Sunday, March 22, 2009

i want to go somewhere picturesque.

Meandering around Europe, skipping down cobblestone streets. Waking up to see light refracting off of the Eifel tower, and taking a stroll across the Tower Bridge. I want to ask Big Ben the time and ride a gondola just for kicks. That, is where I'd rather be.
Oh no, instead I'm in rural New York on a blustering windy day. I just need to hang in there until I can acquire a passport and cash, and ditch this place :). I wouldn't even mind just getting out of here and going somewhere interesting within the country. New York City would be delightful, but that isn't going to happen. I was born into a family of farmers, who are basically terrified of cities and refuse to go. So currently I'm sheltered, but I can't wait to graduate and shake things up. Chicago would be great. After taking a walk in the wind today though, I'm unsure about residing in the "windy" city. I'm not really a fan.

his girl friday[The Academy Is.. song]
As usual, Friday was nice. I'm not usually one to complain about the last day in the week :). I contemplated skipping because Amanda was going to, but I decided against it. I'd rather not fall behind, and school isn't so bad on Fridays. I made the right choice too, because we did alot in classes and I stayed after for review before my Chemistry test on Monday. After school was SAT prep class. Then I was going to drive Zack home, but when I told him I was going out to the library & places, he asked to tag along. We had a good time :). Listening to crazy hardcore screamo music we like, driving around. I had some things to get at Target, then we looked around the library, and decided we were hungry. We ate at this place, Dirty John's, hahaha, because he told me it had the best and the cheapest hotdogs. I wasn't about to turn down an opportunity to go to a place with a name like that :P, hahah. So we devoured hot dogs and fries in my car, and I drove him home.
After that whole adventure I went home to chill for awhile, then headed back to the school for the Staff Talent Show. Our music teacher convinced us to go, haha. I sat with Amanda, Julie, and Jenna obviously. It was a pretty alright time, watching teachers sing and such. When it was over though, a teacher we knew was mad at us because she thought we were disrespectful. That kind of took me aback. I knew we talked a little amongst ourselves, but I didn't think we were out of control, or noticebly obnoxious. The art teacher was even sitting behind us, and she never said a word to us about our noise level. Oh well :/. I had fun.. haha. The only times I recall us being loud was when cheering/applauding when people finished. I feel bad that I made the teacher mad, but I wasn't wanting to sit in complete silence on a Friday night with my friends.

The next morning I went to the town library, not the cool one I usually go to :P. This one is only open a couple hours, every few days. I'd defitely go more if it was open and had a larger selection. But anyways, back on topic. Zack and I went there to read to little kids for National Honor Society. It was actually kinda fun :), haha. We got to sit in these big wooden chairs with like 15 kids sitting on the floor in front of us, and their parents in their own chairs around the room. We read them little books about the weather and seasons, haha. I read Dr.Seusse and Sesame Street books, along with these 15 page, 1 sentence/page books. I like how enthused the kids got over it, it was cute. Kids are fun :). We helped them plant flowers in a cup too.

:) saturday night.
First we drove out and bought Chinese takeout (mmmm) for our night of chillaxing, with Julie, Jenna, and Amanda. Tom and I split General Tso, shrimp lo mein, and I got a schrimp eggroll... delicious! Hahah. I like to indulge myself in greasy, American made Chinese food on occasion.

The four of us spent most of the night up in the attic making silly videos. We made this band awhile back, The Fat Betches, haha, and we basically just mess around. I'd post the videos if I had a more suitable computer :/. They're mildly amusing though, we have a good time. I won't try to explain the videos or that we sang, that'd be pointless, but we pretty much has a good time. Then we tried watching this movie, La Mustache, but we got sleepy. It was a strange film I can tell you that much.

sunday morning, rain is pouring.
Steal some covers, share some skin.
I left Julie's around 11:00 so I could get a grasp on the homework I need to get done. I finished most of a lab write-up, I'm working on the second one, and I'm making headway in my book report. I hope I can get everything under control by tonight. I feel like I've been maintaining pretty nice grades lately, and I've been more organized. I'd hate to lose that grip all over again.


