Friday, August 7, 2009

Night Owl

Going to sleep at a decent hour is pretty much impossible for me lately. I just stay awake so late, not even feeling tired, haha. I guess that's a normal characteristic of summer, but it sure did kick in late. I kind of prefer going to bed earlier, and waking up earlier. Next week I'll make a point to wake up bright and early :).

It's pretty scenic around here, sometimes. Lately I've been helping Tom work on our farm, delivering bags of oats from the field, way back to the shed. It has to be over a mile each way. The first time we had to load the bags up onto the fourwheeler and make multiple trips. Today was a bit easier though, my dad let Tom use our farm truck to haul the bags because there was so many of them. He had a bit of trouble figuring out how to drive standard :P, but nevertheless we survived. I liked just sitting in there with him, feet up on the dash, lost in the scenery.

Something I really value about our friendship is that I just speak when I'm with him, like I completely spill out my mind. I'm surprised he doesn't have my cranium juice stained on his sleeves, hahah. I just gush everything, say how pretty it is outside, talk about human nature, about what I want out of life. Never does it occur to me, "Nah, don't say that, you'll sound stupid." I just ramble on and on.

I've had this ongoing thing "Nerdfest 09", we've called it, where my friends Zack and Derek have been opening my eyes to the wonders of Lord Of The Rings. Epic, epic, epic. We watched the first two in Derek's mom's basement, the ultimate "nerd dwelling", while devouring pizza pockets and orange soda. Also, I went with them to see Harry Potter yet again :). That was over the last couple of weeks, but yesterday evening since Zack's at boyscout camp, Derek came over to Tom's to show us the final movie. I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Now I must read the books, and Harry Potter. Once that was finished at 1:00am, we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves, so Derek offered to take us to Walmart so he could stock up on soda, hahah. So off we went, in the wee hours of the morning to a nearly deserted supercenter. I believe there were more employees than customers lurking about. Anyways, that was fun. Nerdfest isn't even close to over, so I'll keep you all updated with the activities that occur.

I went shopping today. Only to the Pacsun outlet, but I made off with two pairs of jeans, including the pair pictured, and the jacket. I was dissatisfied with the prices.. but oh well. The jeans were kind of a steal, $20 a piece, but I splurged on the jacket. $60 >:/, what was I thinking?! However, I do love teal, I just couldn't resist it.
Amanda and I plan to do more back to school shopping in the near future. Probably nothing major thanks to my income and the ridiculous prices of things. But I know I need new shoes, a new belt, and definitely a few nice shirts. I'm hoping to hit up Forever 21 for some deals, and I hope I can find a cool belt at Zumiez. My favorite one ever is no longer sold, which saddens me :(. The one I had broke because I wore it so much, hahah. Ughh.

Oh, and I now loathe Verizon. Apparently, even though I have to fork over $60/month for my internet access, I am halfway through my data useage allowance. It was my understanding when I purchased this junk, that so long as I wasn't constantly connected, or some hardcore gamer, I needn't worry about going over. I've had this laptop for what, a little over two weeks? I have a little over one week left until my next billing period. What I don't understand is how I can be charged such an outrageous price for such LIMITED access. People who have regular broadband through their cable providers don't have to worry about disconnecting every time they aren't touching their computer. And that only costs roughly $20 a month. I do use this fairly often, especially since I let my friends online when I'm over, since their internet is gone. But even so, for the cost, the service really does not match up. When I offhandedly mentioned to the associate today that it was a small allowance for the high price, he disagreed with me, hahah! "No, not really. If you learn to disconnect more often it's really more than enough." Well thank you, I'm glad you know your stuff. So now I need to make sure I'm not using my internet too often, and keep track of my useage. Honestly, I think this is garbage. Okay, /end rant.

Well folks,
I hope everyone's had a good week :). Enjoy the weekend.
♥ Olive


natalie said...

Yep, I'm guilty of staying up way too late too... I tried to wake up at 8 today but it did not happen :P

It does seem like it would be pretty scenic! And your friendship with Tom sounds so awesome, that you can just totally and completely be yourself :) Almost as awesome as Nerdfest 09, hahaha. Lord of the Rings FTW! You really must read that, and Harry Potter, asap :D And WalMart is so creepy late at night!

