of the sudden. I believe you asked about Geneseo! It has a nice village, and of course it's not really bustling, but there are some nice shops and cafes.. I forgot the name, but I adore the bagel pannini place with gelato :D. I'm taking my road test there Tuesday as well hahaa, just thought I'd tell you.
Rochester seems more exciting just because stores are more accessible and eclectic, though of course if you were in Geneseo, all of that would still be less than 45 minutes away =).

YESS bananas on wheat toast with peanut butter or Nutella is just terrific! Love the photo too, even if it wasn't yours :P Sometimes I add honey or use strawberries, it's great.

I really wish my family was more into the eco-movement, but the extent is recycling, using water-saving appliances, and only turning on the air conditioning if it's ghastly suffocating. I save all my shopping bags and turn off the lights whenever possible, take shorter showers as well (I turn the water off while shaving), and actually save all my paper waste to recycle at school because our garbage people don't sort the recycling.. Oh yeah, and we try to buy most of our produce locally! I love farmer's markets.

Hay gets terribly itchy :\ Slather on some hand cream and have a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

We have tax on plastic bags here, so people bring their own shopping bags wherever they go. I think it's great.