N a t a l i e. said...

Suburban Pennsylvania isn't very exciting either :P I guess its a dream of many small people, to go venture out into the world like their parents never did. I loveee the first few lines of this (:

Haha! Who wouldn't want to eat at a place called Dirty John's? :D Pshh, do the teachers really expect complete silence from teenagers on a Friday night? You didn't do anything wrong, I'm sure they were just being uptight. Aww, (most) little kids are so adorable, I'd love to read to them! Your band name is pretty much awesome :D it sounds like you guys had a great time! La Mustache does sound like a rather odd movie title, haha. And good luck with getting your work done, keep it up!

Hannah said...

Sounds like your weekend has been pretty snazzy and jam-packed, Olive :D

I would kill to be in Europe right now (or the rest of my life), too. It sounds like heaven right now. Hahaha

I hate it when teachers say that kind of thing, especially when you're doing it on your Friday night voluntarily. haha.


Annie said...

Ick, I hate wind. It has no perks. I am such a city person, and love new york with a passion.

I saw the 'academy is' song as the title and then saw the Saturday title and was like,"I wonder if she's going to use Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 for Sunday" and you did! I think I'm psychic!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your friends! Yay!

I always get the weirdest 'word verifications' below. Right now it's crooop. Before I got one that said hoefoot, haha.

Kate said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!! I really appreciate it :D
And yeah, I wouldn't mind being in Europe right now either.. Haha

Keep in touch!
xo, Kate

Nicole Linette said...

You must know by now how my heart resides in Europe :D! You will get there someday, and I hope it's life-changing and insanely wonderful.
But America is a place worth exploring too, even though it's like, twice the size of Europe X)! Chicago is fantastic!! I only spent a weekend there for a band trip last May but I'd love to go back. I haven't been to NYC either :(.

Hahaha, my school does a teacher talent show like that too. Ughh, I get so embarassed and annoyed if teachers point out my 'behavior' or 'attitude'. It's just like, "back off, you're not my mommmm..". Haha, maybe they were having a bad night?

And I volunteered for NHS over the weekend too! Reading at the library is great, and you practiced your oral presentation skillz in a way :D. My friend Kristen and I did this "boys night" thing with the PTA, where Dads and their sons came to school together to eat pizza, play bbal, board games, and make paperplanes. Cute, right? :P

I'm glad you had a faaantastic weekend, and have an equally good school week =) peace&love,

Kaitlin said...

I love Fridays. They just have that certain feeling to them that nothing can go wrong.

our faculty performs sometimes. a few awesome teachers have a band and they played at assembly -- it was spectacular.

ahh, nice fake band name! the fake band my friend and I made a movie about is called the Slotpops.

have a great rest of your week! :D

Aren Becks said...

I'll add to your journey: Go to Stockholm and buy myself a cool herding, yodeling sweaters. Go to France and buy some yummy macaroons. Go to Alhambra and see the Gypsies. You should look up photos of Gumpoldskirchen, it's like this small village filled with cobblestone roads. Chicago is great. It barely upholds it's reputation as being the "Windy City". I hate rain, we had to play soccer in the rain today, and the whole field was drenched with mud puddles.

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Dirty Johns? That's awesome! I went to NC this last summer and there was a crab shack called dirty dicks. Whoever named a crab shack dirty dicks has a really nasty mind. OR they have a very clean mind and didn't catch it. Oh well! It made me giggle none the less!

I love making movies with my friends! I will have to post some of them on my blog as well. Oh goodness, I love life. I saw Yes Man and now I have to live life to the fullest! It's crazy!

I hope that you got your book report done! Doesn't school work suck? That's cool that you guys helped out at the library, I love doing stuff like that! I need to volunteer more...