Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swing Life Away

I feel like my moods are all messed up lately. Like moodswings or something, from feeling stressed, but I'm not really all that sure of what's causing it. I think I just need a day or two with myself to get back into gear :P. I'm like that, I need days just by myself to keep sane. The past couple of days were pretty good though, just now I'm glad to have time to myself now. I slept over at Amanda's the other night :). She showed me all of these funny home videos of her, and especially her brother Kevin, hahah. He must have been the most misbehaved child, running around mcdonalds flipping the camera off and yelling at his friends. It made for alot of laughs though. Then we went back to my house the next morning and chilled til Driver's Ed. She came over after that, too. After hanging out and making me a sign for my door, she went home because she was planning to go work out at the Y. As for me, I stayed here and helped Tom and Nick with hay. Just one load, so it wasn't too bad. It did kinda hurt my back, but I didn't say anything because they've been at it for hours, so I didn't have any right to complain :P. After that I rode back with Tom to his house to hang out with Julie and Amanda later :). But since it was so late, and Julie had work the next morning, she was wanting to go to bed. Amanda and I on the other hand, were filled with energy, so we tried keeping her awake. That's when the fun began... haha. I kept tickling her feet, trying to keep a safe distance, and it was working for awhile, until her foot finally successfully collided with my nose. Oh man, I was gushinngggg blood, haha. It was insane, I've never had a nosebleed before, and I definitely wasn't missing out on much :P. Amanda was impressed with my hardcoreness though, and took a picture with my camera phone.
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The next day I went to Wormy's with Tom and mainly chilled with Rachel and helped set up for their dad's party. We went home and came back later when people were actually there, and hung out with people like Wormy,Zack Barrot,Stevenson,Tyler,Chunk, ect. The party was alright, I got a little bored at times since I don't really talk to half of those people, but it was okay. This girl had a really cute puppy and now I want one :). Julie and Niki were there for a bit too. I must say the fireworks were pretty cool, but I kept getting eaten up by bugs. Around midnight we went back home, watched some Avatar, and fell asleep. I missed the movie because I kept dozing off :P. The next day, being today, was work. I was in a shitty mood though, because I was really tired and didn't want to get up when Tom was trying to get me to :P. And then my mom didn't even come on time, but my supervisor let me come in an hour late. The work day was alright, kinda slow, but not too bad. My mom was all pissed off at me though, because I didn't come out at six because I thought she told me to call her when I needed a ride, but instead she came at six and waited in the parking lot until seven. So that was an unpleasant end to my day. I feel bad for retaliating harshly though, but I was just in a bad mood. I don't know exactly what it is.. I think I just need some rest.

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