Wednesday, March 4, 2009

new visions

Final answer---YES.
Tonight was the New Visions meeting.
I, along with my mom, went to the nearby hospital building to hear the presentation about the program, and see the other students interested in participating. It turns out another girl from my class is applying, so if we're both accepted I won't feel so alone :). I'm excited to make new friends though. After watching the powerpoint and listening to the instructor, I realized that I really do want to do this. It's just so much more interesting than normal schoolwork. Disecting cow hearts and sheep brains, how much cooler can it get?! Hahah. Yeah, maybe I'm a little gross, but I find that kind of stuff fascinating. Plus I'd like to experience all of the fields of medicine they visit, and learn hands-on. Neurology or psychology are my fields of choice right now, but I'm sure that's subject to change. This program would be a challenge, I know, but I think I'm ready for it. I don't want to be continue just sailing along. I want to learn about something worthwhile, in a new, interesting enviorment.

I'm a little worried I won't make it in though. There must have been atleast 25 students at the meeting, maybe 30. They only accept fifteen applicants. I've always felt my grades were decent, especially this year. First quarter was 95 overall, second quarter was a 92. Great grades to me, but I don't know where I stand compared to the others, who are actually offered AP classes. The school I go to is so small that it doesn't. So my classes are intergrated with people who waste time and couldn't give a shit about whether they pass or fail. I guess I just want to learn elsewhere, about more interesting topics. I'd still spend half of my day at regular school, which is good because I don't want Amanda to feel completely abandoned. I wish she could do New Visions too, but she doesn't have the credits for it :/. But yes, I'm excited for the program now. I just need to fill out the application, get reccomendations, and write an autobiographical essay. Key word being just, haha.

I promise I'll write a better post later. One not focused on my future, something that actually has blogworthy interest. I won't be offended if noone comments this. I'd take the time to write something better, but I have a U.S. History book opened in front of me on the desk, and it's quickly approaching 11:00. I need to get things done.

I'm trying to keep up the best I can :).


Hannah said...

AH! That's so cool. One of my friends was offered an opportunity like this, but didn't take it. I wasn't there for the thing they had to do in order to get chosen (there was a test or something and I was sick :/), and so I missed the whole opportunity. I would have taken it without hesitation!! Cow brains? Pig hearts? COOL :D

I bet you'll have so much fun, and I just know you'll get in :)
Psychology? Ah, amazing. I'm really interested in that, too. But, I'm really just not totally sure what I want to do, yet.

You'll do great!


Kaitlin said...

New Visions sounds really cool; I really hope you get in! You're a great writer, so I'm sure you'll do great on the essay :D

Nicole Linette said...

Woww, first off, congratulations on the stellar report card :DD You'll definitely get accepted and succeed, you're so excited about it even now. It's that enthusiasm that really helps. And leaving campus, goodness that'll be great. I hope you get a really huge cow brain!! XD

peace&love, nicole.