I do love jeans from PacSun, that's where all of mine are from :D And I really like the jacket too, it's a great color! I definitely need to go to Forever 21 too... some back to school shopping is definitely in order for me as well! Hopefully you can find a belt even more awesome than your last one, hehe.

Arrghhh, that majorly sucks about your internet :P It seems like they definitely charged way too much for such limited access! Stupid Verizon, we should all boycott it :P

Well... I hope your weekend is going swell as well :)

Skippy said...

Nerdfest sounds really awesome.
I'm kinda jealous I couldn't attend!I mean nothing is better than nerding-out every now and then. More so when it's a FEST of nerding-out. I hope you have fun.

Staying up late, I think is mandatory during the summer. I get what you mean tho, I have been up late rencently for really no reason. I could go to bed, but why?

I agree with you, teal is a great color. OUCH! The hoddie was a pretty penny, but as long as you feel it was worth it, it's fine in my opinion.

Helennn Louise said...

I've never slept early in my life (my parents are starting to panic about Insomnia) and sometimes life is better like that. So much happens around this area after hours but the woe is losing all your next day :/

I love scenic areas. I'd kill to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and trees with pretty sunsets *sighs* Something to plan for retirement, lol.

Eugh the back to school shopping sucks. You never know what you actually need :L I wish you luck with that (Y)

Nicole Linette said...

It sounds like your guy friends are pretty amazing. I wish I knew someone who would sit through LOTR marathons with me hahaha:P The third one is the best, in my opinion. That picture you posted is glorious! I love days and scenes like that, it makes me thankful for being in a more rural area. Friendships like the one you have with Tom are priceless. That's amazing how comfortable and open you can be around him. Hahaha and agreed with Natalie, Wal*Mart is just plain sketchy after 10 o'clock (but still fun!).

Hoodies and outerwear are worth the splurge! Pac Sun always carries high-quality, chill yet cool clothes. I really like the checks and the color, and I hope you find more jeans and a new belt ... I hate it when belts break! F21 is definitely the place to go for back to school shopping too, because everything there is so unique.

Aww and I'm really sorry about your issues with Verizon :( Companies should be more up front with ALL the terms and prices with their services, before the customer purchases it. Although, it seems to be working out pretty well for you and your friends. Be diligent about logging out ;)

I hope your weekend was marvelous otherwise! peace&love,

Nicole Linette said...

I forgot to add...

You're so good! That lovely blue hoodie is exactly the one I bought from VS Pink from my previous post :). That's pretty amazing that you recieved and kept the U of R envelope hahaa! It is completely epic. That's awesome that you're visiting next week too, let me know what you think of it!!


Kaitlin said...

God, I know what you mean. It's just impossible to go to bed early!
That's a really nice picture.
I know what you mean about Tom, that is how I feel about John. I can just say anything and it isn't weird, and same for him.
Haha, Nerdfest sounds amazing! I wish I had enough friends who embrace nerdiness to do that.
That's pretty ridiculous about the internet. Like... Wow.
Have a good week! I'm waiting to post until Morgan uploads pictures to Facebook that I can steal for mine :P

Christina Celeste. said...

Oh, Olive, tell me about it. I go to bed somewhere between 3 and 5 every night. Worst part? I actually have to get my act together, because, you know, school is starting. Sigh.

Would you believe I have NEVER seen LOTR? Or read them? I feel like an inferior nerd, but hey, I just haven't gotten around to it. Bleh. And I'm starting to envy your friendship with Tom. I had that, but of course, the kid got a girlfriend. And BOO OVERPRICED INTERNET.

Don't they realize internet is the same thing as blood when one is a blogger (says the girl who didn't post in a MONTH.)?


Hannah said...

I've been staying up late lately, too. And regretting it :P Last night I only got about four or five hours of sleep, but I shall prevail!
We will see how long I live through the school year. We will see.

Oooooh I LOVE Lord of the Rings! I've yet to read the books, but the movies are full of win. Really.

I remember when I first got my internet. I didn't have the same problem, but I had issues with it. I suppose the first month or so will be rough until you get it all straightened out and everything? Who knows.
Technology is overwhelming :P

I hope you're well, dear!