Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sincerest Apologies

My blogging habits have been just awful lately, I'm so sorry. I have been keeping up to date mostly with everyone's blogs, but I've failed at maintaining the writing of my own, whoops :P. I guess I've just been a little overwhelmed these days, and too busy to update.

The last week of school was kinda awful, I don't know. I just felt wicked uncomfortable, almost panicky, for no particular reason. I think that every once in awhile when enough stress accumulates, I get mild anxiety. I don't feel like it's serious enough to do anything about, but it happens from time to time. That's just life. I made it through the week though, and took the weekend to relax and cool off. I'm fine now, so far. I just can't let things build up the way I usually allow them to, or else I'm going to wind up bending backwards too far and breaking. This week should be lowkey though, today was fine, tomorrow should be good, and Wednesday I have a field trip :D. It has all of these workshops that you could sign up for, and I chose one about colleges, meditation/de-stressing, and a few others. I'll let you all know how they turn out. So tell me, just in case my methods fail, how do you guys handle stress?

At my school, we have this annual contest called the Brains and Brawns. It's where all of the classes(7th-12th) compete in both an intelligence part and an athletics part. Six team members are chosen for each of the two contests, 3 boys and 3 girls to represent each grade. I've been a "brain" for the past three years :P. Even though I've done this multiple times, I always always get nervous beforehand. Stages creep me out, I'm not a fan of being watched by a crowd. I wish I could overcome that. However, I managed to get on stage like before and sit behind table, attempting to answer questions in a quizbowl format. I was subbed until the second round though, which is the 'group answer' one. So I didn't answer any questions individually. The whole event is pretty fun, especially watching the goofy things the "brawns" have to do, like these silly obstacle courses in the gymnasium. So yeah, it was a pretty fun time. I forgot to mention, the whole day is pretty competitive :P. Like I arrived at school at 7:15 to put up BLUE decorations (each class is assigned a color), so I blew up blue balloons, hung streamers, and made signs with a couple other classmates :D. Pretty cool, haha. One year a senior actually painted his car YELLOW because that's the color they have. It's friendly though.
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That's a classmate of mine, Amandakay, and myself :P. We're all decked out.

Extra, Extra
So I did manage to have a bit of fun this weekend alongside my chillaxing. We dyed Julie's hair bright blue and purple. It looks pretty sick I must say. I'll post pictures eventually, maybe. She's the "badass" of our little group, with her attitude and leather jacket :). Then on Saturday night we (Jenna,Julie,Amanda,myself) actually went to see a play. "Anything Goes" which was performed by a local school. Our music teacher, whom we like to visit in our spare time, invited us to check it out. It was pretty interesting, I like theatrical performances. I admire the people who can actually get up there and do them, I can't :/. Well, maybe I could. It would just take alot of work because of my insane stagefright, hahah. Maybe I'll try to overcome that soon. I'd love to be a part of a play. The actors and actresses did a really awesome job for being highschoolers, I was impressed.

After that was done and over with we went to Walmart, and to the bowling alley to watch Jeff and his brother's band perform. I think his little brother got sick, so they didn't play for too long. I was getting tired and sickly feeling anyways, with my eyes watering and my nose leaking. So I was ready to head back :P. Sunday was my main relaxation day. I took a long walk in the pleasant spring weather :), and sat around alot. I don't allow myself enough time to just veg out lately. I need to let myself chill more. I'll skip a few days of school if I have to, but I can't just overload myself with work.

Well, I hope you're all doing wonderfully, I'll try my best to stay up to date with everyone :).

♥ Olive

PS) This morning when I tried to sign on, I posted this last night, there was some message about my blog being "locked". So uhh, I don't know, haha. I was still able to edit this post, so I don't know if it's actually going to do anything, but maybe I can't make new posts until it gets 'reviewed' to make sure my site isn't a robot.. Weird. I swear I'm human :P. So if I can't post for awhile, that's why.


N a t a l i e. said...

My blogging habits have been bad lately too... March is just sort of an all around bad month for blogging I guess...

I'm glad that you're able to relax more this week than last! I must admit that I'm really bad at handling stress, and I'm not really sure what I do to relieve it... I dunno, if I'm having a stressful week I guess I just wait for the weekend to come and save me :p

The Brains & Brawns thing sounds like so much fun! I wish that my school had something like that. I would definitely end up being a brain... I could never even be considered a brawny type person. Today during gym I could barely lift 45 pounds, but then some big muscular guy came along and lifted 540... I'm pathetic, haha!

But you guys are definitely getting your blue spirit on :) I love the picture!

That's awesome about dying her hair blue and purple! I'd love to see that :D And I'm too stagefrighty to perform in a play as well, although I would love to. Next week our school is performing Beauty and the Beast , so I'll probably go and see that...

That's weird about the lock thing, hopefully everything gets sorted out with it!

Nicole Linette said...

Heyyy Olive, glad you had a stellar weekend with all your friends! Oh yeah, the weather has been glorious since Friday, which will come to an end quickly tonight, I think. I sound like a such a dork, talking about the weather, but it truly does affect my mood! =)
Brain&Brawns sounds awesome, almost like the class competitions the classes at my school too! Except, intelligence not required :P Nice job steppin' up to the plate as a 'brain' oncemore, it's cool to be counted on. I hope you are able to chill a bit more this week.. now that my SATs are over my anxiety level has decreased dramatically, and I have a halfday Thursday :D.

Enjoy everything! peace&love,

Annie said...

I hope you feel less stressed out!

Brains&Brawns sounds fun--but I'm not much of a Brain or a Brawn. Is there a catagory for theatre dorks?

I think my friend's school is doing 'Anything Goes." Mine is doing Beauty and The Beast, next weekend.

Hannah said...

Aweh, I'm sorry to hear that last week sucked for you :/ It sounds like this week started out nicely, though! That's so cool that you all do that. I'd be so scared. Hahaha. I can't do stages, no matter what. Haha.


Kaitlin said...

I hate being too busy to blog. I'm sorry about last week =/ to handle stress, I usually take a little while to take a bath, listen to my favorite music, watch bad TV, etc. just something to get my mind off of the world.

brains and brawns sounds fun! I'm on a quizbowl sort-of team at my school. :)

Have a great rest of your week, and make sure you make time to just relax!

Annie said...


Oh, no I'm not in Beauty & The Beast at my school because I was in a show with my theatre company that just ended a few weeks ago. It was called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" and I was one of the oldest in the cast but it was fun and I was the villain which was pretty snazzy.