Sunday, March 29, 2009

life story

I was tagged by Wandering Child :)

it all began..
When I was born one day after my mother's 40th birthday. Yes, I am fourty years younger than my parents, and an only child. Honestly, sometimes I wish I had a sibling or two, someone of blood to relate to. I have sufficed sixteen years without one though. Growing up I was sort of lonely. I had a best friend, Lindsey, for awhile. But as we grew older and went off to school she found new friends. I befriended a tomboy, Lesa, for awhile too. We had some crazy times. Zack and I started spending quite a bit of time together, playing games of make-believe outdoors, gathering a bundle of laughable memories. I still remember the first day he came over because I invited him to play in my sprinkler. Later in the day we decided to take an adventure into the field(oh yeah, I live on a dairy farm) He wore this replica Civil-War uniform. I got stuck in the mud and he had to run back up to the house to get my dad to rescue me :P. As I grew older though, I started being more withdrawn and to myself, befriended someone who was a horrible friend to me and scared away any potential "good friends" at the time. I was a bit fat and unattractive in my opinion for most of elementary, stretching into junior high. I acted moody towards my parents out of frustration with how my life was going, I guess. I still regret how I used to act to this day. I used to argue with my mom constantly. I used to take piano lessons since first grade, but I quit in sixth grade and I wish I hadn't. Now I want to play again. I used to be very into horses, too. A phase generated by girls in school who were really into them. I took riding lessons and got an old horse. It turned out to be a waste of time. As I grew up, in junior high I made friends with a better crowd, twins Tom and Julie, Shayla, and Amanda. All of whom I constantly blog about :).

Being friends with them made me extrordinarly happy and we had great times with eachother. In time I started to improve myself, eating a better diet( I grew up on fast food and oreos, basically), exercising, and starting taking control of who I wanted to be. I became a happier, healthier person. From the start of highschool I fell in love with my closest guy friend, Tom. As hard as I tried, there seemed to be nothing I could do to stop feeling the way I did towards him, even though he claimed to not feel the same. In him I just found someone so smart and original, who could always make me laugh. We grew closer and closer as we grew up, and eventually he admitted his feelings for me, and we dated for nine+ happy months ♥. Something changed, however, and he broke up with me. We remained close friends, almost the same as always ever since. We're a complicated pair. Nowdays, I spend most of my free time with Amanda and Julie. Jenna and John accompany us too quite a bit. And I spend nearly every day afterschool with Tom doing his job, taking care of the cows on my farm. I'm still working on the person I want to become, but every day feels a little closer.

So I consider that a summary, I could've gone into more detail, or discussed different aspects, but there you have it :P. Sunday, which is today, has passed by relatively uneventful. Once I showered, I put my scooby-doo boxers and a camisole back on, and began slaving at my research paper. I'm steadily making progress.
The topic I chose was religious controversey, aimed at Christianity. In a nutshell the point I'm trying to convey is that faith can be perfectly fine, but once it's linked with discimination and closed mindedness, problems arise. So I'm targetting the Fundamentists, really. Not your everyday, innocent believer.

I want to re-vamp my wardrobe so badly. I just want to scrounge through thrift stores and vintage shops for beautiful, unique items. I'm growing sick of the clothes I have, but I'll have to make do. The area I live in doesn't offer many places of my preference. I'd love to live in a large city, such as Chicago, and have shopping experiences be more than hitting up the local mall that has the same things as always, all of the time. Where are some of your favorite shopping destinations/stores? :)

So there's this thing around here called the "Dairy Princess" and basically different girls with agricultural backgrounds are nomiated to compete for the title. The winner becomes a spokesperson for the industry, really. Attending meetings and making appearances. I was nominated. It seems pretty cool, but I'm hesitant as to whether or not I'm going to go for it. Public speaking gets me iffy.. But I'm not sure if I should take the chance to get the practice, or avoid the struggle. Thoughts?

♥ Olive


Wandering Child said...

Go for it! Definitely do it, it'd be a cool thing to talk about.

"Hey, that's the Dairy Princess over there . . ."

Roxy Motion said...

i vote for doing it.

this was fun to read. :)

Hannah said...

Definitely a great post :D
It's neat seeing how Olive became Olive!

I go to wherever I can find clothes that look good on me. Usually stores like Ann Taylor LOFT, Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle, and an occasional Wet Seal.
However, I hardly ever get new clothes, for I spend all my money on books :P

Oh! Go for it, Olive! Public speaking is, indeed, a petrifying thing. But, think about what that would look like on the resume?! Hahaha. Plus, it could be a great experience!


Annie said...

I think you should do it! Sounds like fun (:

Nice post!

Christina Celeste. said...

I think Olive needs to become the Dairy Queen. That would be so cool! "The Dairy Queen, Olive!" Sounds like an epic job, seriously. Go for it.

And I know exactly what you mean on the whole redoing the wardrobe. I just don't feel like spending money on I don't know. I need to shop, as well. My favorite store in the whole wide world is Urban Outfitters. They're really pricey, though, and I only buy stuff from there on sale, when I can get to Philidelphia to do so. I also love Ann Taylor LOFT, and The Gap. Happy shopping!


P.S. I loved this post + your story!

N a t a l i e. said...

I loved hearing all about how, like Hannah said, you became you (: I wish that I'd have had a sibling too, considering that my parents aren't exactly the epitome of fun and excitement :P

I know what you mean about the wardrobe thing too! It would be so much fun to go hunting through racks of vintage clothes to find something unique besides all of that Abercrombie mumbo jumbo... but I'm just too lazy :P Yet again I end a paragraph with a :P

But I think you should definitely go for the Dairy Princess thing, that would be so awesome! I mean, how many people get to say "Hello, I'm Olive, and I'm a Dairy Princess"? How cool would that be!

Kaitlin said...

it was cool to get a little glimpse into your past -- nice post.

I haven't bought new clothes in a long time. I mostly just get stuff from other people, or random t-shirts for my birthday.

the Dairy Queen thing sounds really cool; you should totally do it! I'm sure you'd do really well :)

Roxy Motion said...

thank you!

actually, last night i spent half an hour looking for his number. and i found it! now it's just a question of whether to call him or not... lol.