Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm so, so behind. It's terrible :(.
But I'm finally trying to catch myself up, I'll be posting a real entry soon. For now I'm just attempting to get up to date with everyone's blog, and I just wanted to let you guys know I didn't like vanish or something. Well I sort of did, but just temporarily :).

The days of summer are dwindling down, and I'm just trying to live them up to their full potential. I hope you're all enjoying your remainder of summer, or whizzing through the start of the school year.

♥ Olive


natalie said...

I'm quite glad that you didn't permanently vanish or anything! :D But don't worry about it, just continue to enjoy the remaining days before school to their fullest :) I hope the last days of your summer have been absolutely fabulous!

Helennn Louise said...

Haha, don't you worry about us. Live each day as if there is no tomorrow as long as you realise we're expecting descritive blogs when you get back. Just kidding. Hope you're having a good time and hope to hear from you soon


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're doing okay! Live summer to the fullest, that's what it's there for - and come back when you want to. I'm on my way to Academia less than a week and a half.

Kaitlin said...

glad you're alive! I've been behind too. Enjoy your end of summer! :)