Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a random ramble.

I can't even believe how quickly this summer's whizzing by.
It's kind of sad. Back in elementary, these months lasted forever, but now-- it's just an extended vacation. It's practically August, which means September's coming right up, and then it's time for going back to school. Kinda sad, huh?
But I'm not going to let it get me down. This year, I'll hopefully be able to drive myself places. So that means I won't be stuck relying on parents for rides. I'm hoping that may make the whole school year more enjoyable. Plus I'll be working weekends so I won't be shit broke all of the time. I really need to work more now, but I'm not getting many hours, and atleast I have time for my friends, so aaghh, I guess I'll just deal.
I wishhh there was a writing course around here somewhere. I feel like I suck, but I don't want to. It's just the only experience I really get with it's through blogging and my journal. I suppose I should stop being lazy and actually try writing some stories, but a workshop or course would really be helpful. It really aggravates me that our school doesn't even offer a journalism class. Grrr. I should suggest that to guidance, but by the time it could even get organized, I would probably already be graduated. Nothing ever seems to work out in this little town.

So I think I should explain why i want to write. Something just captivates me about being able to tell a story, about anything, and from anyone's point of view, and leave all of the visuals up to your imagination. That's what the big difference between books and movies is for me. Don't get me wrong, I like going to the movies just as much as the next person, but I value books more because of that freedom of creativity they give you. Movies are definitely great when you're feeling like chillen there, and not having to put a whole lot of thought into things. Some movies make you think, and those are the ones I love best, but since they provide all of the visuals, that's alot less for your imaginiation to come up with. I still do enjoy movies though, but the book is usually better.
Journalism interests me too. Being able to express your opinions and thoughts, and hopefully broadcast them to other people to give them new perspectives has always appealed to me. That's why I thought it could be neat to attempt to create a school newspaper this year, for the students. You see, at our school they send home this little newsletter every month, that touches upon all of the topics parents would be interested in (budgets, elections, ect) but it's usually nothing that really interests any of the students. A weekly/bi weekly/monthly newspaper, now that could be more appealing. I think it could help give a voice to students, so they could write in about what changes they would like to see, and hopefully make the whole highschool thing more enjoyable. Currently, our only way of knowing about events and things going on is either through word of mouth or the morning announcements, which noone likes to pay attention to. The only problem with this whole little idea, is the uncertainty if anyone else would be interested. And if they were interested, if they would just take over my idea and leave me without a say in it, haha. Hopefully neither of those little glitches occur.
Photography is another amazing thing to me. Again, it's not something that I'm all too great at, but that's why I'm taking the course, to learn and improve. I'm supposed to take a decent amount of good shots to show him, like 10 or so, maybe. I hope I can pull through on it.


Wandering Child said...

Hey, I was just looking at people who also liked the book 13 reasons why and I've come to really like your blog. And feel free to check mine out! :-)

Rose Valentine said...

We have alot in common. I always prefer the books instead of the movies. I love love to write and I've taken a big interest in photography. :) I like your blog. Visit me if you like. :)

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

I like your new layout. Just thought I'd point that out. =)

I know what you mean, in grade school, summer vacations passed by what seemed to be years. And now it seems as if it's just only begun. I really don't want it to end.

I love photography and reading. They help me set a foot in this world and help me have creativity in expressing myself.