Thursday, March 19, 2009


i'm so happy tomorrow's friday.
Seriously folks, the workload's getting a bit annoying.
Right now I'm working on notecards for my research paper, I just finished a chemistry packet, and I need to read in my book for my book report soon. That's just the work I brought home. I think I may have lost or misplaced my last chemistry lab, ut oh. Needless to say, I'm just ready for it to be a weekend :) :).

This warmer weather's got me all antsy too! I'm craving to do a little springtime shopping, get some cute things. I need to conserve my money though. Alot of you had halfdays and such this week. I was not so fortunate :P. I did participate in a leadership fieldtrip at the community college if that counts. We attended three different workshops with a bunch of kids from different schools. I was placed in Marketing You, which basically told you how to apply for jobs, and gave information on creating a portfolio. All in all, it was pretty helpful. Money Talks was less appealing. The pamplets should be useful, but it was annoying to sit through. Finally I did I Can Speak, about public speaking, obviously :P. That one was a little nerve-wracking. The enviorment was friendly, and I got to talking to this one girl who I was sitting near. We had to interview eachother, and then had the option of making a little speach based on the questions we asked. I decided to take a stab at it. I did it, but I know I read through it fast, and came off as uncomfortable. I need to work on that whole thing.
Okay, this may seem like a rediculous question---but do you guys have comfy chairs at your school?! The chairs at the college were plastic and actually padded. Ours are smooth/hard plastic that I constantly fidget on because they're uncomfortable. It's not a big deal, I was just curious if it's just the poorer schools around here, haha.
This week has definitely been an improvement mental-wise. Last week I was just about ready to crack. I think the weekend made a big difference though, I need my relaxation time.

♥ Olive


Hannah said...

The warm weather has been heaven, hasn't it? It makes me want to make some more tea and just chill out there. ahahaha

That's neat that you all got to spend some time at the community college! :D Hahaha as far as the chairs go, ours are super lame, too. We have those chair/desk things with the plastic, AWFUL chairs, and the desks that are only big enough to fit one book on with no elbow room. Hahah


shelbyisms. said...

The chairs (I live in Oklahoma and I attend one of the largest public schools in the state, so we're not exactly poor, but we're not private school kids either) at my school are yellow and prone to cracking, thus pinching the skin of the ohsomany unsuspecting teenage females wearing shorts and skirts.

They're wickedly uncomfortable.

Annie said...

My school was enough money to give every student a $1000 laptop and rebuild the elementary schools so they're really nice and high tech, yet they somehow don't have enough money for air-conditioning, decent school lunches, or chairs that aren't uncomfortable. They're not as bad as some of the ones we had in middle school though, some of them were the ones connected to the desk. I'd forget that sometimes and try to scoot back in my chair, and my whole desk could come flying with me. :P

When will schools learn?

Allison said...

Yes im glad today is Friday! i keep getting these headaches though and mood swings idk whats wrong with me :/ anyways no i don't have comfy chairs at my school. they actually make my back hurt. o well.

N a t a l i e. said...

Eeek, the teachers really know how to cut us some slack, don't they? :P I have two huge tests that I have to study for this weekend... I hope you find your chem lab!

The workshops at the college thingy sound interesting. I'm pretty bad at public speaking myself, I could use that one. Actually I think we have a speaking & presenting class next year...

And as Annie said (we go to the same school ;]) our school SOMEHOW has enough money to give everyone expensive laptops and these touch-screen Smartboard things for the classrooms, but it doesn't even have air conditioning. Or comfortable chairs for that matter. Oh, and also as Annie said, about the connected chairs? One time I leaned too much on the front of the desk and the entire thing flipped over with me in it during math class. Not a pleasant experience! :P

I hope the warm weather keeps up! :)

Victoria said...

The chairs at my school are not comfy at all. They're ridiculously annoying, the seats are connected to the desks, so there's a bar in the way where you want to put your arm, and you can only sit in it one way. :P

The weather has been nice lately. I just wish for some rain every once in a while. :)

Nicole Linette said...

Yay, I'm glad you're brain and mental state was better this week :D. The field trip sounds quite interesting.. public speaking is tricky. I have no issue with the idea, though once I begin I feel my mouth going dry, my body temperature swelling, and then I lose my place.

But practice makes perfect, I suppose :P.

Err.. nope, all the chairs at my school are standard, metal, lame. Except the ones in the band room because it's supposed to help "posture". Haha, I used to slouch even more just because they were so comfortable X).

Have a lovely weekend!! peace&love,

Victoria said...

Thanks, I like yours too. :) I play the violin, though I do want to learn how to play the cello eventually, my friend used to play it, and we would always trade instruments. :) And thanks again, hopefuly it will work out. :P