Friday, July 25, 2008

I started a photography class today :).
There aren't many people in it.. at all, haha. Just me, Amanda, and this other kid with his mom. It's cool though, less people means more focus on us, and we'll probably learn more. The building the studio's in is pretty cool. It's that old shirt factory place with all of the art studios and galleries in it, I like it. It has this big old fashioned elevator that kinda scared me at first. I figured it didn't even work, but then the girl at the front desk told us the studio we wanted was on the third floor, and she pointed to the old elevator. It had like concrete walls and this wooden gate entrance. Pretty creepy to be honest, but cool at the same time. Amanda and I, being adventerous people :P, decided to take it. Her mom opted for the stairs, haha. So it actually worked, but we didn't understand the gate thing, so instead of lifting it up, we'd push it down and hop over it in order to get off, and as I started to hop it, the elevator started moving down--- needless to say I was scared shitless, hahah. I made it over in time though. Martina met this older guy along the way, and he showed us his studio with all of his works of photography in it. There were some pretty cool shots, especially since most of them were taken without any help from a computer. I found that quite interesting. Then we took our hour long class and learned some of the technical things about taking pictures, it was helpful. So I'll be going to that every Friday night for the next five weeks. I really want to find a place to take a writing course :), that would be nice.
Okaay, so I'll try to give a quick update from where I left off. Tuesday Amanda and I went to downtown Glens Falls to see Kung Fu Panda at Aimie's Dinner and a Movie. It was a pretty cool place. Tom kinda had me expecting the worst, because he said it was bad, but I'm glad I chose to go anyways. There was like..noone there, haha. So we got our own big booth right in the middle. A family of three finally showed up, but it still felt like we were there by ourselves. I thought the movie was cute, and I enjoyed my motzerella sticks, so it was all good. Afterwards, we walked around Glens Falls and took pictures in the park. It's nice there, I don't understand why my mom was so against it. She was like convinced I'd run onto a bunch of crazy hobos asking for money. Honestly, I think my parents are too sheltering, and scared of anything that isn't rural. It bothers me alot though, because there's so many places that I'd like to go, but I run into problems because my parents refuse to go, or sometimes even let me go,. Like I reallyreally want to visit New York City. I mean I've lived in this state my entire life, and I have never actually visited the city. I went to the Bronx Zoo for field trips, but that doesn't even count. When I even mention the city, my parents just shut off. I guess I'll just have to wait until I'm eighteen and take myself.
I slept over at Amanda's house afterwards, but again it was too cold to swim :(, so we chillaxed and such. The next day was driver's ed, so we just killed time until that. I'm pretty sure we brought my dog for a walk down the road, and had her pull us along on our skateboard and scooter, haha. Fun times, fun times :). After driver's ed I went home by myself because I thought I had work that night, but when I showed up to Golden Goal, noone was there. It seemed pretty odd, so I had my mom stay while I checked to see if the store I usually work in was even open, and it wasn't; so I just went back home. I don't mind a night off, but I could really use the money lately >:[. I don't really remember what I spent the rest of the night doing-- probably just sitting online, but I do remember going on the treadmill if that counts for anything :P. Thursday was mine and Tom's planned movie night, so he picked me up that afternoon with his dad and we headed down to Hollywood video. I got 21, we brought back Anchorman for John, and Tom bought Dukes of Hazzard. Hahah, yeah, I thought it sounded queer too, but it was actually pretty funny. We basically just killed time til 8:00, watched the Dukes, then he showed me the progess on his fort, it's looking good :). I can't wait til it's done, he's going to make it bugproof so people can sleep up there and stuff, and it's two stories high up in these trees. I hung out with little Johnny boy watching Sabrina the Teenage witch while Tom took a little nap, hahah. Then the three of us watched Anchorman until John fell asleep & we watched 21 in his room. Once that was over we went to sleep and didn't wake up until like--11:00 or so hahah. I probably would've slept longer if it wasn't for drivers ed. So we chilled in the kitchen with John and Julie for awhile making some breakfast. Annnddd yupp, then us three went to drivers ed. Amanda didn't have a ride there :(. So I took her place driving and whatnot, and afterwards I went to RiteAid,Hollywood Video, and Panera's. Then I went to Amanda's, chilled while she painted on her shoes, and went to the photography class. Can you tell I'm getting sick of writing this? :P. So yes, that is my update. I'll write more later and hopefully talk about something meaningful instead of rambling on about my daily activities.

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RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

I love photography, it's so compelling to see your photo's printed afterwards. And I love shots that are worth a thousand pictures. Hanging out with friends is fun. Haha, I love having a good old hell of a time with mine. =)