Friday, March 6, 2009


today was nice.
I'm not sure if it was the switch of weather, or just the fact that it's Friday. School was a bit annoying, only because that's mandatory, and Amanda and Julie skipped without me >:/. I'm not actually mad, haha, but school is worse without them. I made it through though, it wasn't so bad. Jenna was there atleast! She's not in any of my classes, but we ate lunch together in the music room :).

afterschoooool, was cool.
Jenna drove Amanda and me around town so we could look at dresses and get coffee at this place we like alot. Actually, I never get coffee, neither does Amanda. We're avid butterscotch chai drinkers, but Jenna enjoys her mocha. The thrift store wasn't opened so we went straight to the bridal shoppe. It's expensive there, but I found a dress that's pretty nice.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I dig the dress, but not the pricetag. $370 :(:(.
Tomorrow I'm going to venture to the farther away dress shops with Amanda, Julie, and Jenna. That should be mildly entertaining. I'll take more pictures :D.

Tell me about your day.

♥ Olive


Ali said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Hey, I added you as a friend on Facebook! (:

My day was pretty uneventful. All I did was chores. :( And later tonight I have to pack for Nebraska. Today we didn't have school because of Parent/Teacher Conferences. So that was nice. :) Tonight I get to party because I'll be by myself so I'm thinking of watching The Dark Knight, Access Hollywood, possibly Music & Lyrics and possibly Superman Returns. :) Exciting, eh? Just kidding.

Nicole Linette said...

Yeahhh the weather was glorious today!! If only it would last and spring would arrive :( That dress looks amazing on you, too bad it costs so much. Haha, and I hate it when my friends do spontaneous skipping without me ... well, not that my parents would let me anyway. Mmm butterscotch chais? I'll have to try on sometime. Have a great weekend Olive!

peace&Love, nicole.

Hannah said...

I hate it when none of my friends are at school :/ Schools a bummer anyway, so why make it even worse? Hahaha

OH! The dress is so cute :D It's looks absolutely fabulous on you, too! But, the price tag sucks :/ I hate that so much. When you're like "OMG IT'S PERFECT" and then you look at the price tag and are like...crap :(

I hope it works out, though! If you don't get that one, I'm just sure you'll find the perfect one somewhere else!


N a t a l i e. said...

That sucks that you were the only one that went to school! But at least you made the most out of it.

The dress is lovely :D But that's too bad that it's so expensive.... hopefully you can find something that you like equally as much with a price tag that you like too.

Have a great weekend!

Kaitlin said...

I hate the days when all of my friends are gone.

That dress is really cute on you! You'll probably be able to find something similar for much less money or something you like even better once you shop around a bit more.

.{C.L.A.i.i.R.3}. said...

Hai! I love your blog!

Allison said...

That oddly reminds me of twilight lol. the dress looks really pretty on you too bad it costs that much
:( oh and i didn't have school on Friday yay! i have no idea why though..

♫ Vii ♫ said...

Its suck when ur friends wasn't at school. Feelin so lonely but u made its being fun. Cool. :)

Jocelyn said...

Shopping for dresses is awful! Except one of my dad's clients owns a dress shop so in high school I would always get first pick on all the new dresses that she had just gotten in it was pretty rad. Shopping with friends bugs me though I don't know why but it just does... Is that weird? It almost seems not natural!

My day has been pretty good, I just got home from church and it was looong! Last night I stayed at my friends house until 4:30 just talking it was awesome. I love deep converstaions.