Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Come into my world

I've got to show, show, show you.

This week hasn't been too hectic. Yesterday after school I tagged along to the library with Jenna, Julie, and John. I picked up a basic cooking book(haha, yes. I'm pathetic) and a visual french/english dictionary. Spanish has been my "second" language throughout highschool, but I want to learn more. I don't feel like I know spanish as well as I should.. but whatever. I can get myself into gear, and learn a little french as well. I want to be fluent in multiple languages. That would be useful while I travel the world endlessly.

Tonight was nice.
Chores were actually kind of fun, because Tom and I were goofing off half of the time, more so than usual, so I was distracted from the fact that I was taking care of big, smelly cows. Not that I dislike animals, I don't. But trust me, if you spent as much time feeding and cleaning them as I do, you would not find them so as appealing :P. After that we went to PriceChopper so I could buy some ingredients for the week. Tom's going to show me how to make a phenomonal omlette. So we cruised up and down the aisles snatching the items from my list, and proceeded to check out. I don't opt for fast food often, but we were both quite famished, so we chose to drive through TacoBell. The rare crunch wrap surpreme won't kill me. The drive home was pretty nice, we talked about alot of things, life-wise. I really enjoy talking with him. He has so much more brilliance than anyone gives him credit for. Everyone knows he's hilarious, but I'm glad I get to know both sides. I just find it so comforting to have someone I can be so, myself, around. I feel like through everything, we're always going to be the closest of friends.

I'm lusting after summer.
I cannot wait. I want the world to be carpetted in a lush green. The cold is becoming a pain. I want to drive around, windows down, blasting Modest Mouse. The beach is a definite destination for the season, despite the four+ hour drive. It'll so be worth it. I can't wait to fill my day with the things I want to do, not the obligations and assignments contained in the school year. Reading books atop a grassy hill, swimming in the moonlight. Summer is three short months away, but those months cannot seem to drag on any slower. Hmmph >:/.


Wandering Child said...

I can totally relate to the summer thing. I just want it here already!

Hannah said...

Hahaa I love going cookbook shopping! I was practically raised in a kitchen, so some days I basically just spread my cookbooks out and cook for the heck of it.

Ah, I want summer, too! It's the one time of year that I'm actually busy! I love it so much :D


N a t a l i e. said...

I've been taking spanish since fourth grade, so I guess I'm actually pretty good at it. Definitely not fluent or anything like that, but I think can understand and say enough to be able to survive in a Spanish speaking country.

It's good that Tom could be there to help make your chores just a little bit more fun! Cows do seem like they might get a little tiresome after a bit. Price Chopper, pshhh. Our grocery store Giant Eagle is waay better ;) But it's great that you guys can still be so close!

And argh, summer NEEDS to get here ASAP. I wish I could just skip to spring break, and then skip the months in between until summer. I am not looking forward to finals at all :P But it's rainy and kind of cold out right now, that sucks. Summer better get here soon!

Kaitlin said...

My only language is Latin, which is nearly impossible to speak. However, it will help me a lot if I choose to go on and learn any more languages.

Tom sounds like a great friend :)

P.S. Love Regina Spektor. :D

Wandering Child said...

Haha I know! Andrew Jackson was most definitely our most badass president. And I really liked the yellow phobia and the invisible staff.